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Caucus countdown: Three weeks till ours

We’ve mentioned it before and it’s time to mention it again: Our state’s caucuses are on Feb. 9, exactly three weeks away. The 34th District Democrats are doing their level best to make sure everyone in the area knows about it — someone was out doorbelling in our neighborhood today donkey5.jpgelephant.jpg(we didn’t get to the door in time but he left a doorhanger with info, including our precinct number and caucus site), and the 34th DD Caucus Outreach Committee had a meeting today. (Also meeting today, according to Slog — area Clinton supporters including County Executive Ron Sims gathered in South Park.) The 34th DD’s website has a caucus info page including a list of locations, by precinct; you can find your precinct number on this county page (but beware, the “polling place” that comes up after the precinct # is NOT your caucus place) — or for a one-step process, try this statewide page (type your address below the map, it’ll find your precinct and caucus site). The 34th District Republicans‘ website still isn’t as info-rich as the D page, but the King County Republicans’ site has its own caucus locator; you may not need it, as it appears all West Seattle Republicans are caucusing at Southwest Community Center. The GOP is choosing half its WA delegates through the caucuses and half through the Feb. 19 primary, but the Democrats are choosing all their delegates through the caucus process.

Tomorrow at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market

It’s Saturday night and that means time to look ahead to what’s on the “fresh sheet”:Read More

Reader report: Exotic cat captured

Just in from TC (thank you!), re: the cat sighting from yesterday:

The exotic cat that someone saw on 1/18/08 was just captured by the Humane Animal shelter at about 4:30 and is being taken to a rescue shelter. We were up jogging on the Madison Middle School track when some boys pointed out a larger than domestic size spotted cat on the banks. We called the Humane Society 386-4258 and they came out and captured it. They said it was a serval, a wild cat from Africa and that it is the second one picked up in West Seattle.

We’ve seen servals … in zoos. Will look up a usable photo shortly to add here. ADDED 7:18 PM: Here’s one. Again, NOT the WS capturee, just one found roaming online:


West Seattle congregation helping Lewis County flood victims

Checking the website of West Seattle Christian Church (WSB sponsor, but fyi we check many local churches’ websites weekly for event listings etc.) – we discovered part of the congregation was headed to Lewis County today to help the people down there who are still having a terrible time recovering from the December flooding. We wrote WSCC’s Dan Jacobs to ask for more details, and he tells WSB, “A group of about 15 people are going down a second time (the first was just before Christmas) to help with cleanup for families who were flooded. They’ve been working through the United Way and this weekend will again be helping to dig out / mud out / and clean out homes. I believe this weekend they will be working with some elderly people who can’t physically do the work. … Feel free to let people know that they are going and that there is still a need for others to follow in the future.” If you are interested in helping Lewis County flood victims, we found this state page with some info on how to help.

In case you need a dose of sunlight

We do, anyway. Two photos e-mailed to WSB earlier this week and held for when a “virtual sunbreak” might be in order (like now!):


That one’s from RPH, who took it while flying in on Tuesday. Next one’s from Bob Bollen, during Wednesday’s sunset:


Thanks to RPH and Bob!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Another possible flasher

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Off the emergency-radio scanner (and please note, those radio transmissions just reflect what police get calls about and dispatch officers on — not all reports pan out, but once in a while we hear something you might need to know about fast): Police were just flagged down by several children reporting a man exposed himself to them in the 31st SW/SW Juneau vicinity. We didn’t catch the full description off the scanner but the few words we did hear (Hispanic, stubble) did NOT match the description of the indecent-exposure suspect we wrote about in last night’s roundup from police reports, in case you wondered.

Denny-Sealth updates, including meeting date change


Two updates for everyone following the Denny Middle School-Chief Sealth High School shared-campus-proposal controversy: The Westwood Neighborhood Council has slightly changed the plan for its just-announced next meeting on Denny-Sealth; it’s now at 7 pm Tuesday, Feb. 5, in the Chief Sealth Commons. The WNC announcement says the meeting will be “a moderated discussion among five panelists about the School District’s decision to combine the two schools (options 1 and 2) or retain two separate schools (option 3). Key discussion will address academic and social needs of middle- and high-school students, and will include questions from audience members. Panelists will include a school board member, a District facilities representative, Sealth staff member, child development expert, and public safety expert.” The WNC says that school-board member will be District 6 (West Seattle)’s director Steve Sundquist; we checked in with him late this week to see what he was hearing on Denny-Sealth since the last school-board meeting (WSB coverage here; that and followups since then, plus previous reports, are all now archived in their own category):Read More

Bridge reminder

Just east of West Seattle, the South Park Bridge is scheduled to be closed most of the weekend, as of a little more than an hour ago, continuing till 5 pm tomorrow.

Roasted romance, latte love, coffee for your corazon …


Hotwire Coffee (inaugural WSB sponsor) proprietress Lora Lewis has those decorations up in her Junction store now, and there’s more to them than meets the eye – part of some Valentine’s matchmaking innovation, and Lora tells the story better than we can:

Remember in grade school those little Valentines cards you would secretly pop in someone’s lunch box or desk? Well, just turn the clock forward a ‘few’ years and that’s what we’ve got going on at Hotwire. For the next month you can stop by the shop, have a little photo taken and put it on your very own grown up sweetie box. Maybe someone comes in and sees what a cutie you are and perhaps pops a little valentine in the box. Not that adventurous? Well, then just come over and see who is up for grabs and maybe put your own little message in a box! You never know unless you try!

Already ‘taken’? Then don’t hesitate to pass this on to any of your friends who you feel are ready to meet that special someone! Oh, on Saturday, February 16th from 5 pm-7 pm, we’re going to have a meet & greet where all the people who had a picture and everyone who put a card in a box will be there to read their Valentines.

If you only have a photo available in digital format – here’s how to send it to Hotwire.