Obama cabinet’s West Seattle link: Daschle nomination report

Thanks to Cherisse for spotting this while we were offline for a bit: Former Sen. Tom Daschle, brother of Southwest Youth and Family Services director Steve Daschle, is reported to be President-Elect Obama’s choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Here’s one report. Tom Daschle was here in West Seattle just two months ago as keynote speaker for the SWYFS breakfast at Salty’s; here’s our report from that event.

4 Replies to "Obama cabinet's West Seattle link: Daschle nomination report"

  • JRC November 19, 2008 (2:37 pm)

    so much for change seems like the same DC insiders are getting the cabinet spots

  • Smitty November 19, 2008 (4:15 pm)

    Doesn’t Obama know a ton of smart, respected, D.C. types who are *NOT* connected to the Clinton Admistration?

    Yes, the late 90’s (pre0tech bubble crash) were good times, but this is getting ridiculous.

  • CandrewB November 19, 2008 (5:14 pm)

    Like you wouldn’t be grousing about all of the inexperianced people Obama is picking if it was the opposite… Maybe Brownie can retake FEMA.

  • KJBC November 19, 2008 (6:13 pm)

    The pool of qualified individuals is only so deep. I think Daschle is a brilliant choice – loads of integrity AND experience. He’s a serious heavy weight to take this uber important post in the new Obama administration. The Obama administration. Let’s say it all together, the Obama administration. Sorry to rub it in.

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