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From the “those blog people will post ANYTHING, won’t they” file

A tongue-in-cheek note accompanied the photo of recently harvested carrots from a Gatewood garden …


The e-mail subject line: AMAZING WEST SEATTLE CARROT. The text follows. Perhaps a flood of comments from insistent carrot lovers will force the gardeners to bask in their deserved spotlight.

We just pulled this pair of intertwined carrots from our garden in Gatewood and thought you should know about them. Feel free to publish this incredible photo on your blog — we have decided to keep it in the public domain and not pursue monetary rewards. In fact we humbly wish to remain anonymous.

Mayor’s son to plead guilty

So says this short article just posted by the P-I, and a similar one posted by the Times. He’s expected to be in court tomorrow.

Flocks of fun

September is almost here, and with it arrives your annual chance to pull a fun stunt for a good cause: group1.jpgThe Furry Faces Foundation is offering you the chance to send somebody a flock of plastic pink flamingos — 10 bucks for every five birds you would like them to land in your target’s yard. To quote the FFF press release, “All flamingo flocks are modestly accessorized with Hawaiian leis, boas or Mardi Gras jewelry and after a 24-48 hour stay over, they will mysteriously disappear.” The concept has a few more fun enhancements, including the ability to purchase “insurance” against somebody sending a flock your way. You can order a flamingo flock by e-mall (, phone (932-1652), or by picking up/dropping off an application at Hotwire Coffee or Pet Elements.

West Seattle dishes to die for

tatertots.jpgEver since we discovered the tater tots at Skylark (shown right in all their golden crunchy goodness), we’ve been meaning to post this as a discussion topic: What are your favorite West Seattle dishes “to die for”? Besides those tater tots, ours include the West 5 BLT with avocado, Caffe Ladro cardamom coffee cake, and New Teriyaki & Wok General Tso’s chicken. With a lot of runner-ups!

Community center closed

August 29, 2007 8:32 am
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Today through next Tuesday, Southwest Community Center and the adjacent Southwest Pool are closed for maintenance work.