West Seattle scenes: Training they hope they’ll never need to use

WSB photojournalist Christopher Boffoli is back from the disaster-training exercise at the Joint Training Facility on the southeast edge of West Seattle — the one with Seattle Fire Department crews and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department (which contributed the helicopter) working together, as mentioned in advance yesterday just in case the chopper alarmed anyone.

ADDED 7:55 PM: Here’s Christopher’s video:

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  • Mr. Matt April 15, 2009 (5:25 pm)

    I thought I heard a Huey flying around earlier – Guess that explains it.

  • Out for a walk... April 15, 2009 (8:07 pm)

    Incredible pictures. Great job!
    But let’s talk about irresponsible dog owners again! Tonight at Lincoln Park and Beach there were 4 instances of folks with their dogs -all within about 15 minutes of sunset- all off leash and on the beach. When I said something to one fellow about it being illegal and a $500 fine, he said… We’re taking the risk and if we’re caught we’ll pay it.
    I think the City should raise the fine; hire more folks to patrol, and help fill the hole in the projected budget.

  • Scott (no, the other Scott) April 15, 2009 (8:12 pm)

    Hey Christopher (or anyone else who happens to recognize it), where is that theme music in the video from? It’s maddeningly familiar. I know it’s not the theme from CHiPs, but perhaps another cop show of that era? Nice choice, anyway!

  • cjboffoli April 15, 2009 (8:36 pm)

    Scott: It’s the theme from S.W.A.T.

  • Randy Fay April 16, 2009 (9:43 pm)

    Christopher, thanks for the great coverage of our training exercise with the SFD. We have had the privilege of working with their Command staff on joint training for over a year now and it has been a great relationship. We are proud to work together with them to provide this special expertise and tool to the Seattle community. Randy Fay, Snohomish County Search and Rescue Helicopter Rescue Team Coordinator.

  • cjboffoli April 16, 2009 (11:15 pm)

    Randy: Thanks for the kind words and thank you for the fine work you and your team do. I marvel at the bravery of everyone involved. It must be quite something to be dangling up there 100 feet off the deck. And those pilots did an impressive job of holding a rock steady hover. All so you can be prepared to swoop in and save our butts when any of us get ourselves into trouble. Incredible.
    Here’s a Flickr stream with some more still images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjboffoli/sets/72157616901372234/

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