Happening now: Digging in, at Delridge’s Longfellow Creek Garden

We first told you last year about Longfellow Creek Garden, an “urban farm” in the Delridge area — with volunteers tending it and reaping the benefit. All day today, its first major work party of the year is under way – getting the rows ready, composting the herb-garden area, tackling a list of tasks that even includes “who brought the beer?” That part of the plan, of course, will be skipped by the youngest members of the team:

And alumni of Minnesota’s St. Olaf College are even pitching in for their day of service – here’s their official check-in station along the nearest road:

The tool table has a pair of guards, brought along by Shannon and Jason from the newly formed Longfellow Creek Garden Board of Stewards:

To get involved with Longfellow Creek Garden, e-mail lazylocavores@me.com – you too can help with this adventure in “urban farming” – LFCG is on Facebook, too. Today’s work party continues till 4 pm.

2 Replies to "Happening now: Digging in, at Delridge's Longfellow Creek Garden"

  • miws April 18, 2009 (12:59 pm)

    Hmmmm…references to beer, and an “herb” garden?


    Sounds like a party alright! ;)



  • Voodoo April 18, 2009 (8:25 pm)

    Yay for St. Olaf alumni! One of my best friends graduated from there (we grew up in ND). I went to visit her on campus for a few days once. Great place, great people!

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