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Looking ahead: Major West Seattle issues on the agenda all week

January 11, 2009 11:46 pm
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Lots going on this week. This is all on the WSB West Seattle Events calendar too, in case you lose track:

City Council briefing on snowstorm response, next steps: 9:30 am, City Hall (live online or on TV)
County Council briefing on snowstorm response, 9:30 am, County Courthouse (live online or on TV)
Denny Middle School Site Redevelopment Design Team, 7 pm, Denny Library

“Scoping meeting” for proposed West Seattle jail site, Brockey Center at SSCC, 6:30 pm
-Community meeting re: Cooper Elementary “program closure,” Cooper Library, 7 pm
Junction Neighborhood Organization meeting with transit and parking updates, 6:30 pm, Ginomai
Fauntleroy Community Association meeting, 7 pm, The Hall at Fauntleroy
Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting, 7 pm, Admiral Church

2nd Delridge Skatepark meeting, 6 pm, Youngstown Arts Center
34th District Democrats meeting and reorganization election, 7 pm, The Hall at Fauntleroy

Mayor’s “open house” promising one-on-one chats with citizens about snowstorm response, 6:30 pm, Southwest Community Center
City/county-led public meeting about Seacrest dock changes to facilitate year-round Elliott Bay Water Taxi, 7 pm, Alki Community Center

Again, this is not EVERYTHING that’s happening, but those are the biggest events on the radar, so far. (Know of something major we somehow missed? Please let us know — thanks!)

$20 million fuel theft on Harbor Island

(photo from state Ecology Department website)
Posted at the P-I site tonight: An estimated $20 million in diesel is missing from the BP terminal on Harbor Island (1652 SW Lander; map), and police are investigating. ADDED 8:41 PM: As Scott points out in comments, there was a multimillion-dollar fuel-theft case on Harbor Island just a few years ago. Different fuel depot, according to this story about the resolution of that case. (A little more background on that case here.)

Trumpeting a request: Westside Symphonette needs brass

January 11, 2009 4:57 pm
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From Toni Reineke with Westside Symphonette, West Seattle’s community orchestra:

We are short 3 trombones, 1 or 2 trumpets, and at least one French horn player … we have great strings this year (though we could always use more, especially violas). We even have an oboe player!

We started our winter/spring session last Tuesday but players are welcome to join any old time. They could call me at 206-243-6955 or e-mail

Next rehearsal is at Chief Sealth (in the Boren Building) this coming Tuesday, January 13.

Alki seal pup update: Back at sea after “17-hour nap”

(Saturday photo, by Colby)
The harbor-seal pup who decided to climb the Alki boardwalk-to-beach staircase across from Pegasus is back out to sea, after an all-day/all-night vigil by the Seal Sitters, on whose behalf Brenda just posted this update in the comment section following our Saturday coverage:

A little past midnight on Saturday, the juvenile pup Forte aptly lived up to his name by returning to the sea at low tide. He had a little trouble navigating the big steps on Alki back down to the beach, but he demonstrated his strength and health by doing so after enjoying his 17 hour nap in the middle of the city’s busiest beach.

We are happy to see the pup back in the waves and wish him good fishing, safe journey, and calmer seas! Thanks to NOAA and their full-time stranding expert, Kristin, for her good advice.

Thanks to all the intrepid Seal Sitter volunteers who kept vigil over Forte all those long, chilly hours and to the West Seattle neighbors who showed concern and care by keeping their distance and just letting the pup rest amidst us.

Keep your eyes out for any other pups on our beach. We are so fortunate to share our shores with wild animals. It’s what makes our neighborhood a little larger than just us, a little more welcoming to all. For further information on Forte’s big day on Alki Beach and more photos, see the Seal Sitters blog at

And thanks so much for the West Seattle Blog’s concern and coverage.

Your neighborhood Seal Sitters

Seacrest TV shoot update: “Detonation” pictures, video

(For original report with background on what this is about, go here)

1:56 PM UPDATE: Adam shot photos separate from the webcam, and here are two of them (above and below).

Note the burning car tipped on its side; WSB co-publisher Patrick Sand, who was covering this on the ground, says hydraulics were used.

