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Sign sagas

SIGN SAGA #1 — A medic call to Westwood Village around 6 pm tonight is explained by a reader as follows:

One of the main signs inside of Westwood Village Target fell on a lady’s shoulder earlier tonight. It was one of the main signs that say Bedding or Electronics that hang from the ceiling with two tiny strings. It fell on the lady and shattered on the floor. They called the medics for her. I asked her if she was okay right after it happened and she said I think so.

SIGN SAGA #2 — Yes, it’s illegal to hang banners on the Fauntleroy pedestrian overpass, but it’s a tradition anyway — apparently, a tradition someone is intent on stomping out, as any banner that’s gone up lately hasn’t been up for long, and here’s the latest example: A volunteer for a local nonprofit group desperate to get the word out about an upcoming event told us she went up with a banner today and left a note saying “we’ll be back for this on Thursday; if you need it taken down before then, please call (number).” The banner was up when we drove by at 7 pm tonight; gone at quarter past 9; the banner-hanger tells us no one called. Other prospective banner-hangers, you’ve been warned.

BULLETIN: Alki statue homecoming details, and more

nwartsstatuephoto1.jpgJust in from the office of West Seattle resident City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen: When the recast Statue of Liberty returns home to Alki one week from tonight (as first reported here last month), it will not be going into the Bathhouse, but rather onto the old pedestal, temporarily. The event will happen at 6 pm Tuesday (9/11) and will be hosted by Mayor Nickels and Councilmember Rasmussen. Rasmussen aide Brian Hawksford tells WSB, “The statue will be temporarily placed upon the original pedestal until the new plaza pedestal is constructed in early 2008. There will be an announcement of additional new city money for the new plaza/pedestal project.”

WS state senator leaving the Legislature

September 4, 2007 4:24 pm
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 |   West Seattle politics

poulsen300.jpgState Senator Erik Poulsen, who represents the 34th District, just announced he’s quitting to become a public-utility lobbyist. He was re-elected last fall to a second term in the Senate, after two terms in the state House.

“What would you build with $4.5 million?”

September 4, 2007 3:24 pm
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 |   Transportation

So asks the city Transportation Department as it pitches its next round of community open houses happening in the next few weeks, including one here in West Seattle (5-8 pm Wednesday 9/19, in the theater at Youngstown Arts Center). The question refers to money from the “Bridging the Gap” levy passed by voters last November. Some projects are already in the hopper; page 2 of this handout mentions a few of WS relevance. The city promises more info @ the 9/19 event.

Condo saga spinoff: Renter roulette

That’s the game at least two WS apartment-seekers are caught up in — the same ones who first tipped us to the impending condo conversion at a south Morgan Junction complex. After that discovery quashed their hopes of renting there, they thought they had found another place, this time in north WS — until their prospective landlord admitted, when directly questioned, that those apartments have just been sold. (We won’t name the building until and unless we find online records to double-verify this.) Will their third choice be the charm? We’ll wait to hear! Meantime, this blogger caught up in the M-Junction conversion has found a place on Alki.

Spectacle in the sky


Seconds away from shutting down the computer, we checked e-mail one last time, and good thing we did: a note had just come in from Joe (thank you!!!!) with these spectacular photos of the lightning we’ve seen the past few hours. Joe’s full gallery of pix taken from what he described as “the west tip of Alki, facing southwest” can be found here.