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West Seattle Christmas lights, 12/1/07


Tonight’s spotlight is on the newly lit (see video feature below) West Seattle Community Christmas Tree (44th/Alaska, aka Farmers’ Market parking lot). By the way, we’ve created an archive for all the West Seattle Christmas lights we’ve featured since mid-November; you’ll find them all here.

West Seattle Community Tree Lighting 2007

As we mentioned below — great turnout, big crowd despite the slush/sleet/cold. We’ve broken our coverage into four video clips; first, the big moment — Jack Miller from Husky Deli and family members lighting the tree; you see a little bit of the Endolyne Children’s Choir at the end, more from them in one of the clips added below.

Next, the local radio star (and West Seattle resident) who MC’d the event, plus the Endolyne kids (and more):Read More

Reader Recommendation Request for a CPA

While we work on that tree-lighting video, we wanted to send out another Reader Recommendation Request that’s been in queue a while: This one is simple — a reader’s looking for a “good CPA, can be in West Seattle or downtown.” (All RRRs are archived here.)

Snowy Saturday: Miscellaneous updates

Just back from the West Seattle Community Christmas Tree Lighting in The Junction. Great crowd — couple hundred, we’d estimate — despite the rain/snow slush mix falling from the sky, and soggy slushy mess underfoot. (The big outdoor heaters, the type you find on restaurant patios, really helped!) We’ll post video a little later. Meantime, speaking of video, two people have e-mailed us with links to videos they’ve put on YouTube showing today’s West Seattle snow — this one is from Adam Dorsey, this one is from Steve Heck. One more big round of thanks to everyone who’s sent photos, video links, info, etc., for us to share during this snow day; next up – rain and wind, they say.

Continuous updates: West Seattle snow

FINAL ADDITION, 9:25 PM: WSB contributing photographer Matt Durham captured two classic images today at Fairmount Park, images of the snow inspiring pure enjoyment: First, 14-year-old Cecilia Silva, trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue as the flurries began:


Second, a Brittany Spaniel romping on the Fairmount field:


(Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site,

TWELFTH REPORT, 5 PM: The weather service’s latest “forecast discussion” says we should see a few more hours of light snow before something resembling rain moves in. And we have another round of photos — first one is from Jana in Upper Fauntleroy, verifying our report that Vashon was coming back into view before nightfall – following three are from Adam, showing Whale Tail Park, activity at Alki Playfield, and sand covered with snow at Alki Beach:





ELEVENTH REPORT, 4:09 PM: Might be some hope it’s slowing down – looking west over the Sound, Vashon is visible for the first time in more than 2 hours. Meantime, more photos: First, a WSB photo of Santa Claus himself dancing in the snow with a Hi-Yu Princess at Hometown Holidays HQ, where we will be attending the Christmas Tree Lighting tonight (ceremony starts @ 6, Dickens Carolers @ 5:30) come h**l or high water … er … snow; second one is from Britnie along California Ave, also in The Junction; third one is from Andrew in Gatewood, same spot where he photographed Zoe enjoying the first few flakes earlier (scroll way down on this post for that photo):




TENTH REPORT, 3:40 PM: Just back from a chilly yet fun round of snowball-throwing – try it if you haven’t already. Thanks to everyone for the continued stream of photos: first, David Hutchinson sends a new view of Alki Ave and the bathhouse; second, Amy from Fauntleroy sends a view she says would normally show the ferry dock:



NINTH REPORT, 3:10 PM: Snow up here is only falling at flurry speed right now, but from all over West Seattle, we have lots of new pix – three for starters — from top to bottom, we have daPuffin‘s dog Mani in Arbor Heights, barely recognizable under the snow; Eddie‘s photo from just west of The Junction; and Stephen‘s overview of the Hometown Holidays corner:




EIGHTH REPORT, 2:55 PM: Photo from Creighton on Genesee Hill, where he says it’s “only getting snowier”:


SEVENTH REPORT, 2:40 PM: Been watching a 911 call at Avalon/Genesee (map); reader report from Alice says it appears to be a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision, and it’s causing traffic trouble, so stay away from that area. Team member who’s down at Morgan Junction Thriftway says the roads are OK down there.

SIXTH REPORT, 2:35 PM: Now the snow is sticking on the road, at least up here. One member of the team just headed down the hill and will be back with a road-conditions report (and Thriftway crowds). Here are two more WSB reader photos — first, Lisa spotted a hummingbird seeking protection from the snow; second, Ashley‘s photo from SW Orchard (Gatewood):



FIFTH REPORT, 2:20 PM: Two more photos (as the snow intensifies up here again) — first one from David Hutchinson looking out at Alki, second one from Dunsany in Highland Park:



FOURTH REPORT, 2:10 PM: It’s lightened up a bit on our hill. Meantime, here’s the view Jan sent from Admiral:


THIRD REPORT, 1:55 PM: Even up here on the highest hills, while it’s sticking on plants and cars, the street is still “bare and wet” – not quite cold enough at this point for anything else (our temp gauge says 35) …

