West Seattle Summer Fest countdown: More sneak peeks

If you haven’t been to The Junction within the past week or so, you’ll notice something new when you go for West Seattle Summer Fest this Friday-Saturday-Sunday: More of the free-parking spaces converted to diagonal spaces. (Photo at left, the stripers in action last week.) That means more parking spots. One more transportation-related note – remember the streets close on Thursday night for setup in the general Summer Fest zone, Oregon to Edmunds on California, 44th to 42nd on Alaska. Also note that the music lineup – first announced here way back in May — is now in chronological order on the revamped Summer Fest website. … On the WSB Facebook page, Dawn notes that the Alki Wildlife Habitat Project (whose big celebration we covered last month) will be at Summer Fest, in a booth she says will be the place for “lots of info and to see how YOU can help out!” … Business/vendor notes: Clementine has a sidewalk sale during Summer Fest and is previewing it on Thursday (p.s. you can become a fan of Clementine on Facebook) … Donna Ryan Photography (booth 17 – you can use the zoomable Summer Fest map to find vendors and organizations) e-mailed to share the news that they’ll be selling “kitschy cool photostrip” style photos, custom-processed and sent to you, $15 for 2 (here’s the flyer). Donna adds, “Everyone who participates in this promotion will automatically be entered into a raffle for a portrait session and package with me – valued at $300.” … Speaking of raffles, when you come see us in the central tent at Alaska/California, take a minute to take a quick survey on one of two laptops that’ll be in our area, and get an entry in the West Seattle Junction Association‘s raffle for a $100 shopping spree … One more merchant note: Kathy from Authentic Home says, “We are offering our Buy 2 Get 1 Free Promotion for any gallon of Authentic Home COLOR Paint. We will also have 3 color-coordinated samples of COLOR Cups on sale for $10 plus tax. 3 COLOR Cups normally sell for $13.50 plus tax. bellydancers.jpgAuthentic Home COLOR Cups are 2 oz of paint in our Buffed or Eggshell finish.” … And another note on the Junction Plaza Park fundraising beer garden we re-mentioned this morning — in its newest e-newsletter, Elliott Bay Brewery notes that it’s brewing a special beer for the event! … Also heard from Troupe Hipnotica, which is one of the groups listed on the “Other Entertainment” rundown (2008 photo at right courtesy Donnelly Images) – check out the page for some surprises (like the video arcade)! … Are YOU selling, performing, informing, or ??? at Summer Fest? Please let us know so we can mention it ahead of time AND stop by for pix while we’re covering it live, wall to wall – see you there!

10 Replies to "West Seattle Summer Fest countdown: More sneak peeks"

  • CMP July 8, 2009 (7:28 am)

    We noticed the lot behind JaKs being painted a week or so ago…finally! I saw some of the worst parking jobs in my life in that lot before it was restriped so this is exciting. Now if people will actually park within their spot instead of taking two, that would be even better.

  • JayDee July 8, 2009 (8:12 am)

    Is the West Seattle Farmers Market still being held on Sunday with the Fest?

  • WSB July 8, 2009 (9:35 am)

    Yes! Festival booths are never in that parking lot anyway.

  • pie July 8, 2009 (11:52 am)

    The spaces behind the bank and liquor store are so skinny that a normal car can barely fit. I drive an Outback – not the smallest car, but not the biggest either, and the entire width of the space is about equal to my car. Boo.

  • Sage July 8, 2009 (1:11 pm)

    Weird — what is “COLOR” supposed to stand for in Authentic Home’s branding? Or am I wrong to assume it’s an acronym? By the way, WSB, how do you decide how to write things like that? For instance, is it “Bing!” b/c that’s how Microsoft is branding it? Just curious.

  • WSB July 8, 2009 (2:07 pm)

    It’s a quote, from e-mail, and that would be their branding – note the right sidebar.
    Whether to honor a company’s specific capitalization/punctuation style for a brand or business name would be each news organization’s decision to make. Sometimes it’s difficult as even the companies themselves aren’t consistent – one with which we grappled recently is KaBOOM! (the nonprofit helping build a playground in Delridge) – is it really BOOM, is there really an exclamation point, etc. BTW Bing isn’t Bing! that I know of – the main branding display is on its home page, with no exclamation point in either the browser title (where Bing is capitalized) or the body of the page (where it is not). Fun! – TR

  • WSG July 8, 2009 (3:01 pm)

    SIDEWALK SALE THURSDAY —- any going on? They used to.

  • WSB July 8, 2009 (3:19 pm)

    Lots and lots of sidewalk sales and vendor sales in tents during the festival – and a few doing previews such as that mentioned for Clementine – TR

  • Sage July 8, 2009 (3:49 pm)

    Thanks for the info on the punctuation. Looks like you’re correct about Bing(!). Funny I thought it got an exclamation. Must have just seen somebody excited about it!

  • Megan July 8, 2009 (6:48 pm)

    Awesome! It’s not every day I see photos of people I know here. One of the gals in Troupe Hypnotica made my wedding dress. :)

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