Dog-walking rage? West Seattleite reports attack

That’s Shelly‘s beagle. She e-mailed WSB to share her story about an incident you might describe as “dog-walking rage” – someone literally lashing out at her and her dog when they stopped for a bio-break – read on:

Just a warning to fellow joggers/walker with dogs…. I was jogging with my 7 year old beagle (Sunday) morning up from Alki on SW Hillcrest & SW Orleans Ave (eventually turns into Charlestown) [map] when my dog stopped to go no. 2. As we stopped we were approached by the apparent homeowner (white, male, senior, average height) who was carrying a 5ft metal pole going directly for my dog ready to take a swing at him! When I informed him that I was going to “pick it up” he mumbled something and then went for my dog again! When I screamed at him to stop he came at me ready to swing at me!! I screamed (I think the loudest I’ve ever screamed) for someone to help me and then he swung and actually hit my beagle as if he was swinging a baseball bat. This is a very popular street especially since it’s a street that many take from Alki Beach. … I called the police who came and took a report but that’s all that they could do at this time. …

Also, needless to say that I was very shook-up. As I waited for the police, visibly upset, there was a very kind woman who was driving by and who stopped and decided to sit with me until the police came. After hearing my story she did not want to leave me alone with this man. To her and the police I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation.

Shelly says her dog “seems to be OK.” Meantime, this led us to wonder about the laws regarding animals relieving themselves on someone else’s lawn, parking strips, etc. We found two chapters in the Seattle Municipal Code: This one says that you have to pick up after your animal on private OR public property before you leave the area; this one says it’s unlawful to allow your animal to damage public property or someone else’s private property, though it doesn’t define “damage.”

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  • Rhonda Porter August 10, 2009 (3:09 pm)

    The police didn’t talk to the homeowner? It’s okay to swing metal bats at dogs and people? Wow.

  • Karlynn August 10, 2009 (3:12 pm)

    Yeesh…..scary! I mean, politely asking someone to clean up after their dog is one thing, but taking a swing at the dog after the owner says they’ll take care of it is insane.

    Though, last week when I was at Alki with little ones swimming in the water and a guy walked by with a huge dog that he proceeded to let deficate *IN* the water no less than 5 feet from swimming children, I kind of wished I’d had a pole. Not for the dog, but for the owner for letting the dog on the beach in the first place. Well, okay…so I wouldn’t have hit him with the pole, but I do wish there had been a police officer in sight then.

    I’m sorry that you and your dog had to endure this, Shelley. Very uncalled for…..

  • CA August 10, 2009 (3:12 pm)

    Wow, really people are so low. Glad to hear both are okay though. I understand frustration with people not cleaning up after their dog. But one he just “assumed and attacked”, however Shelly told him she would clean it up. Don’t people have better things to focus and worry about in life then poop!?

  • KateMcA August 10, 2009 (3:18 pm)

    Animal abuse and the police can’t do anything? I have said a nasty word or two to someone who repeatedly walked their dog in our flower bed and didn’t pick it up (I just happened to catch her in the act one day and told her I didn’t appreciate it), but to hit a dog and threaten to hit its owner is WAY over the top and needs to be taken care of by our police PRONTO. The police need to send a clear message to this guy that harassing citizens and their animals isn’t something to be tolerated, and from this account it seems as though they didn’t.

  • west seattle golfer August 10, 2009 (3:23 pm)

    Yikes! Terribly sorry to hear that Shelly!

    We walk our dog up and down that street fairly frequently. On which side of the street was this? I
    want to know which side to avoid the next time I walk this stretch.

  • WSMom August 10, 2009 (3:23 pm)

    The police should have talked with the guy before he hurts someone else or himself. Doesn’t sound like the elevator is making it to the top floor.

  • Henchbot August 10, 2009 (3:28 pm)


  • Craig August 10, 2009 (3:32 pm)

    I’m no attorney, but if he threatened you that’s called “assault” and is a crime. I don’t know the legal ramifications of the “assault and battery” of your dog. That cop may not have wanted to make a big deal about it (though maybe we should be thankful he didn’t taser one of you) but if you wanted to you could talk to the D.A. about pressing charges.

  • WSB August 10, 2009 (3:36 pm)

    Henchbot, I can’t recall where I first heard that term, but it seems an appropriate description for the activity in question here, whether human or animal, so I keep it in the verbiage bag … TR

  • margaritaville August 10, 2009 (3:43 pm)

    I am so sorry to hear of this abuse. Beating on defenseless animal is never ok. Raise hell. The bozo taking a metal pole to an innocent dog that was under your control has problems. If – God forbid – he would have injured you, he would be behind metal poles – in jail.

  • D.A. August 10, 2009 (3:59 pm)

    Shelly, your restraint in not beating the crap out of the guy is commendable. I don’t know that I would have been able to do the same if someone had hit my dog. Why couldn’t the police do anything more than take a report? The guy threatened you with a weapon, and assaulted your dog. Sounds like grounds for more than just a “report”.

  • Steve August 10, 2009 (3:59 pm)

    I agree that swinging a metal pole isn’t the right way to resolve the situation, but I understand his frustration. Almost every time I mow my lawn, I have to go out to the grass by the street (not in the right-of-way) and clean up the crap that irresponsible dog owners leave behind.

    There’s very little a property owner can do against bozos like this. Even if you confront them, it’s not like they’re going to offer up their ID so you can report them. Most just walk away, ignoring your request to pick up after their dogs.

    I say we should rewrite the law to allow a property owner to throw said ‘deposit’ at an irresponsible dog owner, if they don’t clean it up. It’s just returning the favor.

  • grr August 10, 2009 (4:00 pm)

    lordy…had that been me and my dog….someone would have been in the hospital. And it wouldn’t have been me or my dog. I believe it’s called Self Defense. And..if my dog had chased down the guy trying to hit it with a metal pole and bit the jackass…self defense again.