SECOND REPORT, 1:30 PM: Starting to stick. Just got this WSB reader photo from Andrew near 36th/Morgan, captioned “Zoe in the snow” – keep the pix coming, we’ll post ’em all here as a running commentary of WS in the snow:


FIRST REPORT, 1:07 PM: At least, it’s snowing here in the higher elevations of south West Seattle. Some of these flakes are coin-sized, though not sticking much so far; hard to photograph but here’s an early shot looking down California from Upper Fauntleroy (send your pix as the day goes on!):


Big rescue callout to Beach Drive

December 1, 2007 2:00 pm
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 |   WS breaking news

It’s on the 911 site as “water rescue” – huge Fire Department response to Beach Drive just south of Me-Kwa-Mooks – scanner communications indicate a report of people in the water. We’ll let you know what else we find out. UPDATE: Sounds like everything turned out OK – involved divers and they all reportedly got to shore all right. 3:50 PM ADDITION: Beach Drive Blog has a photo of some of the fire units that responded.

You write the caption

Seen outside the ex-Gee/ex-Huling showroom on the north side of Fauntleroy this morning (note everything that’s in the photo while you concoct your verbiage):


Hometown Holidays ready to roll

susanandclothes.jpgStill seems to be a chance you might get caught in a flurry (here’s the latest forecast) — but what could be more Christmasy? Day 1 of Hometown Holidays in The Junction starts @ noon; remember to bring donations for the Warm Clothes Drive (at left, we caught up with West Seattle Junction Association executive director Susan Melrose a short time ago at HH HQ — aka the Farmers’ Market parking lot — with one of the first donations). The full list of today’s activities, noon-7 pm, in stores and all around The Junction, is now posted online here. (And you can peek ahead to tomorrow’s 10 am-5 pm lineup here.) Tonight’s highlight, of course, will be the Christmas Tree Lighting, starting with Dickens Carolers music @ 5:30 and the ceremony commencing @ 6. Here’s the tree, just about ready for the switch to be thrown; see you there!


WSB sponsor welcome: ArtsWest’s “The Gifts of the Magi”

December 1, 2007 9:31 am
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jessicainmagi.jpgJoining the WSB sponsor lineup this morning: ArtsWest in The Junction, where “O. Henry’s The Gifts of the Magi” opens on Wednesday. (ArtsWest provided the photo at left, taken by WSB contributing photographer Matt Durham — who provides official photos for many AW productions; it shows Jessica Skerritt as Della Dillingham.) As described on the ArtsWest website, “Gifts of the Magi” is “a musical version of the classic O. Henry story about a young married couple, flat broke, but rich in love.” It plays Dec. 5-23; the best place to see the list of days/times is on this page where you also can buy advance tickets online. Or you can drop by ArtsWest while you’re in The Junction this weekend for Hometown Holidays; the AW team also suggests that tickets make great holiday gifts (season tickets start at $99; two adult tickets for $58; gift certificates $5 and up; the Box Office has more details @ 206-938-0339). Thanks to ArtsWest for supporting WSB, and thanks to our other sponsors, listed on this page along with info on how other prospective advertisers can join them.

Reader Recommendation Request, sort of: West Seattle jams?

Some great RRRs have flooded the inbox the past few days so we’ll be posting a little more often than usual this weekend — thanks in advance for everyone who so helpfully joins in the discussion and adds their thoughts. This morning, we have one from Mike that is as much an idea as a request – but as we told him, we know West Seattle is full of musicians, so we’ll put it out there and see who pipes up:

Would you know if there are any ad hoc music jams going on in WS? I’ve been curious to gauge the interest for a “hacks to heros” guitar (or other musical instruments) jam session (my expertise on the guitar falls somewhere in between hack and hero). My thought was for interested parties to meet at a pub or coffee house on quieter nights (perhaps earlier in the week when business is quieter so we don’t cause a disturbance for the chosen establishment, but would generate business from thirsty musicians). Besides creating a fun, interactive community event, it would help us casual WS wanna-be-musicians expand our “chops” playing music with others in a friendly, public setting.

If you have a jam to tell Mike about, or would be interested in helping him organize one, but would prefer to contact him personally rather than leaving your info in a comment, you can e-mail WSB and we’ll forward your contact info to him. Meantime, stand by for a few more RRRs later today; we archive all of them here.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Latest “forecast discussion”

The local meteorologists with the National Weather Service usually update it in the wee hours – here’s the latest. We’ll of course be on intensive snow patrol if those flakes really start to fall. Meantime, in the calm before the expected storm, let’s start the day with a great photo by WSB contributing photographer Matt Durham:


Matt’s caption: Kite designer Gregory S. Kono tests a “Rockaway Bikini” kite he built from scratch. The maiden flight was successful Thursday morning as cold winds whipped across Alki Beach. Gregory Kono, owner of West Seattle’s “Kono Design,” has been teaching kite-making workshops since 2002. Classes and more information can be found at Gregory’s website at

(Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site,