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West Seattle Christmas lights, 11/20/07


Seen on Harbor Drive near Don Armeni — one of this season’s early adopters. If you have or see a bright display any time this season, send pix, or send location info and we’ll come by.

Amazon Fresh update: About those other West Seattle zip codes

When we broke the news last night about Amazon‘s new grocery-delivery service adding three West Seattle zip codes — 98116, 98126, and 98136 — to its delivery area, the question of course came quickly from West Seattleites outside those zips: What about 98106 (Delridge) and 98146 (Arbor Heights etc.)? We checked back with Vincent at Amazon, who could only tell us:

At this instant we’re considering 98106 & 98146, but unfortunately we don’t have any set timeframe. (and if we do expand, you’ll be the first to know about it ;) ).

More details on next week’s meeting about California Ave. upzoning


Background: A group of property owners led by well-known real-estate/property management partners Roger Cayce and Mike Gain are asking the city to “upzone” both sides of California Ave. between Hanford and Hinds (and a bit south of Hinds; city map screengrabbed above) from NC1-30 to NC2-40, as preparation for future redevelopment. The first details emerged at last week’s Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting; here’s our detailed report. Then, last Friday, the city set November 29 as the date for the first full public meeting on this. And tonight, we know that meeting will be at 6:30 pm in the library at West Seattle High School. Representatives for both the city and the property owners will be at the 11/29 meeting, and public comment will be important, for and from anyone interested/concerned in the plan. Here are a few other details of note:Read More

Once proposed for a park/pool, 4515 41st is back up for sale


One year ago, we first wrote about the stretch shown above — 4515 41st and environs, on the east edge of The Junction. Neighbors were concerned at the time about a development proposal for a 7-story apartment/condo building on the 4515 41st parcel, and neighboring lots, that at one point even featured a “park & pool” plan. That had changed by the time the project finished going through the Design Review Board process, but neighbors’ concerns over the size of the proposed project remained. Now, WSB contributor Christopher Boffoli (who also took the photo above) reports, the original developers appear to be getting out — 4515 41st is on the market again. Two years ago, county records say, it sold for $925,000; now it’s offered for $1,500,000, with listing pages (such as this one) describing it as a “(f)antastic townhome or multi-unit site right in the heart of the West Seattle Junction.”

Revealed: What’s going into the old Bikes ‘n’ Brew spot

Several people have e-mailed WSB to ask about this – wondered about it ourselves – and finally we have the answer: The ex-Bikes & Brew (etc.) spot in The Junction, just west of Easy Street, will be the new West Seattle home of Twilight Artist Collective — here’s what Erin Crawford tells us about Twilight:Read More

Nucor permit application: Time running out to comment

WSB reader Julia called this to our attention. We have not been able to do a lot of research on it but wanted to let you know about it before it’s too late, in case you are interested in having a say: Nucor Steel is upgrading one of its cranes, to boost production, and because that could increase emissions of carbon monoxide and a variety of other components (details in this notice), Nucor has to get permits from the state Ecology Department and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. Both are recommending approval; the deadline for public comment is tomorrow (the notice was apparently posted almost a month ago; as a result of this, we’ve learned about a new place to check for important public notices!), although it appears from the second part of a posting on this site that one piece of the project is open for comment until 12/12. Both these notices say a public hearing will be held only if there is “significant public interest” — contacts to express said interest can be found on the links.

First sightings of West Seattle Christmas trees

Five weeks till Christmas and the elves already have brought trees to certain corners of West Seattle. treesgraphic.jpgSpotted on an early-morning reconnaissance run: Trees at Tony’s (35th/Barton), True-Value in The Junction, and Rite-Aid on California. We also saw a sign on Harbor Ave pointing past a gate into a promised tree lot (will investigate more closely later), and of course the wildly popular Holy Rosary Tree Lot opens south of Admiral Safeway at noon Saturday. And if you want to cut your own – here’s the Pacific Northwest Tree Association guide to Washington U-Cut locations.

Jogger attacked in Lincoln Park

Police are looking for a man who jumped a jogger late yesterday: reports here and here. She got away OK; he unfortunately got away too and was described in the tv report as “25 to 35, about 5-7, light brown hair, possibly balding … wearing a white, oversized sweatshirt with a pattern on it, and gray sweatpants.” The attack location is described only as “a trail in the south end.”