    I’m a bit stunned the police officer didn’t persue it a little more. The cops I know do NOT take well to animal abuse. (or people abuse, for that matter.)

  • austin August 10, 2009 (4:07 pm)

    Shame on the police for not pursuing this matter. The person who attacked the dog should be in custody.

  • Mike August 10, 2009 (4:11 pm)

    This guy’s actions were unacceptable. However, I can understand why he was angry. I can’t stand people who let their dogs crap in public, or even worse on someone else’s property. Who cares if the owner cleans it up? I doubt they are clean up all of it. Who knows what kind of diseases the dog has? Now they are putting me and my family’s health at risk.

  • austin August 10, 2009 (4:17 pm)

    If you are so weak so as to be concerned about diseases in microscopic fecal remnants, please let “survival of the fittest” run its course so as to not continue taking up precious resources any more than you already have.

  • coffee August 10, 2009 (4:19 pm)

    swing at me or my dog and my knee/foot is going into your groin at the fastest rate of speed possible. Its called self defense.

  • Dog mom August 10, 2009 (4:25 pm)

    This guys actions are inexcusable and technically parking strips are the public right of way. It sounds like Shelley was obeying all of the laws.

    I do hope the little guy was on a leash though. I know I get very angry myself when dogs are off leash and allowed by their owners to run into my yard or run up on my leashed dog (who does not respond well to such things).

    Dog owners need to have some common sense. Karlynn @2 makes a good point. I see bag dog edicate on Alki ALL THE TIME. People need to keep their dogs leashed at all times and always clean up after them. These are simple things but so many people disregard them at the beach.

    This is in no way to say that Shelley did anything wrong I just wanted to take the opportunity to ‘educate’ people on this matter because I myself have taken to calling the police on off leash dogs on the beach or walking with their owners through the neighborhood. Last summer we had a big problem with dog poop on the Alki promenade.

  • MAS August 10, 2009 (4:29 pm)

    Mike – So, by you logic we should not be allowed to walk our dogs on the sidewalk? You can’t just politely ask the dog to make sure he/she goes before we leave. If you and or your family are playing on the median, where there’s typically glass shards, needles and other foreign matter, you have other health risks to consider.

  • Babs August 10, 2009 (4:31 pm)

    If he had this pole I assume its been used for this type of outlash prior. I used to own a home and the dog next door would come over and do his thing on my grass. I never yelled at the dog or chased him out – I tell his human parents once. It did not stop. I started picking it up and tossing it into their yard. It stopped. Yep. No more. Not sure how this guy could stop/ease this…maybe a “please” sign posted? The pole and rage are just plain sad, scary and wrong on so many fronts…

  • Jen August 10, 2009 (4:31 pm)

    I’m on the defender side. That cop would have been pulling me off that guy’s dead body.

    So Mike, you let your family hang out in the grass on the side of the road? How quaint.

  • Kolo323 August 10, 2009 (4:40 pm)

    It is rude to have dogs pee or defaecate on lawn that is private property.

    The hitting of a dog is not acceptable either, but dog owners: pick up the poop, and be aware of where they go!

  • bld August 10, 2009 (4:43 pm)

    I think this guy took a pipe to the head. Who mumbles incoherently and swings at beagles?

    Isn’t this animal cruelty? Shouldn’t the cops have done something?

    I kinda want to go crap in his yard now.

  • RS August 10, 2009 (4:45 pm)

    Shelly, so sorry this happened to you!! Your beagle looks like an older version of mine, so your story was so upsetting! And I feel sorry for you people who are so uptight that you’re worried about remnants of dog poop on grass. You know that birds, insects, squirrels, rats, etc. all defecate too, right? Scary, huh??

  • Cay August 10, 2009 (4:48 pm)

    If the police, who are paid cival servants to the community do nothing, maybe you can go to a court. Ask that the police officer who did not do his job be put on paid administrative leave, as he would with any case under investigetion. Maybe that would get his attention. You embarrass the badge you sworn to uphold.

    For the owner: Watch out, as I’m sure there will be a lot of dogs walking your way. You come at me with a bat and that will be the last one you swing old man. When your object gets redirected at you, you might change that poor attitude of yours. You should be ashamed of such cruelty.

  • Puppyluck August 10, 2009 (5:04 pm)

    Very scary !! Shelly, just curious, do you know what house this “Jerk with a pole” lived in ?
    I think I would make a call to the cop’s Boss to make a stink about the situation. The “Jerk with a pole” definitely needs a good talking to.

    Good to hear your dog will be ok.

  • Mike August 10, 2009 (5:23 pm)

    The strip between the road and the sidewalk is city land, not private. As long as you pick up your dog’s feces and dispose of it properly, there is NO damage done to the land.

    I walk my Golden in that general area. If this had happened to me the story would be of an old man in the hospital. Swinging a metal pole is a life threatening blow if it makes contact with a living being. The owner of this home needs to be fined and jailed for his actions.

    I do feel it’s vital everyone carry extra plastic bags to pickup after their dogs (I’ve even offered a bag to a guy that was going to leave his dogs feces on the ground), it drives me nuts to see feces on the ground, much of which my dog steps in or wants to sniff. It’s a health risk to human and dogs alike, if the dog defecates on the ground and has parasites it can be passed along. Bad news bears.

  • Cami August 10, 2009 (5:25 pm)

    I would send him the vet bill.

  • Susan August 10, 2009 (5:28 pm)

    What is the address?

  • The Velvet Bulldog August 10, 2009 (5:31 pm)

    I’m really confused by the way this incident ended. What does it mean that the police can’t do anything “at this time?” And did they talk to the guy at all? What will they be doing at a later time? Another avenue for Shelly is to report the incident to Animal Control. They may be able to level a fine for animal cruelty or abuse.

