34th/Morgan crossing concerns: First city followup

We told you yesterday about an exchange at the City Council Pedestrian Safety Committee meeting regarding school-crossing safety concerns at 34th/Morgan in High Point (as we documented in this video report in January). During that meeting yesterday, an SDOT manager vowed his staff would visit the intersection “by the end of the day.” So did they? He didn’t answer us directly but apparently forwarded the inquiry to SDOT spokesperson Marybeth Turner, who e-mailed us this evening:

We did send staff out to 34th and Morgan yesterday. School was out so not much was happening at the time. We will address the parking issues and will coordinate with the school district when classes resume.

We had also left a message asking about an SDOT crew that Ken reported (in comments here) he had spotted a block away; didn’t get an answer on that, will try again.

2 Replies to "34th/Morgan crossing concerns: First city followup"

  • Nants April 3, 2008 (8:47 am)

    Ellie of Feet First asked Luke Korpi, City traffic engineer, about this intersection at the NDNC meeting last night. He commented that school was out and that they’d revisit the intersection when school was back in session. So, putting that with what you report, the city has heard the concern. Hopefully we can keep coordinating with the city on this intersection to get some relief there!

  • Ellie April 3, 2008 (10:28 am)

    THANKS to WSB for continuing excellent coverage of this issue. Media attention may be just what SDOT needs to make this intersection a priority.

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