Reader Recommendation Request, sort of: West Seattle jams?

Some great RRRs have flooded the inbox the past few days so we’ll be posting a little more often than usual this weekend — thanks in advance for everyone who so helpfully joins in the discussion and adds their thoughts. This morning, we have one from Mike that is as much an idea as a request – but as we told him, we know West Seattle is full of musicians, so we’ll put it out there and see who pipes up:

Would you know if there are any ad hoc music jams going on in WS? I’ve been curious to gauge the interest for a “hacks to heros” guitar (or other musical instruments) jam session (my expertise on the guitar falls somewhere in between hack and hero). My thought was for interested parties to meet at a pub or coffee house on quieter nights (perhaps earlier in the week when business is quieter so we don’t cause a disturbance for the chosen establishment, but would generate business from thirsty musicians). Besides creating a fun, interactive community event, it would help us casual WS wanna-be-musicians expand our “chops” playing music with others in a friendly, public setting.

If you have a jam to tell Mike about, or would be interested in helping him organize one, but would prefer to contact him personally rather than leaving your info in a comment, you can e-mail WSB and we’ll forward your contact info to him. Meantime, stand by for a few more RRRs later today; we archive all of them here.

5 Replies to "Reader Recommendation Request, sort of: West Seattle jams?"

  • chas redmond December 1, 2007 (8:57 am)

    The only coffee shop I’m aware of that actually has music is C&P, but it’s scheduled. Other coffee shops which might have the space include Ladro, Uptown (both locations), Original Bakery (the elevated area), Alki Bakery (the back area), Rozella (outdoors, but that’s only good in summer). There may be others, but these come to mind.

    Bars which have music are Redline, Poggie’s, Rocksport, Skylark, and Corner Tavern. None of these have music early in the week.

    The concern I would have is to arrive at a coffee shop or bar unannounced with two or three other “jammers” and then try and jam. I think most of these venues would want to weigh in on whether or not to allow impromptu music since if it’s just jamming it may or may not be considered appealing to the other patrons.

    Interesting concept, though, since there really are a ton of musicians here on the peninsula and finding a place to practice or jam is near impossible.

    I wonder if the Senior Center or some other open meeting space might be interested in hosting something like this.

  • GenHillOne December 1, 2007 (9:07 am)

    What a great idea, Mike! Sorry to say no musicians at our house, but perhaps that’s why your talent is appreciated :) I’m sure there are other musically-impaired folks out there who would go to enjoy your skills at any level.

  • Stu December 1, 2007 (11:36 am)

    The best kept secret in WS is the weekly jam sessions at the Redline (formerly know as Legends). I know this place looks like a dump, but it completely transforms itself every Thursday evening. A local Guitar legend, Tim Turner who graduated from WS High around 35 years ago, leads the jam sessions and is open to anyone. A neighbor of mine went to West Seattle HS with Tim and told me I needed to hear his band (he is in high demand and plays 4-5 nights a week in the Puget Sound area). I was completely blown away by his playing. I don’t know why Tim didn’t make the big time. It is like seeing a guitar virtuoso in your backyard for free.

    These jam sessions draw a large crowd of people that just want to show up and play an instrument or sing on stage. The crowd all seem to know each other and they welcomed me to the session like I had known them for years. Tim personally goes out into the crowd and meets everyone like he is hosting a party at his house. I told a friend about these sessions and he went and had the same great experience that I did. I understand that Tim has been hosting these for over 10 years, so it is well know and draws musicians from around the entire Puget Sound area.

    If you want to play, or just experience something that you would never had guessed was happening in your neighborhood, I would recommend giving it a try.

  • chas redmond December 1, 2007 (1:22 pm)

    Totally agree with Stu. Tim’s band was a staple at Legends and am glad to see Redline has kept the Thursday Tim Turner open-mic gigs going. And, yes, one, two or three can all go on stage with or without Tim. I’ve heard some great stuff there and some not so great stuff – but it’s all in the spirit of open jam. They’ve got some reasonably-priced and decent food to go with the brews, as well.

  • T. Dart December 4, 2007 (1:27 pm)

    Skylark hosts Open Mic every Wednesday night at 9pm. (Sign-Up is at 8pm). It’s a good place to meet local musicians.

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