  • rw August 10, 2009 (5:41 pm)

    The behavior described here is definitely off the wall and, if accurate, indefensible.
    However, everyone still needs to remember that trial by blog is also wrong.
    I don’t know how many times I’ve had to clean up after some callous dog owner, either on my yard, on my sidewalk, or off my shoes when I accidentally stepped in it — on my own property. And I’ve seen them, either while I was working in the yard or from inside my house.
    I am concerned that some people now have it out for this old guy, based on a single hearsay account.
    I’m not in the least trying to be sympathetic or provide “context” to the behavior that Shelly described. But I also wouldn’t want to race out with my pitchfork until I hear all sides.

  • wow August 10, 2009 (5:43 pm)

    In defense of the police the best they can do is talk to this crazy man and get his side and then verbally warn him. With no witnesses and no visible injuries its a case of he said, she said. Think about it, we could all go around accusing people of things with no real evidence. Not to say this didn’t happen and I am very concerned that it did.

    Either way if it was me and my dog there would have been a beat down to the crazy man involved complete with dog bite.

  • more August 10, 2009 (5:48 pm)

    my husband is an SPD officer living in West Seattle – he said that it could have been classified ‘felony harrassment’ if what she said actually happened TO HER (not the dog). Maybe there is another side of the story from the man (?). We really don’t know this. He also said that if the man doesn’t answer his door there isn’t much the police can do because they can’t kick the door down.

  • Steve August 10, 2009 (5:49 pm)

    I agree with comments that this constitutes assault and the police seemed to fall well short of their responsibility to protect you.

    While Shelly did the right thing by calling the police, some of us may not let violence towards them or a loved one go unanswered.

    What’s next, this guy swings at a child for walking on his lawn? Don’t put it past him.

  • WSB August 10, 2009 (5:58 pm)

    In response to a couple comments: WSB policy is to not identify specific individuals who have not been arrested or charged with a crime, Publishing specific house addresses/photos, names, faces, full license plate #’s (when they are provided, we publish the first few digits), would be against that policy, and they are not allowed in comments either. (There are exceptions – such as, police issuing a photo of a bank robber or a murder suspect, to cite recent cases, and asking us and other media to publish those photos.)
    As a few have pointed out, what we have published is Shelly’s story – and we don’t know what story the man, or the police, would tell. We feel it is important to provide a venue for these stories (like Crime Watch and door-to-door-alert reports) to be shared, for general community awareness, but not a venue where people can be easily identified counter to the presumption of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

  • beagle owner August 10, 2009 (6:04 pm)

    Breaks my heart – that sweet little beagle! I can’t believe the guy can get away with this type of behavior. And to the person who commented on dogs on the beach, I walk the beach all the time. There are signs that dogs are not allowed but, every day I walk there, there are dogs on the beach and usually not leashed. What can we do about that! Glad you and your dog are okay.

  • Meghan August 10, 2009 (6:07 pm)

    It sounds like the man may have some dementia. No matter what the law is regarding this, it should certainly be a very serious crime to hit a dog with a metal pole. Yikes!

  • Rose August 10, 2009 (6:44 pm)

    I’m shocked and outraged by this. I walk my dog on Alki all the time. I never could imagine someone attacking me or my dog, especially in this manner. This person should be arrested for attacking both you and your dog. I don’t believe abusing an animal is legal.

  • p2 August 10, 2009 (6:56 pm)

    if there is follow up on this incident i really hope we get to hear about it. i’d like to know why this isn’t an assault case. or even a case of property damage, since the courts view companion animals as property (last i heard).

    i’ve been accosted before by strangers with a dog poo axe to grind. while walking my beagles on leash, on public property, poo bags in hand. i greet them with a friendly hello and a smile and their response is an acerbic snap about making sure i pick up my dogs poop. pretty obnoxious and a little deflating. but nothing as crazy as this guy. scary how many people feel free to let loose on others.

    now, if you’ll excuse me, i must go pick up the pile of poop someone carelessly left in my front yard today.

  • Smitty August 10, 2009 (7:23 pm)

    Hey RS, what’s your address? I think I will let my dog poop on your lawn (assuming it’s brown) twice a day! Thanks!

    It’s just like insects, birds and squirrels, you know.

  • Koni August 10, 2009 (7:29 pm)

    I agree that this is the WRONG way to deal with feeling frustrated at people allowing their dogs to pee and poop on your landscaping. I have to say though, I am tired of having my expensive and tenderly cared for plants injured and killed by dog urine and having to avoid poop while weeding. Gross and unsanitary. I wish there were fines and more clearly defined rules as to the whole dog defecation thing! Some days it really makes me mad. However, it is never o.k. to injure an animal or their owner about it! Dog owners need to know that the bad behavior of the few affects the rest of you. Also, putting your poop in my garbage is essentially theft, since I am the one paying to have it taken away ;) Please be respectful of people’s homes and property!

  • J August 10, 2009 (7:33 pm)

    Mike, I have been working on teaching my dog to use a toilet and in 5 years have made no progress (he likes to drink out of it…) so, until I can teach him then he will poo in public. Sorry dude.

  • RM2 August 10, 2009 (7:42 pm)

    I completely agree that the police are neglecting their duties here, assuming they know where the man lives or where to find him. It is against the law to intentionally hurt animals, not to mention swinging at a person (assault).
    RW: There is no possible justification for swinging a metal pole at a dog or a person for going to the bathroom on a lawn. Readers are not out of bounds by any means to be outraged at a person who attacks an animal that is doing him no harm.

  • old timer August 10, 2009 (7:45 pm)

    Looking at the picture.
    That little pooch is looking pretty self-satisfied!
    Must be glad to be back home after all the fuss.
    Hope no permanent damage to anyone, including the
    guy who obviously had a brain-fart.
    Next stop for him will be a stroke.

  • vincent August 10, 2009 (7:51 pm)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the alleged attacker read this blog. The way readers here incite over acts such as lawfully scooping pet waste, even just in these comments. Way to poke the nest WSB. Stay classy!

