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Just hours till the Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade!

July 3, 2009 9:32 pm
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That was one of our favorite sights along the Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade route last year – a bunting-bedecked house with stereo speakers blasting classic patriotic Sousa marching music, to accompany the kids as they strolled and wheeled by (see video in our 2008 report). If you missed it before, or you’re new to West Seattle, reminder that all kids are welcome to join the parade — and the family fun at Hamilton Viewpoint afterward. Mayor Nickels, an Admiral resident himself, will make his traditional appearance to get the parade started. Be at 44th/Sunset (map) at 10 am, and remember to bring $1 donation per child if you can, since the neighborhood organizers’ previous fund is running out and they want to make sure they can keep this going in future years (permits cost money, among other expenses). See you there (or if you’re not going, remember there will be some traffic effects, as noted in this roundup).

West Seattle Crime Watch: No holiday for criminals

Three reports to share: First, from Admiral/57th (map), yesterday morning. Jackie sent the photo at left and explained, “Here’s how a nice kid, age 19, who works full time and is attending summer school full time, found his car (Thursday) morning. ” (The car’s owner is a summer guest at her house.) Second, also from Thursday morning, Jenni in Highland Park reports her neighbor’s home was broken into — near 13th/Kenyon (map) — in broad daylight. She adds, “This is the 5th break in within past 6months on 13th Ave SW. Four of the robberies were between Holden & Kenyon on 13th Ave SW. The reports are that a dark car with 3-4 black males 17-25 park their car and then patrol the neighborhood for homes to rob. We are getting very sick of this and the Seattle Police Dept rarely patrols 13th Ave SW. Many of my neighbors are purchasing firearms due to this increase of robberies which is not a good thing.” She reminds neighbors to do what police also advise if you see something suspicious happening — call 911. Third, Brian in The Junction (40th/Oregon; map) says his Ford Escape was broken into last night – possibly because the GPS suction cups were left in view. He says “a small amount of change/cash from the glove box” was all that was taken. ADDED SATURDAY: Ann Marie also reports a car break-in from Friday:

We live on Belvidere between Hanford and Hinds. I stupidly left our car, parked in our driveway, unlocked. I found the passenger door slightly ajar and the glove box open this morning. I guess they we must not have liked our taste in music, because all our CDs were there, but they took our Garmin GPS and some loose change. We’ll be more careful from now on!

2-week extension for “Nickelsville” homeless camp in West Seattle

(mid-June photo courtesy Revel Smith)
We reported earlier this week that the camp at 2nd SW/West Marginal had been told to clear out by Monday. Now, spokesperson Revel Smith just sent word they’ve been given two extra weeks:

The Washington State Department of Transportation says Nickelsville can stay at its present site until July 20th

Michael Ramos, Executive Director of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, confirms WSDOT Secretary Paula Hammond has extended the deadline for Nickelsville to stay at its present site for 2 weeks – to July 20th.

Nickelsville will continue to do all it can to find another adequate and permanent site. We will then look forward to the City of Seattle keeping its pledge to work with the property owner and Nickelsville to make sure Nickelsville succeeds.

Nickelsville thanks Governor Gregoire, Sr. Adviser Ron Judd of the Governor’s office, Michael Ramos of the Church Council, and all others involved with these negotiations. We also thank friends and supporters for contacting State and City Officials and explaining the need for Nickelsville and the depth of support it has.

Is it the weather? Unusual sights at Alki and Arbor Heights

(bees photographed by Rick, who reported them)
First: We’ve received reports this afternoon by phone and e-mail that the water at Alki looks “gross” (among other descriptions). Haven’t been there yet to check firsthand, and can’t find any official reports of a problem – we had a suspected algae bloom on the western West Seattle shores not that long ago, but reports say this is green, not brown. Meantime, from Arbor Heights, a report of a bee swarm near 37th/102nd. Maybe all this has to do with the heat? We’ll be checking … ADDED 6:39 PM: Via Twitter, a diver offers the opinion it’s an algae bloom. We found this state Ecology Department photo from May – sounds like the descriptions we received; here’s general information from People for Puget Sound.

Happening now: Mobile blood drive at West Seattle PCC

We weren’t able to take pix inside the Puget Sound Blood Center bus that’s currently parked outside West Seattle PCC — somebody was there and donating when we stopped by about half an hour ago — but the bus itself is fairly photogenic (go see the skateboarding blood cell on the back). They’re supposed to be on break 3:30-4 pm, but if you can donate, go visit between 4 and 7, to help make sure our regional blood supply can handle whatever the holiday weekend throws at it. It’s in the southeastern section of the parking lot at Stevens/California (map). If you’re on Twitter, follow PSBC at @bloodcenter.

Holiday safety: Protect West Seattle forests – by visiting them


(2008 WSB photo from West Duwamish Greenbelt)
A different twist on holiday fire prevention, shared by Sheila Brown from Camp Long:

Fireworks and Our Urban Forests: West Seattleites Can Help

West Seattle has 800 acres of urban forest, fully 1/3 of the forests of all Seattle. Many of the forests have active volunteers restoring and maintaining them for present and future generations, led by Forest Stewards in the Green Seattle Partnership network. Our Forest Stewards would like your help in preventing fires this holiday.

