Jogger attacked in Lincoln Park

Police are looking for a man who jumped a jogger late yesterday: reports here and here. She got away OK; he unfortunately got away too and was described in the tv report as “25 to 35, about 5-7, light brown hair, possibly balding … wearing a white, oversized sweatshirt with a pattern on it, and gray sweatpants.” The attack location is described only as “a trail in the south end.”

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  • Tom O'Brien November 20, 2007 (6:56 am)

    About 8:00 last evening a photographer was lighting up the grassy area at the South parking lot of the park for a picture of the crime scene.

  • this_nic November 20, 2007 (7:34 am)

    Huh, I ran through last night right around 8 as well, saw the news truck and had wondered what had happened… any idea what time of day the attack happened?

  • this_nic November 20, 2007 (7:35 am)

    …scratch that last question… I should follow links, huh? Thanks for reporting WSB!

  • Cy November 20, 2007 (7:42 am)

    Kudos to that guy (who gave chase to the attacker) on the newscast that said, “We’re West Seattleites, we’re not going to let that happen here.” Damn right.

  • Jan November 20, 2007 (9:01 am)

    Unfortunately, even in the day time, it’s not safe to go running alone in the park, for a woman. That’s very sad.

  • GenHillOne November 20, 2007 (10:15 am)

    Agreed, Cy. And good for the woman for fighting back – best wishes to you if you’re reading this!

  • Courtney November 20, 2007 (11:10 am)

    Wow, that is just plain scary. I walk and run in that park by myself all the time. I guess it is time to buy a can of mace to carry. What a shame. Right you are Cy – cood for the West Seattleites that tried to chase him down!

  • k November 20, 2007 (2:18 pm)

    it’s a good idea to carry your cellphone with you, as well.

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