ADDED 4:23 PM: Three WSB video clips – first, the car (a BMW) as it burned:

Second, the fire being put out:

Third, a hooded contestant arriving at the shoot:

The plot of “The Phone” apparently involves contestants answering ringing cell phones in major cities, and embarking on an action-packed race for cash prizes. We’ll watch to see when it’s scheduled to premiere — and we’ll be looking to see when this episode turns up. One more photo: Adam snapped the helicopter that was participating in the shoot – note the attached camera:

Published earlier in the afternoon:

1:12 PM UPDATE: Much better pictures from the webcam mentioned below, sent by Adam (thank you AGAIN!). What follows is what we originally posted at 12:54 pm:

That’s a screen grab from a couple minutes ago via the webcam set up across the street from Seacrest, where – as first reported here yesterday – the TV show “The Phone” is shooting today, and their promised “detonation” simulating a car explosion was just set off. Lots more pix/video to come later. (Reminder, the parking restrictions remain in effect till 6 pm.)

Another update on how to help Zack the (now) three-legged cat

You may recall the saga of Zack the cat, a stray taken in by Jane, who then discovered he’d suffered a serious leg injury, apparently from a car, and needed costly surgery. Jane was absolutely unable to pay for it herself, and out of desperation – after many tears – e-mailed WSB to ask if we might forward a request for help in covering the costs; we first told you about Zack and Jane right after Christmas. One of the reasons Zack wound up switching hospitals, to get treatment at a lower cost, was guidance from the West Seattle-based nonprofit Furry Faces Foundation. F3’s Teri Ensley tells us donations have now reached about $500 and adds this update:

First, may we say that West Seattle People continue to show what an amazing neighborhood this is to live in. Thank you for your caring and for your outreach to Zack and Jane. Having met both of them (thanks to WSB’s posting), we can say that Zack is a very lucky cat to have found Jane and she is delighted with this laid back, sweet cat…even when he is (was) in pain. Zack is up and around; can jump up on the bed; etc., so doing very well with his recovery from the two surgeries as he was neutered at the same time. As we like to say ‘It’s Hip To Be Snipped’. ; )

Jane, Furry Faces Foundation (F3) and Lien Animal Clinic decided to transfer Zack’s care and surgery to Furry Faces Foundation account, so he did not have to wait for the donations to come in before having his surgery (a week ago) Friday. Zack’s surgery cost $1239.90 and all donations towards Zack’s care may be mailed to/made in person at Lien Animal Clinic at 3710 SW Alaska St, 98116. Folks may make the check out to Furry Faces Foundation or to Lien Animal Clinic (with ‘Zack’ or ‘Furry Faces Foundation’ referenced on the check). Lien will ensure all funds go to Zack’s care, under F3. Additionally, they have offerred to keep a list of Zack’s donors so thank you cards may be written.

If our community donations happen to not cover the entire amount, there is a generous individual that will pay the difference. We are not mentioning his name as we do not have permission to do so. If the donations more than cover Zack’s costs, then the overage will remain in F3 ‘Oliver’s Fund, which helps animals whose humans are financially restricted with unexpected Vet bills and pet food. We will be sure to update the WSB as to the funds donated.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Break-in alert; slasher hits car

Two reports of incidents over the past week — a Fauntlee Hills break-in and Jefferson Square car vandalism — read on:Read More

Happening today: Seacrest reminder; Farmers’ Market; “doga”

SEACREST TV-SHOOT REMINDER: If you missed it yesterday – read this – and know that (a) parking is scarcer near, and unavailable at, Seacrest, through 6 pm; (b) if you see police and fire, and hear something loud, it’s just make-believe. (Best view: This webcam.)

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: Organizers say last week’s flooding did affect some of their vendors, but the market will be open today, 10 am-2 pm. See the “fresh sheet” here.

DOGA: Late word of another “doga” class for dogs and their people, Twilight Artist Collective in The Junction, 5 pm today. You can register and pay online.

West Seattle weekend scenes: Low tide; smooth sailing; cleanup

January 11, 2009 2:49 am
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Lina Rose says she and husband Scott Rose are glad they saw the most recent edition of the West Seattle Weekend Lineup – they decided to go on last night’s low-tide walk across from Me-Kwa-Mooks, organized by Camp Long, and their memorable discoveries included the beautiful creatures shown in Scott’s photos above and below:

Lots of future Camp Long adventures ahead – browse online here. Earlier in the day, a different sight on Puget Sound – the Three Tree Point Yacht Club‘s Duwamish Head Race (thanks to Hopey for the heads-up it was happening), photographed by Gary J:

And first thing Saturday morning, dozens of volunteers — including the mayor — fanned out in the South Delridge/White Center business district for a Clean-and-Green spruce-up event:

Those two pix are WSB staff photos, but the great Puget Sound pix preceding it came from WSB’ers – if you have a photo to share with your West Seattle neighbors (and others who use WSB to keep in touch with WS), please e-mail us any time at – thank you!