One last act by “Art Attack”

Hands down the most memorable story we’ve had the privilege of telling you this week has been that of “West Seattle Art Attack,” an anonymous local glass artist who, while working on creations for nonprofit-benefit sales, decided to plant the not-quite-perfect productions in local yards. (Previous reports here, here, here, and here). WSAA’s heartstrings (ours too) were tugged by one comment below the 1st post, from Barbara, who wrote that she longed for a pumpkin in honor of her anniversary, Halloween, because her husband’s been in Iraq for their last two anniversaries. Well, as of tonight, she has one:


WSAA contacted WSB to ask if we could mediate a pumpkin delivery for Barbara. So we did; then she sent photos, as well as thanks for the pumpkin and for the anniversary card included by WSAA (in the bag seen below) — it wished Barbara and husband a happy anniversary, on behalf of everyone in WSB-land.


7 Replies to "One last act by "Art Attack""

  • Jan November 2, 2007 (11:51 pm)

    WSB…thanks for sharing this…and kudos to’s a good thing they do :)

    Happy Anniversary, Barbara and hubby…many, many more :)

  • GenHillOne November 3, 2007 (8:43 am)

    Yay WSAA – happy anniversary Barbara – hope your husband is home soon!

  • Lesley November 3, 2007 (9:28 am)

    What a beautiful form of attack! With love, appreciation, and thanks to the mystery attacker.

  • JenV November 3, 2007 (2:04 pm)

    damn I love this community. :D

  • miws November 3, 2007 (7:45 pm)

    Happy Anniversary Barbara, and Mr. Barbara!

    And what a thoughtful gesture by WSAA and WSB in setting this up!


  • Barbara November 4, 2007 (5:17 pm)

    Van and I thank everyone so much, and we especially thank WSB and the Art Attack folks.

  • Brent November 5, 2007 (6:41 am)

    Best wishes to Barbara and her husband. I am pleased WSAA has been so thoughtful.

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