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Time change for Thursday meeting on WS park projects

April 1, 2008 10:48 pm
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In case you were planning to attend the Seattle Design Commission meeting on Thursday where two major West Seattle park projects will be discussed — the Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza and the Myrtle Reservoir park — you’ll want to know their times on the SDC’s all-day agenda have changed: Liberty is now at 2:30 pm, Myrtle at 3:30 (the Viaduct South End briefing comes first, at 1 pm). The meeting’s still in the Boards and Commissions Room (L2-80) at Seattle City Hall, 600 4th downtown.

West Seattle Crime Watch: New burglary string reported

These two notes appear to add up to three burglaries – we will check with the Southwest Precinct first thing in the morning. In the meantime, wanted to get out the word. First, just in from Karen, who’s a Block Watch Captain in her area:

I wanted to let you know that there was a burglary in our Blockwatch area, the 5000 block of 37th SW, this evening. I believe that it occurred between 6 & 8 PM. We have also heard that there was a second break-in just one block south in the 5200 block of 37th.

The owners of the house in the 5000 block reported that their door was kicked in and the house was completely ransacked. A lot was taken, including jewelry and electronics. Also, two of their indoor cats were let out/escaped but have fortunately now been found.

This one came in a short time earlier from KP (and we were about to post it when Karen’s note came in):

I live on 37th Avenue SW and SW Brandon. I just talked with a neighbor on the 5200 block of 37th Ave SW who was burglarized today. She stated the whole house was tossed and they stole a TV, jewelry and a laptop. She said a house on the 5400 block had been broken into yesterday.

This area is southwest of The Mount, northeast of Fairmount Playfield. Here’s a map.

If you thought those Eddie Vedder shows were secret …

April 1, 2008 9:44 pm
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Seems there was some intricate viral-marketing stunt in selected cities today to promote the upcoming “Batman” movie (“Dark Knight), involving bowling balls and phones placed in locations revealed on a website … and the Seattle bowling alley where one was secretly placed for a fan to find was (much to one writer’s surprise) West Seattle Bowl. Diehard fans are discussing it in this forum (but the fan who found it here isn’t a member, according to a post about 163 pages in from someone who reported being the also-ran).

Don’t just “toss it”: West Seattle park recycling bins in place

April 1, 2008 8:14 pm
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Spotted tonight at Alki while we were helicopter-watching – this bottle/can recycling bin by one of the picnic shelters along the promenade. As we’ve reported previously, West Seattle is one of two areas of the city where the Parks Department has just launched a pilot recycling program. Here are the specific West Seattle park places where you’ll find these bins.

Just a reminder: You may get buzzed tonight

Yeah, we know that headline looks funny. Just a reminder of something we mentioned yesterday — tonight is Salute to Armed Forces Night at Safeco Field, and on that night last year, military aircraft over West Seattle caused quite a stir. (We’re off to Alki so that if it happens again, we’ll have photographic proof to add here.) 7:45 PM UPDATE: Whew, cold out there. Did get a little video of the flyby though (will post after dinner), but next year we’ll go to one of the Admiral viewpoints – the approach was mostly from Magnolia/Queen Anne; West Seattle got buzzed on the way back. 9 PM ADDITION: Here they are heading back west over Alki, directly over us as we walked back to the car thinking we’d seen the last of them after they made their Safeco approach from the north side of the bay.

That’s the ticket: West Seattle ways to help

April 1, 2008 5:30 pm
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FROM THE WEST SEATTLE FOOD BANK: Remember the Bruce Springsteen ticket auction to benefit WSFB? Eve Holt from the Food Bank e-mailed to say each pair of auctioned tickets went for $800! And when The Boss played KeyArena, a donation bin set up by WSFB volunteers collected more than $1,000 in cash and checks. You’ve got another chance to help WSFB this Saturday — we’ve mentioned before that because of the Feinstein Challenge, donations made now to the West Seattle and White Center Food Banks help them qualify for matching funds — this Saturday at Metropolitan Market in Admiral, WSFB will be accepting food and $ donations (the weight of food figures into a calculation for matching funds, too). And don’t forget, tickets are on sale for WSFB’s “Instruments of Change” fundraising dinner 6 pm May 1, with music, a Dessert Dash, and more (full details here, including reservation info).

FROM THE MARINERS, ON BEHALF OF WEST SEATTLE HIGH SCHOOL: West Seattle High School is playing at The Safe this Thursday night as part of the High School Baseball Classic — 7 pm, facing Kennedy High School. Admission is free and you’ll be able to park in the Safeco garage for $5 (and if you want to come early, it’s a doubleheader starting with Lakeside vs. Mercer Island at 4 pm). In order to participate, teams have to commit to a fundraising campaign involving selling tickets to a future M’s game, and as part of that, you can buy tickets for the June 3rd M’s-Angels game HALF PRICE! by going to this page – $10 for “view reserved” tickets that are usually $20, and $2 of the price goes to WSHS.