  • Lucy August 10, 2009 (7:54 pm)

    Anyone up for a group dog walk….up around say….SW Hillcrest & SW Orleans???
    I’m kidding, of course. But can you imagine if this asshat saw a platoon of dogs (on leashes) coming towards his *GASP* lawn?
    Not to belittle what happened. I am also confused as to why the police would not do more about this assault. Especially if it is an elderly person who may be suffering from some sort of mental impairment that would cause this sort of odd behavior.

  • d August 10, 2009 (8:03 pm)

    Glad you both are OK. The old guy is clearly not rational and it matters not that he was repeatedly frustrated by negligent dog owners. Get pissed, be frustrated, but to assault an animal like this is cause for a visit from Animal Control. She needs to file a complaint so that they might check into it. Perhaps just being “talked” to by AC peeps who are VERY well-trained in dealing with people like this will solve it.

    That being said, I don’t know for certain that I would have resisted an impulse to try a roundhouse kick on this loon. Or maybe I would have just been immobilized by the shock of such aggression. Never has happenned to me, but I think both reactions are possible.

    I’m glad you thought to call the cops, but do call AC or the Humane Society to see what they can do. It might have been an isolated instance, never to happen again. OTHH, he might lose it again so maybe give them a call.

  • KateMcA August 10, 2009 (8:32 pm)

    Another concern I have is that this guy better not make this a habit– I certainly never leave the house for a walk without pepper spray, and if someone swings a weapon at me or my dog I guarantee they won’t like the outcome. I have to say I am really pleased that WSB continues to uphold its standards about throwing this guy (no matter how disgusting his actions) out for the angry mob… That’s not to say that the “dog platoon” idea hadn’t crossed my mind in passing :)

  • agirl August 10, 2009 (8:37 pm)

    I’m curious to know why, if the man clearly did NOT want the dog to poop on the property, the dog owner did not take the dog somewhere else to poop? I have told people who were about to let their dog crap on my lawn to move along.
    Not defending a crazy dude w/ pipe… just curious.

  • Mike August 10, 2009 (8:48 pm)

    Koni, it sounds like you’re about the only one on here with common sense. Just today some guy stopped and let his dog urinate on my front lawn. Completely disrespectful of other’s property. I wouldn’t take my anger out on the dog, I would take it out on the owner. For all of you dog owners that say you don’t know what to do when you are walking your dog and it has to go. Figure it out. I don’t care. Its your animal and your responsibility! Maybe you should have thought about it before you got it. Maybe duct tape a plastic bag to your dog’s ass? Do whatever you have to do, but keep your sh*t off of my property!

  • pigeonmom August 10, 2009 (9:00 pm)

    agirl, have you ever had a dog? When my dog needs to take a crap, there’s no way to stop him or drag him away.

  • AJ August 10, 2009 (9:01 pm)

    You must not have a dog. Once the dog starts eliminating there’s just no stopping it.

  • th August 10, 2009 (9:17 pm)

    I bet this guy would not of tried it with a man walking a rotteweiler. I am in no way a violent person but just the thought of this makes my blood boil.
    On a side note, I have seen a few very nicely maintained parking strips in West Seattle but for the most part, people give up watering them and the are dry and brown as straw.

  • Shelly... the dog owner August 10, 2009 (9:22 pm)

    Thanks for everyone’s words of support… By the way, the police did talk to the man and I was told that the police report will be filed with the prosecuting attorney’s ofc and that it’s up to them on what the next step will be. If this guy has had previous attacks on other dogs and/or dog owners then maybe something will be done? I keep replaying the whole incident in my head over and over again and it all happened so fast, there was no way to stop any of this from happening…. we came around the corner (dog on leash), he was there (is if he was waiting), my dog immediately squatted (I ALWAYS pick up my dog’s poo), then I look up to see this man ready to swing! I really cannot think of anything else I could’ve done except to get hit by him myself… then he WOULD be in jail…hopefully. I WILL be calling Animal Control tomorrow… thanks again for the support. I really hope that this never happens to anyone else for it really sucks to see your dog assaulted. Thank god my kids weren’t with me for I’d hate for them to see or experience such cruelty.

  • charlabob August 10, 2009 (9:23 pm)

    I have to say, after reading these comments, nothing would surprise me. To Shelly and her adorable beagle, my apologies on behalf of people who probably think animals are uncivilized.

  • EmmyJane August 10, 2009 (9:42 pm)

    It is funny to me to read comments that say something along the lines of “this guy was out of line, BUUUUUT”

    There is no “but” for swinging a metal stick at someone unless you’re defending yourself, which it clearly sounds like he wasn’t.

  • OP August 10, 2009 (9:56 pm)

    Not agreeing with the police work here. Just taking a report isn’t right. Did I miss something here and the victim didn’t actually know where the house was?

  • kc August 10, 2009 (10:07 pm)

    There are a few dozen rotten eggs ready for this guy if his address ever becomes known!

  • I. Ponder August 10, 2009 (10:07 pm)

    I’ve been attacked by senior citizens twice. Both times “angry old bastards” using their cars as weapons. One guy crashed his car into mine on purpose in the parking lot at West Seattle Nursery for no reason. I called the police on the guy and we had a good laugh about it.

    I tell my kids “don’t cut the elderly any slack. Just because they’re old doesn’t mean they’re not evil anymore. They think they can get away with anything”. Don’t be fooled by the elderly!

  • brown August 10, 2009 (10:37 pm)

    I think there are too many animals in Seattle. I don’t mind wild animals I’d prefer more of those and less messy dogs. I really phucking pisses me off when I step in dog crap at the park.

