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Discussed in WS tonight: What’s next for The Viaduct

SCENIC_Alaskan_Way_AWV1.jpgTonight at Cooper Elementary in Pigeon Point, state, city, and county transportation leaders — along with more than 50 members of the public — took the next step toward deciding the future of the critical central section of the Alaskan Way Viaduct – the section that Governor Gregoire has said will come down in 2012, period:Read More

Quick headlines from Denny-Sealth, Viaduct meetings

Just back from both of tonight’s major meetings in West Seattle. Full separate articles coming for both. But in the short run, the headlines:

DENNY-SEALTH: West Seattle’s school board rep Steve Sundquist announced he’s “leaning toward Option 2,” the “go ahead with the shared campus but add $10 million for a few more Sealth renovations” option that district staff is officially recommending the board approve. However, Sundquist reiterated that it’s the board’s decision, and he invites EVERYONE to spend the next two weeks letting him and other board members (three of whom were at the meeting) know what they think. 10:30 PM ADDITION: Just in from Steve Fischer, president of the Westwood Neighborhood Council, which presented tonight’s meeting – results of the unofficial, voluntary straw poll they took (via secret ballot) after the meeting: Zero for Option 1, 16 for Option 2, 52 for Option 3. (100-plus people were there tonight.)

VIADUCT: This open-house-with-open-mike was part of the process leading up to a decision in about a year regarding what will replace the “Central Waterfront” section of The Viaduct. Some of those who offered open-mike comments urged reconsideration of the notion of NOT tearing it down, but retrofitting it instead.

Again, much more to come, including some video, from both meetings.

From the inbox: “A left turn and a nice turn”

That’s how Mark Neuman titled this e-mail and it’s a perfect headline:

To the person driving the reddish four-door VW Gti on California Avenue this morning (February 12, 2008):

Your left turn at 9:56 am PST (westbound onto Alaska Street from northbound on California Avenue) was illegal (no left turns 7 am to 7 pm except transit, as the sign in front of you clearly stated).

Though I was able to make it through the (yellow) light and no drivers had to wait for the next traffic light cycle to go through the intersection, the move you made oftentimes DOES result in law abiding drivers having to wait, in addition to the fact that many drivers will quickly move around to get beyond the offending driver.

Ask any auto insurance company: such sudden moves do not reduce the overall probability of collisions on the road, not to mention the possible impact on inattentive pedestrians.

OK, just thought I’d share. Have a nice day.

By the way, to the nice lady in the grayish sweater who, just a few minutes later, let the elderly gentleman go ahead of her in line at Bartell’s: that was very thoughtful of you.

We’ve all discussed the crosswalk situation at that intersection before. Thoughts on the turn ban?

Shoremont on Alki – a historic photo


After this morning’s report updating the plan by the design/development company that just bought the Shoremont @ 57th & Alki, Tom J posted a comment on yesterday’s report and subsequently sent us the photo he mentioned (thank you!). It’s his uncle and dad outside the Shoremont in 1946. Tom says his dad recently celebrated his 90th birthday. The Shoremont is a few years younger than Tom’s dad – county property records say it was built in 1923.

City Light tree-trimming: Extra area added after feedback


Spotting this Seattle City Light crew at work in Fairmount Springs a little while ago reminded us we want to share an update from Scott Thomsen at SCL, who says feedback at the open house a few weeks ago (WSB coverage here) has led to an addition to the plan:

Several of our customers who attended that meeting were served by a 4 kilovolt conversation bank on feeder 2744 out of the Delridge Substation. Their biggest concern was the two block stretch that was in the unimproved alley between 37th Avenue SW and Fairmount Park. Before the meeting that area was not on the schedule for trimming.

We’ve taken a look at our work plan for the year and have decided to add that entire feeder to the mix. It’s a short feeder coming up the hill from the Delridge Substation and going directly over to the Fairmount Park neighborhood. We’ll begin work there after we do the Alki feeder (2746) and the North Admiral feeder (2740) that you saw on our maps at the meeting.

We’d like to thank everyone who came to the meeting for their comments, ideas and interest. As you can see, we were listening and appreciate what our customers tell us.

By the way, if anyone still wants to see a digital copy of the map shown at that meeting – the one in the photograph shown with our meeting report – we’re having a little bit of trouble uploading it but can e-mail it to you; send us a note.

Libraries aren’t just for quiet time: “Wonderful Ones”

Time to toss out that old mental image of your local public library as a hush-or-else quiet temple of bookshelves. Today’s libraries have a lot more going on. Last weekend, for example, we told you about an adult Wii-gaming class at Delridge Library — nice turnout, we’re told, and now we have another activity at that branch — one of four Seattle Public Library branches in West Seattle – that we want to tell you about: “Wonderful Ones.”Read More

Three Alki Ave updates: Pegasus, Pioneer, Shoremont

pegasussign.jpgWondering when Pegasus is going to move into its new location next door (former Coyotes, Chez Million, Lighthouse, Point)? At last night’s Statue of Liberty Plaza Project party, the announcement was “within the next couple of weeks.”

