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The pug saga

We patrol Craigslist every day or two to keep an eye out for anything unusual that’s West Seattle-related. Nothing’s really jumped out for a while – till the pug saga. Apparently there’s a missing pug out there somewhere. The latest ad seems gentle and desperate — talking about a lost pug and a heartbroken child. But it’s the same dog featured in this extremely gruff ad from five days earlier, directly addressing a suspected thief and snarling, “We are closing in on where you live, pal … Give him up, you bastard!” Then, between those two postings, was the appeal to the heartstrings, featuring baby pictures of the dog in question. Certainly desperation can be the parent of creativity; good luck finding the pug.

West Seattle Christmas lights, 12/9/07

December 9, 2007 9:12 pm
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Thanks to Katie for e-mailing to tell us about this house in North Admiral (west side of 45th SW, south of SW Seattle). This is a camphone photo; the real thing is exponentially more festive. It’s the latest addition to our clickable, photo-embedded West Seattle Christmas lights map, viewable any time on our WSB Holidays page.

Reader Recommendation Request: Chimney repair

Since the burn ban (see previous post) won’t last forever … Rick needs recommendations:

Can anyone recommend a qualified chimney repair person, i.e. tuck point and
cap repair/replace? Thanks.

If you have someone to suggest, please post a comment; previous RRRs are archived here.

Don’t throw another log on the fire

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency just implemented a burn ban throughout King County (and Pierce and Snohomish) – so no fires unless that’s your only way of staying warm. Here’s what the burn ban means, and why it was called.

“West Seattle Art Attack” strikes again

What a night last night turned out to be — not just because of the Christmas Ship, but also because “West Seattle Art Attack” and accompanying elves (explanation and background here if you need it) struck again. Here are a few of the pix that arrived with the WSAA communique:




Fire callout at 3435 California Ave

ORIGINAL 10:40 AM POST: Just getting reports and pictures. Will have something up in a couple mins. 10:42 UPDATE: First photo from WSB contributing photographer Christopher Boffoli. He says California is closed here because of all the firefighting equipment. This is near California/Spokane (map).


Another view of where the street was blocked off comes in this photo from Jerry (thank you!):


10:55 UPDATE: This building is home to a salon and insurance agency among other businesses; here’s a picture from a leasing-agency site. Here’s 2 more photos from Christopher, in which you get a better look at the ground floor of the building. We’re listening to scanner communication – doesn’t sound like a huge fire, which is good news.



Christopher reports no smoke smell or visible damage. We’ll let you know if/when we find out anything else.

Sorry for the downtime

Our hosting company had an outage this morning that, judging by our logs, rendered WSB inaccessible for about an hour and a half. Please forgive us. It’s normal for any website to have the occasional flutters but if we ever intentionally plan on something long like that, we will forewarn you; thanks to the people who e-mailed to be sure we knew WSB was out of commission. Now, on with the day; sounds like other areas got some snow but so far we’ve been spared – here’s the newest forecast. 1:36 PM ADDENDUM: The hosting company says there may be intermittent problems for a while. So if you wander by and see the Internet equivalent of this … know we’ll be back soon (here’s hoping).

A dose of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Quick reminder that the county Public Health Department‘s free flu-shot clinic in West Seattle is happening today: 10 am-2 pm, Delridge Community Center.

Reader report: Gas station smashup

December 9, 2007 12:26 am
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From Chris (thank you!):

I visited the gas station/convenience store at 35th and Barton earlier today, and the front wall of the store had been smashed in. The owner said it was a car sometime in the night, probably stolen. The store was open and he had a crew there making repairs, so I guess the business won’t be interrupted, but it must be costing him quite a lot of money.

We’ll go over to have a look in the morning.