End of an era in The Junction: New owner for Quid’-nunc


Bill Hibler (right) has been synonymous with “West Seattle computer store” for more than a decade now, as proprietor of Quid’-nunc in The Junction. But that era’s ending, now that Mohamed Lahlou (left) has bought the store; the transition’s in progress and will continue over the next few weeks. You may already have seen the big banner up in the window for — that’s one of Lahlou’s businesses, along with A-1 Best Computer. Hibler’s not completely leaving the computer business — he’ll continue running his Internet service, (currently with more than 500 accounts), but he’ll manage it from his West Seattle home. And he notes that he’s an Excel expert with a background in accounting – so if anyone’s looking for that sort of expertise, look him up! (He’ll still be active with the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce and ArtsWest.) But he’s also looking forward to having more free time now, and told us his wife is looking forward to having him around more often. Hibler says Lahlou’s expertise is in repair and service, which is what more and more Quid’-nunc customers have been seeking rather than retail purchases of software and equipment, so the sale was a perfect fit.

What all those City Light crews are doing


When we saw half a dozen Seattle City Light trucks lined up along the west side of Fauntleroy yesterday, just west/southwest of Morgan Junction, we wondered what they were up to — especially remembering that the area where they were working, north of Holly, was one of the troublespots during the December 2006 windstorm outage (12/21/06 coverage here). Scott Thomsen from SCL checked it out for us and explains it’s “part of an upgrade in the service lines for that area. The crews are changing out a 4 Kilovolt line with a 26 Kilovolt line, which is our current standard. There are a couple dozen poles involved … and crews will be in the West Seattle area through the spring, then off and on through the summer continuing this work.” Today, they’re further east on Fauntleroy (this picture is from just past the Corner Inn):


Reader report: Car crunches into barrier at Delridge onramp


Thanks to Mark B. Bauschke for that photo of a one-car crash that snarled things for a bit at the Delridge onramp to The Bridge this afternoon. Mark says he didn’t see any sign anyone was seriously hurt, but he wonders if this was a case of someone waiting too long to decide which way they’ll veer; he notes, “I often get cut off at that onramp by a car that waits to choose upper or lower ramp.”

SDOT on 34th/Morgan: “My staff will be out there today”

We videotaped that close call in mid-January while reporting on the situation at 34th/Morgan, where kids from the growing High Point area cross Morgan to head south on 34th toward West Seattle Elementary. Neighborhood and pedestrian-safety activists have been fighting a long time to get improvements at that corner, where there’s no marked crosswalk and no “school zone” lights. Denise Sharify from Neighborhood House testified this morning to the city council’s Special Committee on Pedestrian Safety, asking for help. Councilmember Nick Licata, who surveyed High Point pedestrian-safety challenges with Sharify and others last November (WSB coverage here), asked SDOT’s Wayne Wentz what’s being done — Wentz said that’s not supposed to be a school crossing; the city would prefer that kids go to 35th and cross at the signal (which would be backtracking for most). Well, Licata noted, things change, and intersections should be re-evaluated. Wentz promptly replied, “My staff will go to the location by the end of the day.” We’ll drop by a few times to see if we bump into them; if we don’t see them, we’ll check with the city tomorrow to see if the promise was kept.

More photos of trash-truck fire behind Calif. SW Rite Aid


Just got Rick‘s pix and they deserve their own post. Same Rick who, as mentioned in the post below, hollered for the firefighters who were training nearby – here you see them trooping over:




More from Rick, who took the pix and reported the fire — he says the truck driver’s OK (Rick even told the DRIVER his truck was on fire!).

Trash truck fire behind Rite-Aid (California Ave store)


Thanks to everyone who’s sent pix of this (that one’s from Jeff) – more pix and info shortly. 11:37 AM ADDITION: Rick tells the story: “A little garbage truck fire in the alley behind Rite Aid. Fire Department was conducting an exercise across the street so it was easier to just holler ‘Fire!’ and it worked. They got there quick.” Here’s another photo from Jeff, once the fire was put out:


CoolMoms launches West Seattle group: 1st meeting tomorrow

Confused about climate change? A Seattle-based group has a website coolmomgrab.jpgwhere you can check the facts, and the myths, as vetted by a panel of scientific advisers. No, this isn’t some academic group, or someone who’s trying to get you to go wave protest signs downtown. It’s – a moms’ group founded to support lower-ecological-impact lifestyles — and the real-life CoolMoms, including a Morgan Junction entrepreneur who co-founded the group, are launching a West Seattle chapter with a gathering tomorrow night. Meet them and read what it’s all about:Read More

Another sign that gardening season is about to bloom

April 1, 2008 10:13 am
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roses.jpgNever mind the April chill, here’s news to warm a gardener’s heart: The schedule’s in for West Seattle-area Master Gardener clinics: The MGs will be at McClendon’s (White Center but close enough to WS!) 10 am-2 pm Saturdays starting this weekend — April 5-Sept. 13, and they’ll be at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market 10 am-2 pm Sundays, April 27-Sept. 14. They’re there to answer your home-gardening questions or help you identify specimens. The Master Gardeners’ annual citywide plant sale is at the Center for Urban Horticulture, May 5-6; West Seattle has many great plant sales in the months ahead too, and you’ll find them on our Events list page, along with other events such as the annual West Seattle Garden Tour.

Free coffee!

From today through Mother’s Day (5/11), C & P Coffee is offering you a free coffee drink if you bring in a package of diapers – which will be donated to WestSide Baby. Maybe tonight, when C & P is hosting a talent show. Or tomorrow night, when the first meeting of West Seattle CoolMoms happens at C & P (watch for our in-depth story on them later today).