What all those City Light crews are doing


When we saw half a dozen Seattle City Light trucks lined up along the west side of Fauntleroy yesterday, just west/southwest of Morgan Junction, we wondered what they were up to — especially remembering that the area where they were working, north of Holly, was one of the troublespots during the December 2006 windstorm outage (12/21/06 coverage here). Scott Thomsen from SCL checked it out for us and explains it’s “part of an upgrade in the service lines for that area. The crews are changing out a 4 Kilovolt line with a 26 Kilovolt line, which is our current standard. There are a couple dozen poles involved … and crews will be in the West Seattle area through the spring, then off and on through the summer continuing this work.” Today, they’re further east on Fauntleroy (this picture is from just past the Corner Inn):


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  • I Heart Jiggers! April 1, 2008 (5:17 pm)

    These are the guys that came thru our neighborhood to replace lights about three weeks ago. Seems there may be trainees amongst them.

    During the winds Easter Day the cover blew off of the post across the street and the bulb fell out and shattered in the street. Big glass mess we cleaned up, no damage to car park beneath the light, and report filed. The cover is still sitting at the base of the pole…

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