Think anyone will take THIS banner down?

We can’t zoom this taken-on-the-fly photo any closer — but this banner spotted on the Fauntleroy overpass about an hour ago says, “Help 7-year-old Dylan Fight Leukemia!” and gives the name Phil Remlinger and a phone number (206, didn’t catch the rest). Can’t find any obvious corroboration online for Dylan or Phil (closest we have found is a Tacoma first-grader named Dylan who’s fighting leukemia) — if anyone knows more about this, e-mail us. It’s the second one we’ve seen pop up on the much-policed overpass in the past few days (the other one was a birthday wish that was up in the morning, gone by evening):


2 Replies to "Think anyone will take THIS banner down?"

  • m October 29, 2007 (7:11 am)

    That sign must be super glued up there because it’s actually still up and it’s now Monday. Maybe the sign police have a heart? Or else he/she/they are out of town.

  • Eric October 29, 2007 (8:45 am)

    Evidently, the sign police have an agenda. If they like the cause, it stays up. If they don’t, it comes down.

    I wonder what political candidates and issues they support? I bet those signs don’t come down either.

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