Take a walk in an urban forest this weekend, get out of the heat and enjoy. And while you’re out there, keep an eye out for smoke or other signs of fire danger. The more people use our trails, the less likely mischief makers will set off illegal fireworks.

Fireworks pose a fire hazard to property and present a safety risk to those who use them. Every year the Seattle Fire Department responds to fireworks-related fires and injuries. Each and every one of these incidents could have been prevented.

Private use, sale, or possession of fireworks is prohibited in the City of Seattle. Make the right choice, the safe choice and leave fireworks to the professionals. If you want to include fireworks in your July Fourth celebration, plan to attend a public display, such as those scheduled for discharge over Lake Union.

On the 4th of July, 9-1-1 centers become overloaded with non-emergency fireworks calls. DO NOT call 9-1-1 unless you have a life-threatening emergency and need immediate help from police, fire or medics. Unnecessary 9-1-1 calls block people with real emergencies from reaching 9-1-1. Any fireworks-related fires or injuries should be reported directly to 9-1-1.

Fireworks violations may be reported by calling the Seattle Police non-emergency number (206) 625-5011.

“Fireworks are a huge risk for starting an unintentional fire,” said M.J. Harvie, Aviation and Fire Staff Officer. Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds the public to be aware of any fire restrictions in place around the state due to the rising fire danger. Because the weather is warming up and vegetation is drying out, fires can ignite quickly.

As the busy Fourth of July holiday approaches, the forest professionals would like to remind everyone that fireworks of any kind are prohibited on public lands. “Each year there are instances of fires caused by fireworks in the forest,” said Forest Supervisor Jose Linares.

Happening now: Duwamish Tribe salmon bake at the longhouse

This is one of the rare occasions when it can be considered unfortunate the Internet doesn’t convey aromas – the Duwamish Tribe salmon bake, now till 4 pm to raise money for the federal-recognition fight, smells AMAZING. The salmon’s being cooked behind the tribe’s West Seattle longhouse/cultural center, which does have its own parking lot, right off West Marginal Way (map) – turn here:

This preview from earlier in the week explains where the two-part recognition fight (court and Congress) stands now.

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: “Happy 233rd, America” edition

July 3, 2009 10:56 am
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wswllicon3.pngNo fireworks in Elliott Bay? No problem. (If somehow you haven’t heard, the 4th of Jul-Ivar’s show is no more – which means NO fireworks clearly visible from Alki, unless you count fragments of the Lake Union show.) Lots happening anyway, even before you pack up and go see fireworks somewhere else … more than three dozen events ahead in the full West Seattle Weekend Lineup, brought to you by Skylark Cafe and ClubRead More

Why you might have trouble getting to certain local websites

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We were helping cover this story via Twitter early this morning – didn’t think it was West Seattle enough for WSB but as more of the effects become obvious, we’re realizing it is: A relatively small fire late last night at Fisher Plaza downtown (4th/Denny, south of the Space Needle) cut power to the building, affecting not only KOMO TV (flagship to Fisher Broadcasting) but also a slew of websites whose hosting companies have servers in the building. We first learned about this indirectly from a West Seattleite whose site was affected – then it was revealed that national sites like and (which processes credit cards) were involved too – and now we’ve learned that organizations with West Seattle branches, like PCC and Mars Hill Church, also are without their sites. After several hours of lag, some citywide/national media coverage is FINALLY starting to turn up, but for the best up-to-the-minute news, track Twitter, where many of the companies/organizations that are affected are sharing information – hashtag #fisherfire – direct access to the latest, go here. 1 PM UPDATE: Added this in comments a little while ago since we got the call while out and about, but it needs to be in the main report too: Square 1 Books (WSB sponsor) is also among the companies whose servers were affected by this fire/outage – proprietor Gretchen says they have no e-mail access right now, in addition to their website being down, so call if you need something (935-5764). Some other affected websites (not necessarily WS-linked) are listed here.

West Seattle events today: Duwamish fundraiser; PCC blood drive

July 3, 2009 8:27 am
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Before the West Seattle Weekend Lineup is published later this morning, two events of note on the WSB West Seattle-wide Events calendar: The Duwamish Tribe‘s legal-fund-moneyraising salmon bake (preview here), noon-4 pm (here’s a map to the longhouse in eastern West Seattle); plus, a mobile blood drive at West Seattle’s PCC store (map) – 1-7 pm.

Update: Tree catches fire at Southwest Precinct

FIRST REPORT, 6:40 AM: On our way to check out what started as a full-response “fire in building” call to 2300 SW Webster, which is the official address for the Southwest Precinct – sounds like some units are pulling back but others will proceed for “smoke removal” – more when we get there. 6:49 AM UPDATE: We’re there — seems a tree caught fire in the precinct’s gated parking lot. Lots of smoke, but the fire’s out. Photo to come. 7:02 AM: Added photo. Nobody hurt; the Fire Department’s wrapped up. No word on the cause.

Reminder: Today’s a holiday “too”

July 3, 2009 5:31 am
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If you missed the note earlier this week – lots of closures and changes today; here’s our list. And if you’re still making your Fourth of July plan, here’s our West Seattle holiday rundown, sans fireworks. (As always, the West Seattle Weekend Lineup will be out later this morning, with events both holiday and non-holiday, today through Sunday.) Plus, King County has another of its money-saving “furlough” days on Monday, so if you have county business, you won’t be able to get it done till Tuesday.