Madison Middle School principal leaving; interim successor named

madison.jpgSeattle Public Schools has just announced a principal change at West Seattle’s Madison Middle School. Dr. Jill Hudson is moving to Nathan Hale High School; assistant principal Henterson Carlisle will become its interim principal. Read on for the full news release, which begins with separate news of a districtwide Executive Director of Special Education:

The full news release just sent by the district’s communications team:

– Superintendent Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson, Ph.D., announced the appointment of Ms. Marni Campbell as the Executive Director of Special Education for Seattle Public Schools. In this key leadership role, Ms. Campbell will oversee delivery of services to students with special needs, including implementation of a service delivery model that focuses on integrated comprehensive services. One of the major strategies of the district’s strategic plan, Excellence for All, is to implement national best practices in serving students with special needs. In an integrated comprehensive services model, general education and special education teachers work together to support students with a range of differing needs.

In addition, Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson announced the appointments of Dr. Jill Hudson as principal of Nathan Hale High School and Mr. Henterson Carlisle as interim principal of Madison Middle School. All three appointments are effective immediately. “The three appointments that I am announcing today are great examples of how we continue to strengthen leadership across our system,” said Dr. Goodloe-Johnson.

Ms. Campbell has extensive successful school leadership experience, having worked with Seattle Public Schools for nine years. She served as principal for Nathan Hale High School for two years and Eckstein Middle School for four years. Ms. Campbell also taught at Lakeside School for two years and at Shoreline and Edmonds community colleges.

Ms. Campbell possesses the strong administrative skills and leadership vision that are critical for managing the implementation of integrated services for special education. During her tenure at Nathan Hale and Eckstein, Ms. Campbell created very successful inclusion programs that serve as excellent models for integrated services at middle schools and high schools. Ms. Campbell will work closely with principals, teachers, staff and families to ensure outstanding delivery of services to students with special needs.

“I am very pleased to appoint Marni Campbell as Executive Director of Special Education,” said Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson. “Ms. Campbell brings proven successful experience in integrated services, a passion for serving students with special needs, and strong leadership and administrative skills to this role. In addition, Ms. Campbell is a well respected leader and has demonstrated her ability to work in partnership with staff, families and administrators to serve all students. I know that she will be an excellent leader as we continue the work of transforming and improving the ways in which we provide services to students with special needs.”

Dr. Hudson has been a facilitator for the Coalition of Essential Schools Northwest Center and has worked in Seattle Public Schools, and in the Everett, Shoreline and Maple Valley school districts. She has served as principal at Madison Middle School, a “School of Distinction,” for eight years and previously as assistant principal and principal of Kellogg Middle School in the Shoreline School District for three years. Dr. Hudson also led the design, planning and implementation of the major historical renovation of Madison Middle School which means she has the skills and experience needed to lead the successful completion of the Nathan Hale Building Excellence III construction project.

Mr. Carlisle has worked in Seattle Public Schools as an assistant principal and teacher for eleven years and has four years of administrative experience, including two years as the assistant principal at Madison Middle School. He was an assistant principal and teacher at the African American Academy for five years and at Madrona K-8 for three years. Mr. Carlisle is an excellent instructional leader and effective team-builder, establishing strong family and community relationships that engage all stakeholders.

“We are fortunate to have strong leaders, in Dr. Jill Hudson and Mr. Henterson Carlisle, available to step into the principal roles at Nathan Hale High School and Madison Middle School,” said Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson. “Dr. Hudson’s many years of experience as a facilitator for the Coalition of Essential Schools Northwest Center means that she has the knowledge and vision needed to continue and build on the excellence offered at Nathan Hale, which is a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools. Mr. Carlisle has served as assistant principal at Madison for two years, contributed to work that resulted in designation of Madison as a ‘School of Distinction,’ and is known as a strong instructional leader and effective team-builder.”

6 Replies to "Madison Middle School principal leaving; interim successor named"

  • misty July 7, 2009 (5:36 pm)

    I will miss working with Jill.

  • danielleS July 7, 2009 (6:13 pm)

    This is a loss for Madison Middle School. My son spent his past 3 years at Madison and I really appreciated Jill’s willingness to listen and respond to the needs of the students and the concerns and ideas of their parents. Good luck to Jill in the future and congrats to Nathan Hale!

  • star55 July 7, 2009 (7:10 pm)

    Congratulations to Nathan Hale, what a catch for you. Madison will continue to be successful because of all of the programs in place because of Dr. Hudson. Henterson Carlisle will do a great job as well, hope he gets the full time position. Way to go Jill!!!!

  • Madison Mom July 8, 2009 (9:15 am)

    I agree – this is a HUGE loss to Madison, and a gain to Nathan Hale – congratulations to Dr. Hudson. We will look forward to working with Mr. Carlisle – he is also very proactive & responsive with the students & the parents.

  • mickey mouse July 8, 2009 (3:49 pm)

    Why do some principals get appointed and not have to go thru the inteview process at the school and district level?

  • NE Seattle Parent July 12, 2009 (7:59 am)

    I have an incoming 9th grader at Hale and am so glad to hear that Jill Hudson was a great principal at Madison. I was worried because I didn’t know anything at all about her. we loved Marni Campbell and were devastated to hear she was leaving Hale, but are comforted to know that Jill Hudson will be a good replacement. My son went to Kellogg so we know a few parents in Shoreline who remember Jill, and they all said great things about her too! Whew!

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