Caught on camera! A short burst of summer!

We were so hoping to snag a pretty summer sunset photo tonight for the first time in a while. The clouds refused to cooperate. So instead, in case you didn’t get to go out and enjoy it, here’s actual proof that summer returned for a while this afternoon …. honest.


1 Reply to "Caught on camera! A short burst of summer!"

  • JT August 24, 2007 (8:41 pm)

    Why don’t all your whiners plead your case about a few clouds and raindrops to the folks in the midwest. Or are you even aware that you are living in one of the most weather fortunate parts of the world right now as the earth changes rage on. What a bunch of drama queens. Please move to anywhere between the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes and put us all our of your whiney misery. No really.

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