  • cd3 August 10, 2009 (10:41 pm)

    perhaps we should all have our pets take a nice big numero dos on his lawn

  • Michael August 10, 2009 (11:06 pm)

    NO EXCUSE for what that guy did. NONE.
    I hope there’s a lawyer reading that can help Shelly with ensuring the “homeowner” doesn’t assault man or beast again.

  • Living in West Seattle since 1985 August 10, 2009 (11:13 pm)

    HOLY COW! THAT IS SCARY! No need for people to get drastic! There is a big difference between letting your puppy go on the grass by the street vs. letting them go on someone’s yard or in a garden. Pet owners do need to be thoughtful, but that guy seems unreasonable! I am sorry if the property owner does not want animals “going” on his property, but it is not OK to threaten people with big sticks. THERE are “no pooping here” signs that people can buy for their parking strip or where ever. Most dog walkers do care and respect the signs. Most people pick up after their pets, I know I do!

    This story is a reminder to all that having a cel phone when you are out and about is not just convenient, it keeps you safer. Always have a phone with you, just in case.

  • grr August 10, 2009 (11:15 pm)

    brown….there are far to many children in seattle…sneezing and coughing, vomiting on the street, urinating in the pool…throwing their unwanted edibles all over the floor of the resturaunt…..blocking the sidewalks with their newfangled stroller contraptions. My ankles are tired of it.

    And those feral ones are the worst, what with their skateboards and that wild rock and roll boom boom music. damn kids. Get off my yard. or I break out the whiffle bat.


  • Nancy August 10, 2009 (11:48 pm)

    This story makes me want to carry pepper-spray. The old guy was carrying a 5ft metal pole? He swung it at the woman and the dog? And the police did NOTHING? Really? How is that not a crime? Just swinging the pole at that poor lady is enough to be a crime! Sheesh!!! I am so sorry that happened to you miss!

  • Mike August 11, 2009 (6:04 am)

    To the other ‘Mike’ posting here.

    “Do whatever you have to do, but keep your sh*t off of my property!”

    The strip between the road and sidewalk is city property, you’re just responsible for maintaining it and keeping it clear of any hazards that might cause injury to pedestrians. If a dog defecates or urinates in that area, you have no say in the matter. If the owner does not pick up the feces and disposes of it properly, then you can report it.

    Keep your pesticides and fertilizers off the public strip, you’re not certified to spread chemicals on city property. :)

  • too funny August 11, 2009 (7:31 am)

    LOL grr. That was awesome.

  • madashell August 11, 2009 (8:24 am)

    I say sic PASADO on him. THEY know how to kick some *ss!(human that is.)

  • Animal Control August 11, 2009 (8:58 am)

    She doesn’t mention whether it was on a leash or she had bags with her. If not, she provoked a property owner, pure and simple. Her dog deserves better, and so do the rest of us who own dogs and property in West Seattle.

  • Kayleigh August 11, 2009 (9:04 am)

    OMG, it’s dog poop and she was picking it up. Get over it. We share the planet with animals–deal with it.
    Unbelievable. Very glad the beagle and owner are OK.

  • anonyme August 11, 2009 (9:06 am)

    Clearly this guy was completely out of control and should have been charged with assault. That said, I’d like to point out a few common habits of dog walkers that are certainly rude, if not illegal. First, extendable leashes are prohibited within Seattle City limits. It is rude to allow your dog free rein of someone else’s private property. If you then tramp up on their yard to pick up poop (granted you are that responsible) you are trespassing. The planting strip is another matter. While the scoop and leash laws still apply, these areas are a public right of way. Even so, a lot of property owners put a great deal of work and expense into landscaping the perimeter of their property and this should be respected. I do not allow my dog (which I keep on a legit 6 ft leash) to roam beyond a property line.

  • ArborHeightsMom August 11, 2009 (9:14 am)

    I wonder what would happen in west seattle if we had doggie do pick up bags conveniently located (such as the ones in Lincoln Park). I noticed when I was in Manzanita, OR, that there are dog waste bags in dispensers on almost every block near the beach and I didn’t see ANY dog poop the whole time I was there. I carry a grocery bag and scoop, but I have to admit it was super convenient to use the bags in the dispensors (of course, there were garbage cans too. I know there would be a cost involved, but it might keep everyone happy. It also seems like a progressive West Seattle type of thing. Maybe I’ll talk to my neighborhood association about one…

  • everybodypoops August 11, 2009 (9:40 am)

    Sheesh. Sounds like Mike and other misanthropic malcontents are about a week or so away from buying their own metal pipes! After reading these comments, Shelly’s story is less and less unbelievable. Here’s an idea, go get a dog who you can love and who will love you back . . . I’ll buy your first month’s supply of poop bags.

  • Sarah August 11, 2009 (9:43 am)

    I try not to let my dog poop in any yard where I can tell the people are home or might see. Even though I always pick up, I don’t want anyone to come out and yell at me.

  • cj August 11, 2009 (9:48 am)

    To the person way up there who ask about the term bio-break , its a common gamer term for people who spend a lot of time at keyboard. I do not know where it started though.

    If someone hit my dog with a metal pipe I would be pressing charges. The guy might be having problems with medication or something but I don’t think he should go on like that venting rage at people passing by.

  • Tom Mc. August 11, 2009 (10:04 am)

    Glad to hear you and Sunday are ok. Its unlcear from your story whether or not the police actually identifed the assailant in your case. This is critical!! You at least know where he resides so if the police report is lacking please go down to the local station and ask to speak to the sergeant on duty and file a supplemental report identifying the man. Give the poice report about 3-4 weeks to funnel through the system and then call the prosecuting attorney. I practice 100% criminal defense and I can tell you that the attention the victim demnds greatly influences the attention the prosecutor will give to the case. This could be charged as misdemeanor Assault 4th degree but being a proud beagle owner who walks his hound all over West Seattle I would prefer to see the prosectuor charge this low-life scum with felony Assault 3rd as he first attmepted to attack you with the pipe before proceeding to lil Sunday. This guy poses an extreme danger to all of us in the community.
    Tom Mc., Attorney at Law

  • Smitty August 11, 2009 (10:14 am)

    I’m going to go spread some more chemicals on MY parking strip just for you, Mike!

