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More weekend scenes from around West Seattle

February 10, 2008 10:07 pm
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Thanks to Luckie for that shot of the Lafayette Elementary “Best of Broadway” cast, who performed three of the past four nights at the West Seattle High School theater. In addition to the photo- and video-enhanced report we posted last night about Saturday events around West Seattle (BESIDES the caucuses), we have more to show you tonight:Read More

In case you need to make family vacation plans really early …

February 10, 2008 7:52 pm
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So we’re watching the online agenda for this Wednesday’s Seattle School Board meeting very closely, waiting for the Denny-Sealth recommendation to be posted (purportedly tomorrow), and just noticed something on the agenda that might be of interest to SPS families now – the proposed district calendar for next school year. Not final till it’s officially approved, of course, but here’s a direct link if you want to take a look. (Highlights: First day of classes, Wednesday 9/3/08; winter break Monday 12/22/08 through Friday 1/2/09; spring break 3/30/09-4/3/09; last day of next school year 6/16/09.)

Play ball! West Seattle Girls’ Softball makes a video pitch

We told you a few weeks back about registration season for several local youth sports leagues, including West Seattle Girls’ Softball. We just heard back from Steve Peer, league president, who wanted to share the video you see above — featuring the Filmateria Studios Clickin’ Cleats, the team he coaches, a 10-and-under team photographed last year, which was their third year together. Steve says, “During the registration process, I’ve heard from lots of parents either new to West Seattle or with daughters who are 7 to 8 years old who are interested in the league. Most want to know more than the league philosophy, schedules, and fees. When it boils down to it, most of the parents want to know if it’s fun for the girls!” Steve says the video answers that last question pretty well. WSGS registration is open till next Friday (2/15); you can sign up, and/or get info, at the WSGS site, and Steve notes that financial assistance is available for those who might not be able to play otherwise — contact him directly (click here for e-mail address).

Meet a winner: Paul Sureddin

Last month, we announced the winners of the first quarterly West Seattle Community Recognition Awards, trophy.jpga new way to honor West Seattleites working to make a difference — the brainchild of Julie Mireille Anderson from Divina, with the nominating process open to everyone in West Seattle. As we open the next round of nominations, we are profiling the first three winners — people you may or may not have heard about or met, people whose hard work makes West Seattle a better place. Thursday, we told you about Cindi Barker from the Morgan Community Association (meet Cindi here); Friday, Larry Carpenter from the Alki Community Council and Southwest Seattle Historical Society (meet Larry here); and today, we profile Fairmount Springs community organizer Paul Sureddin, who also is webmaster for FS and MoCA:Read More

After the caucuses: What’s next

First, a couple more photos that have come in since our caucus updates ended last night. This one is from Katie McKeehan Hart, who photographed her daughter Mary Kate Hart as they caucused at West Seattle Elementary:


This one’s from Josh Sutton, showing how big the group from just one precinct got, caucusing at Chief Sealth High School:


ADDED SUNDAY NIGHT: SRO caucus scene at West Seattle High School, from Matt Taylor:


Now, the “what’s next” info. First – there is still a statewide presidential primary on February 19; if you vote by mail, you’ve received your ballot by now. The Democrats are not using the results to choose any delegates (they have always used the caucuses instead; here’s 34th District Democrats chair Ivan Weiss’s explanation); the Republicans will choose half their delegates from the primary results, half from their caucuses yesterday. If you’re a Democrat and you’re wondering whether to bother voting, one thing to keep in mind, if you care, is that since the race is still perceived as close, the national media will likely pay attention to the results anyway, regardless of whether delegate-awarding is involved, so if you want your candidate to look good, you might as well show up for this too. (Personally, we never miss a chance to vote for anything.) As fr the long process of converting yesterday’s caucus results to national-convention delegates: The Democrats’ legislative-district caucuses are on April 5; delegates who go on from there will attend county conventions on April 13; then caucuses by Congressional district (here in West Seattle, we’re part of the 7th District) are on May 17, the state convention is on June 14, and the Democratic National Convention is August 25-28 in Denver. Oh yeah, and the actual election … November 4. (By the way, the 34th District Democrats are promising precinct-by-precinct breakouts on their website within a few days; for some unofficial counts, check the comments below our running post from last night.) One more note – just as we were writing this, we received the following from Steve Heck, titled “Open Letter to Washington State Democratic Leadership,” with some points of concern regarding the process, and he thought it might be a point worth discussing here:Read More

Third-to-last West Seattle Farmers’ Market before the break

Want a reason to go to the West Seattle Farmers’ Market (11 am-2 pm, SE corner 44th/Alaska) today? Today, 2/17, and 2/24 are the last 3 sessions before the market takes a brief late winter/early spring break. Here’s today’s fresh list:Read More