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Bulletin … Salty’s is small

That’s according to the French newspaper Le Monde (4th paragraph from the bottom, “un petit restaurant de West Seattle”), as written up at (Of course, the Parisians got the name wrong, so perhaps the size lost something in the translation as well.)

Reader recommendation request: Mom 2 B needs OB

From WSB reader Gabrielle, to whom we send hearty congratulations on the future arrival:

I live in West Seattle and this is my first pregnancy. Would it be possible … to ask for a referral for a good OBGYN in the Seattle area or even better, the West Seattle area? Also, a good birth center/hospital? I would really appreciate the help, as I’m the first of my friends to have a baby and no one has a good recommendation.

Condo conversion bycatch

September 29, 2007 6:32 pm
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Seen outside the Watermarke @ 6970 Cali, the abruptly announced condo conversion south of Morgan Junction that we chronicled a month ago:


Side note: A couple blocks south, the for-sale listing for the Shell-E Apartments @ 7130 Cali no longer touts conversion prospects, unlik the ad we first spotted (and screen-grabbed).

Gee updates: Textbook case, plus, “where are they now”

When news of the Gee announcement came the other day, some comments here suggested the company could have benefited from a PR campaign after the takeover. We found a company, MD Johnson Inc., that is using the whole sad story as a teaching example, suggesting Gee also could have benefited from “financial advisory services” in the deal; MD Johnson provides such services as part of its middleman role in dealership sales. Its “educational” document online (click to read) consists mostly of a Times article regarding the original scandal, prefaced with commentary such as:

This is obviously a case of the seller and the broker failing to inform the buyer of what was actually going on in the business, afraid the truth would stop the sale from happening. I can only assume that the seller and broker will be found to be complicit in their actions and will be found liable for significant damages to the buyers.

And what about the guys arrested in the heinous case that led to all this? We checked public records; one is apparently still in jail. Here’s what else we have found so far:Read More

Better bicycling

Just out of the inbox: the bicycling education/coaching company Cycle University is expanding into West Seattle, moving into space at the Senior Center. Its founder, pro rider Craig Undem, is based in WS. Full press release, including pricing details:Read More