    Have a great day.

  • DReddy August 11, 2009 (10:52 am)

    The person who did this is one of my neighbors. I wish I knew which one. I also have pets and don’t need someone bashing them. The police should have done more, animal cruelty and attacking a jogger shouldn’t be allowed in any neighborhood.

  • Hipster mom August 11, 2009 (10:57 am)

    1. People should never resort to violence (remember the guy who was killed over the argument about watering the traffic circle?.
    2. Dog poop is a pretty controversial issue.
    3. Many people do not understand that the parking strip and sidewalk in front of your house is technically not your private property. It is publically owned right of way but you are expected to maintain it.
    4. People are irritated by a few bad apple dog owners (that partake in bad dog behaviors like letting their dogs off leash and poop whereever they want).

    Bottom line:
    1. You swing a pole, bat, fist, etc. at someone walking down the street and you should be arrested for assualt.
    2. The rest of us need to keep our dogs leashed and clean up their poop. Others may not like it but dogs poop on sidewalks, planting strips, etc. As long as the owner cleans it up, that is sufficient (and the law). However, dog poop in the water is a no-no and you can and should get fined.

  • big why August 11, 2009 (11:38 am)

    For the comments back and forth between the Mikes and smitty
    How does more threats of violence and revenge help anything?
    A woman and her dog were threated and the dog hit with a metal pipe.
    How do more threats keep that from esclating?

  • M August 11, 2009 (11:39 am)

    Me too Smitty! To H*ll with Mike and his frineds I like my parking strip nice and I’ll fertilize, Peticide, and even trap those darn moles on it. Infact I fertilized it last night before it rained.

  • M August 11, 2009 (11:41 am)

    Ofcourse the police should have done more, but hey they are way too busy writing parking tickets on Alki and setting up speed traps on Admiral and California. Real police work doesn’t generate much revenue, u know

  • br August 11, 2009 (11:50 am)

    While some people may think beagles are cute, there is a large population of people who are scared to death of all dogs (also spiders, ants, bees etc.) Substitue pit bull (on a leash) and older senior citizen who had perhaps been attacked before and maybe there is another side to this story. The fact that so many people want to over react (like the possible culprit) and attack an older man who may have a genuine fear is laughable and consistent with the reflection of a new society. A bunch of tough guys. I’m sooooo scared. Looks like Shelley did have her wits about her and did the right thing by calling the police. The rest of you hooligans should be ashamed. Try training your dog as a puppy next time. We have trained our dog to go in our yard so we don’t have to pick it up with a bag, we can use a shovel. We thus never have to pick up doo, we just make the dog go before we walk. And it works EVERY time. And yes, I am sick of seeing poop on the sidewalk, parks, beaches, etc. A few stupid people make it hard for the rest of us.

  • CD August 11, 2009 (11:52 am)

    grr, well sad. That was awesome!
    To all of those who want to beat a person and/or their dog- those little signs that say “no dog poop” or whatever work.
    Reading some of the above comments make me realize there are some jerks in ws that care about their lawn so much that they appear to be taking the side of this terrible animal abuser. Lovely, just lovely.
    Violence is not ok about a freaking yard!
    BUT not picking up after your dog is not ok either.
    Sheesh. Shelley I’m glad your dog is ok

  • GenHillOne August 11, 2009 (12:11 pm)

    pipe/violence – all wrong period.

    No mention (twice) if this was in his yard (private property) or on the parking strip (public property), why not? Former should be avoided imho, not only as a courtesy, but to lessen the chance of meeting unstable homeowners.

    Agree that the municipal code is way too vague, because many would see bio-breaks as damage.

    regardless, pipe/violence – all wrong.

  • KateMcA August 11, 2009 (12:11 pm)

    Grr, I love the point you are making here. My dog is far more well-mannered than a lot of the children that I’ve encountered in WS. After reading some of the comments on here from people who I can only assume are their parents, I think I understand why…

  • Stephanie August 11, 2009 (12:23 pm)

    If you look at the map link it looks like an area with no sidewalks, just yard grass out to the edge of the road.

  • Kelly August 11, 2009 (12:33 pm)

    Oh boy, KateMcA, before this thread dissolves into a rant about how all the children of West Seattle are evil little booger-pickers, I would venture to say that there are plenty of well-behaved and not so well-behaved children AND dogs in West Seattle.

    If in fact your dog is smarter than my honor student, kudos to you.

    Shelley, I’m glad that you and your dog are ok. I hope that this guy is punished.

  • elohel August 11, 2009 (12:44 pm)

    glad to see the WSB is selective in what they let be posted. Several posters say that the police would be “pulling me off that guys body” or “that guy would be in the hospital”. I call them out on it in a previous post and it doesn’t get posted. NICE.

  • lonelycrow August 11, 2009 (1:07 pm)

    WSM…Nickels does not want, and has said to his peers that he wants to get rid of the unfortunate by not supplying adequate serviceslike build more “aFfordable housing.” and over a period of time, his hope is that they will eventually give up Seattle and move to another city. He created the “no sleeping in view” law in downtown Seattle or you’ll be subject to an arrest for lying down or sleeping on the street. I think it is best that they let the encampment stay, but also be regulated by how many can occupy that space given in my opinion. It is cheaper this way than to keep going to court over the same problem.

  • WSB August 11, 2009 (1:39 pm)

    Comments that break WSB rules and therefore are held for moderation do not get approved. While this discussion is certainly heated, it has not devolved to name-calling between participants in the discussion, which is against our rules, as summarized fairly simply: Criticize the idea, not the person voicing it. You can say an idea/statement/suggestion/etc. is idiotic, but you can’t call the person voicing it an idiot. Not here, anyway – TR

  • brandon August 11, 2009 (1:46 pm)

    Wait. People can call the old man a scum bag, but people can’t call the poster that for posting that?

