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Canceled-condo-conversion building Strata now up for sale


From our latest look at the commercial-real-estate listings: Strata on California (California & Graham, north edge of Morgan Junction) has just been put up for sale, $15,250,000. It was just last June that, after buying the then-Graham Street Apartments for almost $9 million, Mosaic announced the conversion plan (WSB coverage here); the sales pitch started in October (WSB coverage here); Mosaic canceled the conversion in late November (along with its plans to turn the West Ridge Park apartments on Delridge into “Gables” and sell them as condos too). The listing describes Strata as “luxury multi-family” and also notes, “The neighborhood is made up of mostly new townhomes, exciting newer restaurants, and upscale home and clothing retailers.” (And the ex-Chuck and Sally’s across the street.) Listing agent is McQuaid, which has sold a boatload of WS buildings in the past year or so (scroll here). THURSDAY AFTERNOON ADDENDUM: Thanks to Di for the tip that Strata’s having a “model furniture sale” this Saturday, according to this CL ad.

Now officially moving to West Seattle Warm Weather Watch


(July 2007 WSB photo taken along Barton near Westwood Village)
The forecast still suggests it could get into the 70s and maybe approach 80 tomorrow. So by this time tomorrow night, we may all be pulling the cobwebbed fans out of the basement and so forth. For a refresher course (pun not intended) on heat-wave survival, we need only look back to some of what we wrote last July (Colman Pool tip not applicable yet, though; it opens for the weekends-only preseason on May 24).

Update: Man in hospital, woman arrested after 21st SW stabbing

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Just starting to check this out now. 911 log says it’s in the 6000 block of 21st SW, which is near the Croft Place intersection east of Delridge. Team member heading that way, will update here when we get info. King County property records describe the address listed on the 911 log for this call, 6025 21st SW, as a single-family home owned by the city. 6:58 PM UPDATE: Neighbors tell us at the scene that this was a domestic dispute – a woman reportedly stabbed a man and he’s gone to the hospital. “It’s all over now,” says our reporter at the scene. Checking with police to find out more. 7:37 PM UPDATE: Police media-info line tells the story as following: 18-year-old woman under arrest, suspected of stabbing boyfriend “in his 20s” in the front yard of the house, with a “large kitchen knife.” First 911 call came from a neighbor at 6:12 pm. The victim is at Harborview Medical Center with what police describe as “life-threatening injuries.” The woman is expected to be booked into county jail, facing a possible charge of felony domestic-violence assault. No one else hurt, no one else involved or being sought, according to police spokesperson Jeff Kappel (who also adds there’s NO new information on last night’s Delridge shootings).

Health notes: Free fair; fundraiser acupuncture; store freebies

Three notes to share, loosely related in that they have something to do with health care. First, student nurses from the Seattle University College of Nursing are inviting you to a health fair this Saturday – 10 am-4 pm @ High Point Community Center. They’re organizing it as a school-related project and they are really excited about the chance to come help people be healthier; they’re offering blood-sugar testing and blood-pressure checks for adults, mouth-care demos and face painting for kids, as well as information on a variety of health challenges and conditions. Here’s the flyer. Second – On Saturday afternoon 5/31, West Seattle acupuncture practitioner and community activist Miranda Taylor will be offering “community-style acupuncture” at the CommuniChi clinic on Beacon Hill; fees are sliding scale and proceeds on this particular day are going toward West Seattle community activist Maria Ramirez‘s School Board campaign from last fall. Appointments can be made online at the CommuniChi website. Last but not least, the date is now set for a Junction drugstore transition — new information (including plans for grand-opening freebies such as massages!) and a video interview, ahead:Read More

Followup: Helicopter off Alki Point last night “not a search”

We’ve received more than a few inquiries about this and finally got to check with U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs: Whatever that helicopter was doing off Alki Point last night, it wasn’t a search/rescue. Possibly training, is the best they could tell us.

Suggested a movie yet? Friday’s the deadline


If you haven’t already sent in a suggestion via our handy online form — “ballot boxes” like the one shown above are at 6 West Seattle locations awaiting your suggestions for what to show during Movies on the Wall this July and August in the courtyard next to Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor). As a co-sponsor of this summer’s series, we’ve been offering you the chance for about 2 weeks now to have a say in what’s shown this year — Hotwire’s Lora Lewis says Friday’s the deadline, so time’s running out. Lora says these are some of the frontrunners so far:

The Muppet Movie
Original Batman movie
Sleepless in Seattle
So I Married an Axe Murderer
Jurassic Park

As previously noted, Monty Python and the Holy Grail — repeatedly rained out late last summer (boo!) — will be the kickoff flick on July 19th. Again: Vote online here (or follow the Cinema tab atop this page), or by dropping a suggestion into the “ballot boxes” set up at these West Seattle locations: Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor), Click! Design that Fits (WSB sponsor), West 5, Capers, Curious Kidstuff, Square 1 Books.

Upper Fauntleroy birdwatchers, be on the lookout

Couldn’t get the camera fast enough but a bird that just appeared in our wildlife-habitat (aka overgrown) backyard is something we’ve never seen around our house before — very large, cocoa-brown, some white trim around the throat, smallish head. Not sure if it was a Cooper’s Hawk (WSB reader sightings here), some other kind of hawk, or falcon; even osprey came to mind but it doesn’t seem to match online photos. Whatever it was, the regular backyard birds are way upset about it (perhaps fearing imminent consumption); they are chattering up a storm.

First sighting of $3.90-plus regular gas in West Seattle

35holden.jpgMay not be the only one by now but it’s the first one we’ve seen on our morning rounds: 35th/Holden Chevron (often, but not always, West Seattle’s highest price for regular, as noted in our archived coverage of West Seattle gas prices). According to AAA, the citywide average is $3.83/gallon, up 28 cents in the past month, 37 cents in the past year, though this particular station/grade is 43 cents over the price we noted this time last year. (One last data point for fellow numbers fans: The Seattle average is 8 cents over the national average.)

Delridge double shooting: New details from police


From this morning’s official police update on last night’s double shooting in the 5600 block of Delridge (WSB late-night and overnight coverage here): The woman is 28, her son is 10. Both are expected to fully recover. Police spokesperson Renee Witt says the woman “was in her kitchen cooking when someone fired multiple rounds through the kitchen window,” hitting her several times in the chest and leg. That was on the north side of the residence; then on the south side, someone – police aren’t sure if it was the same person – fired multiple times into the residence from the south, hitting the boy once in the shoulder. Still no arrests and no suspect description (beyond the possible “burgundy SUV” involvement mentioned last night) — but Witt says that detectives from the homicide and gang units are investigating and “talking to possible suspects” as well as looking into a possible motive. 12:03 PM UPDATE: Side note – two noontime tv updates included interviews with the owner of the future Olympia Pizza location we’ve been telling you about (former Pacino’s Coffee) less than a block north, and reported that it’s opening in two days.

JuNO meeting: New infobits on 3 major Junction projects

And another major scheduled event from Tuesday night: The JuNO meeting with updates from two major Junction-area developers who had some new info to share:Read More

Viaduct open house: Nothing approaching consensus, yet

Busy Tuesday night in West Seattle. Among the scheduled events, the Viaduct open house; thanks to West Seattle writer Charla Mustard-Foote for covering it for WSB:Read More