Mayor’s son to plead guilty

So says this short article just posted by the P-I, and a similar one posted by the Times. He’s expected to be in court tomorrow.

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  • Lou's Wife August 29, 2007 (5:27 pm)

    I wonder which sentence will be longer . . . his or Michael Vick’s?

  • Jan August 30, 2007 (2:13 am)

    ya know, at least I have to give him credit for ‘fessin’ up…unlike the Hagues, Vicks, and Craigs that have been in the news lately. Now he has to face the music…maybe they can shorten his prison sentence if he goes to rehab :D

  • JumboJim August 30, 2007 (11:25 am)

    Let’s not be naive. People don’t usually plead guilty because they had a sudden attack of conscience – its usually that the evidence against them is very solid and/or they are looking for a lighter sentence

    Or, if you’re an Idaho senator pleading guilty you’re just looking to avoid the press that comes with cruising the men’s rooms for sex…

  • Jan August 30, 2007 (11:35 am)

    JumboJim…he did that sooooo well, didn’t he? lol

  • JumboJim August 30, 2007 (11:51 am)

    I think he was just signaling the guy in the next stall that he needed some toilet paper…. yeah, right ;-)

  • Vio August 30, 2007 (2:02 pm)

    The real investigation should be on how Greg Nickels got the casino job for his son in the first place. There is no way that a guy in his early twenties would be hired to be a pit boss in a casino without some serious political pull, it is a position with far too much responsibility. Nickels is knee deep in the self-serving political culture he has institutionalized in this city since he became mayor, this is just one more example. I hope that an investigative reporter makes this a little project, there is fire where there is smoke.

  • JumboJim August 30, 2007 (3:04 pm)

    Hey Vio,

    Check out the recent copy of Seattle Weekly with a cover story about the sordid affair. Sounds like being a pit boss at this little casino was not a big deal (pun intended). But maybe I’m a little naive.

    What I know about casinos could fit in a thimble with space left for my pinky finger.

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