  • WSB August 11, 2009 (1:49 pm)

    That’s our rule and has been for two-plus years. Have considered changing it, though; your point is well-taken. The original intent was simply to discourage the “you suck”/”no, you suck”/”no, YOU suck” tendency that unpoliced discussions (face to face as well as online) run toward.

  • jsrekd August 11, 2009 (1:56 pm)

    Patrol officers do not investigate, detective units do. The report will go to the detective unit (probably Homicide/Assault) for follow-up.

  • brandon August 11, 2009 (2:01 pm)

    Of course. No one needs a pissing match. And we don’t need the PI/Times time bomb. Some of the violent reactions simply reflects the push/push back harder mentality that perhaps needs to be reeled in a little during the trial by blog :) Its a tough call.

  • whaletailgirl August 11, 2009 (4:27 pm)

    Re the dogs on the beach. My dogs get sooooo jealous when they see other dogs walking on the beach. My attempts to explain the laws in Seattle fall on deaf ears. They are allowed to walk the beaches in Oregon, so it is very confusing to them.

  • AJ August 11, 2009 (6:15 pm)

    While I agree that the alleged actions of this man are deplorable and he should be punished appropriately by the courts, I think many of you need to have a better understanding of the law before you judge the people who are charged with upholding it. Please familiarize yourselves with the concepts of “misdemeanor presence exception,” the definitions of misdemeanor versus felony assault, harassment, the difference between assault upon an animal versus assault on a person, and, of course, the Fourth Ammendment to the Constitution. It would also be advisable to understand the process of law, specifically criminal law, as a process, from initial criminal investigations, follow up investigations, referral to the prosecuting attorney, and formal indictment or charging of criminal activity. Perhaps when you have studied these concepts at length, as the police officers who serve your community have, you will better understand what happened and maybe you will be able to better control your emotional judgements without the benefit of all the facts.

  • Dante August 11, 2009 (6:25 pm)

    The WSB rules aren’t exactly clear. There was a long post a couple of weeks ago about spying on your neighbors in Alki. A few of the many people posting were calling each other names, and Bang! whole thing gets pulled. There were some interesting ideas in there. But here, there are multiple armchair warriors saying what kind of violence they would do to some old man, and it’s fine. I really don’t get it, WSB.

  • dandelion August 11, 2009 (6:28 pm)

    I can’t believe a lot of what I am reading. There are a lot of hostile people out here in West Seattle! It all boils down to a pretty simple concept that everyone should have learned by kindergarten: Follow the rules.

    1. Keep your dog on a leash and pick up its poop.
    2. Don’t swing metal pipes at other people.

    To the people who complain about dogs pooping on their lawn even though the owner picks up the poop: Are you SERIOUS with that???? How ridiculous are you? How is a microscopic speck of dog poop realistically going to hurt your health, unless you go out there and eat it? Do you really think you can control when your dog goes to the bathroom? If you do, you have obviously never walked a dog.

  • brandon August 11, 2009 (6:45 pm)

    Actually yes. We have trained our dog to go on command, and it works very, very well. We started as a puppy, and before every walk, the expectation is that she poops in the yard, or no walk. I don’t want to pick it up, I’d rather use a shovel. This is especially helpful late at night when you want “quick” results. If you train early, it is worth it. And we have a large lab, so yes it works on big dogs too. Thats not to say that she bever takes seconds after loosening things up. But for the most part, we talk the talk and she poops before the walk.

  • BS August 11, 2009 (7:06 pm)

    Our dogs will also go on command in the yard if you give them a few minutes. But if they are walking and decide they have to poop or pee, are you telling me you can stop them in the middle of it just because they are on someone’s tree lawn? I doubt it.

  • Xena August 11, 2009 (7:20 pm)

    We trained our puppy to go on command too, but not all dogs/owners are able to do this. There are also a lot of rescue dogs out there that can’t be taught this or it would be very difficult to do so. You can’t expect every dog to poop on demand. When nature calls, it is time to go … and specks of poo are just that in the scheme of life.

  • Dante August 11, 2009 (7:27 pm)

    BS, why are your dogs on someone else’s lawn in the first place? They’re leashed right? Are they overpowering you, dragging you on to someone’s lawn? Or are you simply not keeping them heeled. If you people would train your dogs, 99% of the problems people have would go away (whether or not they were leashed).

  • grr August 11, 2009 (8:03 pm)

    I guarantee my dogs are smarter than your booger pickers.


  • grr August 11, 2009 (8:04 pm)

    and..if your children are flicking their boogers on MY yard. Well…well…wellllllll..



  • Chris August 11, 2009 (8:29 pm)

    Would we enlightened, compassion filled West Seattle residents be as concerned for a Republican being threatened with a pipe ? I dont think so. The property owner was out of line and the dog owner was wrong. Stay off my property !

  • living in West Seattle since 1985 August 11, 2009 (8:44 pm)

    Once, when I was new to doggy “parenting”, I was walking across the all-way cross walk at the junction with my (then 4 month old, 7lb) fluffy puppy. He “had to go” and squatted down right in the middle of California Ave & Alaska, I kid you not! When dogs have to go, they have to go! I Panicked and grabbed him around the waist. I carried him at arms length (still “going”) to the sidewalk. Safely out of harm’s way, I then was calm enough to see the mess we had made. A half a dozen poop droplets were in the road like Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs! I was horrified! Luckily I had my trusty roll of bags and some hand wipes. At the next “crossing” light I carried my little stinky puppy and picked up all the poops. Thankfully no one had driven over any yet. The point is, “POOP Happens.” We all just have to deal with it as best be can. Be patient with dog owners and home owners alike and try not to panic!