Wondering when Pioneer Coffee Roasting Co. is going to open in its new spot east of Slices? Thanks to Rod for forwarding an e-mail exchange he had with its operators, who told him they are currently hoping to be open in early March. (The new location also is finally listed on the Pioneer website.)

shoremontdoomed1.jpgNow a followup on our report yesterday morning about new owners for the old Shoremont Apartments on Alki – The firm to which we traced the purchasers, Pb Elemental, has e-mailed back to say, yes, it’s them, and here’s a few words about its plans (they’re promising more info and renderings shortly):

We have recently acquired the Shoremont apartments and the Mediterranean home next door (to remain). We are planning and permitting a six unit project featuring private roof decks and modern details. These new homes will be built green certified (4-5 star), featuring similar green products as our South Park lofts. (green roofs, rainwater collection, radiant heat, solar arrays). The existing building will be recycled as much as possible. We look forward to our first project in the Alki neighborhood and will ensure it is consistent with our design and quality.

The South Park lofts mentioned in that note are featured on the Pb home page.

Denny-Sealth: District answers; protest signs; meeting tonight


Several signs like those just turned up at 35th/Thistle, one day after district staff announced it’s recommending the school board approve Option 2 – building a new Denny Middle School on the Chief Sealth High School campus, while adding $10 million more in Sealth renovations than were originally proposed. Meantime, the Westwood Neighborhood Council meeting about the project is tonight, 7 pm, CSHS Commons. And the district has just posted a new section on its website with the answers to all the questions posed at last week’s meeting (WSB coverage here) as well as other information on the project — you can read it all here.

Looking for love AND fame? Here’s where to find both

On Valentine’s Eve, the Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) “Meet Your Sweetie” matchmaking event is igniting a TV frenzy. valentines-bags-002.jpgWe told you last Thursday that it was featured on Evening Magazine. Now Hotwire proprietor Lora Lewis sends word that two more TV appearances — live! — are ahead, and particularly if you’re single, you’re invited to drop by; no guarantees but you just might get interviewed, since both stations told her they’d love to talk with singles. According to Lora, KOMO 4 will be there during the 5 pm news tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) night (correction from earlier, sorry); KING 5 will be live Thursday on Valentine’s morning, with several reports between 6:30 and 9 am. In addition to showing up for all that, you can still get in on the “Sweeties” matchmaking by dropping by Hotwire any time (and checking out this page on its website) – we originally explained how this all works in this post last month. And the fun won’t end on Valentine’s Day — the main event is this Saturday, with a Sweetie Party starting at 5 pm at Hotwire, featuring participants reading their Valentines — will true love ensue? Be there to see. P.S. Hotwire also is one of the record-setting 20 venues participating in the Valentine’s night West Seattle Art Walkflyer here — check out the second page of the flyer for “sweetie specials” at participating spots, which are now stretching BEYOND The Junction, with Thursday night venues including Click! Design That Fits (Admiral District), Authentic Home, and Styling Studio.

Statue of Liberty Plaza Project: Big $ now, big event ahead

Almost a month after announcing they surpassed their financial goals, leaders of the Seattle (Alki) Statue of Liberty Plaza Project gathered supporters for a celebration last night at Pegasus. And news was made, particularly co-chairs Paul and Libby Carr revealing the donation total is now well past what was announced in mid-January:

(video no longer available due to shutdown)

That wasn’t all the news:

As we reported here last month, once the fundraising was over, the city came up with a preliminary timeline – and it stretched out a lot longer than what the Carrs had hoped, as they once envisioned a dedication on the Fourth of July. At last night’s party, Colleen Browne from the Seattle Parks Department said that timeline hasn’t changed, but still might:

(video no longer available due to shutdown)

However, Mike Boyle — announced last night as planner for a gala regional celebration once the plaza is complete — says he’s got a different date in mind:

(video no longer available due to shutdown)

9/11, of course, has historic significance for the Alki Statue of Liberty, dating back to the vigils of 2001, moving forward to the unveiling of the recast statue on 9/11/07 (WSB coverage here). Can the timeline move up? The picture should become clearer within a few months. Meantime, the Plaza Project expects to keep selling bricks a while longer — more info on their website — and is also talking about organizing a fundraiser at the Admiral Theater, showing Ken Burns’ Statue of Liberty documentary. No date set yet. They say the extra fundraising cushion is in case project costs go over, as well as to cover some added features such as bench backs; anything left over when all is said, done, and built will go to the organization that helped with fundraising and coordination, Urban Sparks, which would in turn spend the money on other local neighborhood projects. (US boss Jack Tomkinson was in attendance last night, as were Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, City Parks Superintendent Tim Gallagher, and Department of Neighborhoods director Stella Chao.)

Happening tonight: Science fairs at Pathfinder, Denny


That’s Pathfinder K-8 student Elizabeth Baer, photographed by Eric Baer as she presented her investigation “Slime Roll” during a previous edition of the annual Pathfinder Science Fair, which happens in the school cafeteria 6-7:30 pm tonight. Eric tells WSB, “Nearly 100 science projects will be shown by students, covering every field of science and technology from robotics to volcanology to botany. … Pathfinder School is one of only a handful of Seattle Public Schools that has a Science Fair open to elementary-aged students.” The event is sponsored and run by the PTSA at Pathfinder, which is a public alternative school on Genesee Hill (map). ADDED 9:30 AM: Thanks to GenHillOne for noting tonight also is Family Math Night and Science Fair at Denny Middle School — according to the Denny website, that event is 6:30-8:30 pm.