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Wrapping up the weekend: West Seattle scenes

Some pix we wanted to share before the weekend ended … First, a rainbow over Westwood, sent on Friday by “The House”:

Rainbow over Westwood.jpg

The rest of these pix are ours — first one from Lowman Beach, eligible for the title “as the crow flies”:


Not far away, on the northernmost end of the Lincoln Park shore, we found what looks from this perspective like The Spider That Ate Blake Island:


Up the hill from Lincoln Park, alongside the top of the Thistle staircase, a little house with a beautiful garden has this fall-colored plant almost a fluorescent shade of red:


And in a different garden, near the west side of The Kenney, a Halloween creature lurks among the trees:


Another progress report – this one from The Bohemian


The team putting together The Bohemian in the space that used to be Leslie’s Country Store (3405 California, next to Spiro’s) is finally ready to reveal more about their plans. They answered our e-mail by writing up a cheery blurb that we decided to share in its entirety:Read More

Where the signs are hung by the curb with care …

Maybe too soon for the Christmas phrase-turns; blame the decorations that already have sneaked into some stores … But we digress. This post is about real estate — always a Sunday pastime as “open house” signs pop up on corners around WS. A couple noteworthy offerings, not necessarily brand-new, but they just hit our radar. First, 4315 SW Stevens, across the street from PCC , across the alley from McDonald’s, $725K:


This is notable because the property was home to a hair salon that some neighbors were upset about (as reported here last March). Thanks to WSB reader Luckie for the tip that it’s now for sale; she sent the photo shown above as well as a photo of the flyer posted in the window, which touts “beautiful extended family home … also has a fully running hair salon … you can work from home!” Here’s the official listing page, though it currently appears to be displaying the wrong photos. … Now, to another up-for-sale home, with almost twice the price ($1,499,000), almost twice the age, and countless times the history:


That’s the Herren House at 1603 45th SW, shown in a photo from the city Department of Neighborhoods’ page detailing its history, which DON says dates back to 1891, though King County property records say 1900. Interestingly, the official listing website calls this house “The Painted Lady,” same as the still-apparently-unsold “Satterlee House” on Beach Drive.

Shadowland progress mini-report


Driving or walking through The Junction, you can’t miss the distinctive exterior touches that continue on the former Neilsen Florist location that’s becoming Shadowland. We e-mailed its proprietors last week to ask how their timeline is looking; they are currently hoping to open in the first half of next month, if all goes well with finishing touches and required inspections. (For those wondering what Shadowland will serve, we had some info in a September update, second part of this post.)

Sunday spotlight: Sailings, salmon

October 21, 2007 6:07 am
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 |   Elliott Bay Water Taxi | Wildlife

Happening today:

wtrtxi.jpg LAST ’07 CHANCE TO RIDE THE WATER TAXI ON A WEEKEND DAY: The regular Elliott Bay Water Taxi weekend sailings ended a few weeks back; today is the second and final Sunday with special sailings geared toward the Seahawks crowd, but you don’t have to show a ticket or wear blue to get on board. The special sailings start at 11 am today and continue through 5:30 pm; can’t find a precise schedule online, so be sure to ask on board about when to catch the boat back. The weekday commute sailings continue for two more weeks.

CALL THE SALMON HOME TO FAUNTLEROY CREEK: With the recent “reach to the beach” work (read more in the new Fauntleroy Community Association newsletter), Fauntleroy Creek is more welcoming than ever for the coho that creek-watchers hope to see return. Everyone’s invited to the creek’s fish-ladder overlook (across the street and up the bank from the ferry dock; here’s a map) to drum and sing and call the salmon home, 5 pm tonight.