  • what and why August 11, 2009 (9:29 pm)

    Chris, how was the dog owner wrong?
    Her dog was on a leash. It went poo, she went to clean it up.
    Man hit dog with metal pipe.
    Man tried to hit woman with metal pipe.
    HOW does that become a republican thing?

  • Jose August 11, 2009 (9:41 pm)

    The Prosecutor’s Office is looking into this; is this the same prosecutor which allowed three punk hoodlums to get away with an aggregate total of 30 days in jail for beating and kicking a Police Officer so brutally that he is disabled?
    Good luck with that, I suppose.

  • Dante August 11, 2009 (10:16 pm)

    Hey, the Prosecutor’s Office has lots to besides let those punks get off easy. They had to let the Tuba Man killers off with a few weeks of juvi. It takes of lot of work to not prosecute stuff.

  • BS August 11, 2009 (10:20 pm)

    Dante, In case you missed the billion previous posts about this, the tree lawn is not your private property – it is public property.

  • Dante August 11, 2009 (10:43 pm)

    No, there has been confusion expressed whether this occurred on a public land strip adjacent to his property, or the property itself. The original post isn’t clear about it, and several people have said they’re unclear where it happened. But if you look at the satellite image on the provided map, you will see that there are not really any public strips in this neighborhood, just private property. That’s been the general point through all of this: swinging at the dog/owner is wrong, but at the same time, train your damn dogs and keep ’em off private property. Poop in as many medians as you like.

  • Stephanie August 12, 2009 (7:57 am)

    If you go to the cities department of planning & development website here,, and search for “Hillcrest Ave SW and sw orleans st” and look at the lots it appears as though even though there are no sidewalks on most of these corner lots there actually is a designated space between the edge of the parcel and the pavement edge. I do believe that even though it appears as though this is the owners private yard area it may be classified the same as a sidewalk and/or parking strip area. Click on “Parcels” and “Pavement Edge” under “Base Map Layers” on the left. Then click on “Aerial” on the top of the map for a really good look. I love this website. It’s great for looking at all the zoning info for Seattle.

  • Marie Antoinette August 12, 2009 (10:12 am)

    People who don’t clean up their dog’s droppings are ill mannered. People who assault dogs and their owners over dog poop clearly have problems. A little dog doo in a yard would never qualify as damage to property, however. That said, dog owners (and I am one) are responsible for removing the droppings left by their animals on public and private property.

    I sometimes find dog doo on my property. It irritates me, but I find it takes just a few seconds to pick it up and dispose of it properly. Then I get on with my day and my life. Dog poop is just not worth getting worked up over. It certainly does not constitute a threat to safety and does not justify an assault.

    Occasionally, I have run out of bags during a walk with my dog. I have never walked away from a steaming pile of my own dog’s deposits. You can always find something – a piece of paper, a leaf, etc. – that can serve in an emergency.

  • GenHillOne August 12, 2009 (11:28 am)

    Repeating that taking a swing at any living being is all wrong.

    But we have several burned patches of lawn and plants from urine. Often those spots and piles left are accompanied by the trenches created by the “back kicks” dogs tend to do post-business. Neither is all that easy to repair sometimes and frustrating when you’ve invested time and effort. That’s why I say some may consider it damage.

    I’m a COMPLETE animal lover, nature is nature, so I do place blame on the human. It’s simply inconsiderate.

  • Tonya August 12, 2009 (12:24 pm)

    Well, we are passionate about our animals here in WS.

    I have two BEAUTIFUL beagles who I love. I think I would be quite reactionary and swing back if anyone attempted to accost one of them.

    What is that saying?? I hope to become the person my dog thinks I am someday :)

    Dogs rule!

  • Mike August 12, 2009 (2:03 pm)


    I agree that there is no reason for pets to be on other peoples property. However, are you sure the burnt patches are from urine? It takes quite a bit from a female dog urinating in the same spot time and time again to burn lawn/plants. The most likely case is that you have fungus or insects killing your grass/plants. Do you water at night? That’s a sure fire way to have a fungi issue here in the Seattle area.

  • Foxy Diamond August 12, 2009 (3:17 pm)

    Shelly & Sunday I am glad you are both well.
    Having said that I feel compelled to add my 2 cents. Cats poop in my yard ALL the time and no one e v e r talks about that! I have a friend who recently rescued a little puppy who that managed to get worms from eating CAT POOP that a neighbor neglected to pick up. True story! I’m just sayin’!

    And GRR wanna date?

  • GenHillOne August 12, 2009 (5:27 pm)

    Good thoughts, Mike, but unless the bugs or fungi come with divots, not likely. And they are very distinct spots. Looks like I have some googling to do, lol – is there a difference between male & female dog urine? Three (from two homes) of the escape artists in our neighborhood are indeed male and they’ve both copped a squat in the grass and “sprayed” on border plants before we could get to them (sans pole of course). Learn something new everyday.

  • coolmama August 12, 2009 (6:00 pm)

    Oh wow, this is so awful. I have never walked my dog with any sort of protection with me (I thought my dog was protection enough!) but I might just start after reading this.

    Shelly I hope your dog is okay. I can’t even imagine how shaken up you both must be.

  • hkb August 12, 2009 (10:28 pm)

    wow – reading all this almost makes me scared to walk my dog OR my kids in West Seattle. I would like to point out that both dogs and children have been part of the human experience for thousands of years – you don’t have to love ’em, or appreciate ’em, but you do have to co-exist with them ’em, so you might as well do so gracefully. And remember – you were a booger-picking kid once yourself, we all were.

  • Friend ODingus August 13, 2009 (5:25 am)

    Not to stir up the contents of a bio break, but why no mention at all about cat feces? They wander and wander, leashless, and across all property bounderies, and no one seems to give a pooh.
    As for me, as long as they picks up the number 2’s, doggies can go all day long in my parking strip. Even the owners for all I care. Number 1’s? Fire at will.

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