West Seattle dishes to die for

tatertots.jpgEver since we discovered the tater tots at Skylark (shown right in all their golden crunchy goodness), we’ve been meaning to post this as a discussion topic: What are your favorite West Seattle dishes “to die for”? Besides those tater tots, ours include the West 5 BLT with avocado, Caffe Ladro cardamom coffee cake, and New Teriyaki & Wok General Tso’s chicken. With a lot of runner-ups!

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  • Peter F. August 29, 2007 (12:08 pm)

    Prime Delmonico at JaK’s Grill.

    Chorizo scramble at Alki Beach Cafe.

  • Bill August 29, 2007 (12:17 pm)

    Holy cow. Too many to list, depending on the mood or budget. Matador is always great for late night happy hour snackin’. West 5 for the comfort food with a frosty pint of Manny’s….my wife loves the mac n’ cheese there. For the teriyaki fix we prefer Yummy Teriyaki next to Petco.

  • Venkat August 29, 2007 (12:24 pm)

    Well, the puttanesca pizza or pasta at Abbondanza. Quesadillas from the Mission.
    Veggie burrito from Guaymas in White Center (sp). Hot and Sour soup from Lee’s Asian (anything from there).

  • Loralei August 29, 2007 (12:26 pm)

    Gyros and greek salads at Kokoros. So delicious!

  • m August 29, 2007 (12:26 pm)

    The potato pancakes and martinis at JaK’s.

    Seven Flavor Beef at Lee’s.


  • A August 29, 2007 (12:27 pm)

    Buddha Ruksa’s Crispy Garlic Chicken (known on the streets as “crack chicken”) as well as their Spicy Long Beans and the Pumpkin Prawn Curry.

    Vatsana’s Ginger Salmon (?) Can’t remember the correct dish name, but it’s on their House Specialties list.

    ANYTHING at Elliot Bay Brewery, but their new happy hour menu is delicious.

    Matzoh Ball Soup and Curried Chicken sandwich at Cafe Eats.

  • Gunnar August 29, 2007 (12:28 pm)

    Amante Pizza & Pasta’s Tortellini Especial!!! Close second: Amante Pizza & Pasta’s Putanesca.

  • Dave August 29, 2007 (12:28 pm)

    While there are many menu items worthy of nomination, the clear winner would be Pegasus Pizza’s House (Tom’s) Special pizza. We take all guests from out-of-town there for it; all make it a required stop on future visits!

  • evan August 29, 2007 (12:29 pm)

    Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict at Charlestown Cafe. So good. Any of the Eggs Benedict dishes there, actually. But especially the crab cakes.

    Pizza – Luciano’s. The Saturday Night is great and loaded. Luciano’s is my favorite pizza place in West Seattle.

    West 5 – Mac and Cheese with Andoulle Sausage. Oh man is that good.

    Of course, Milkshakes at Luna Park.

    C&P Coffee’s lattes are also the best.

  • TD August 29, 2007 (12:34 pm)

    Bakery Nouveau twice baked almond croissant – as if they need a plug – on Sunday I was in a line of over 30 people – and it was worth every minute – their chocolate cake is also heavenly

  • Jeff August 29, 2007 (12:36 pm)

    Elliott Bay Brewery Stout BBQ Burger
    Lee’s Sesame Chicken
    Alki Bakery Clam Chowder
    Maharaja Butter Chicken
    Pegasus Pepperoni and Italian Sausage Pizza
    Circa Steak Salad

  • Bill August 29, 2007 (12:44 pm)

    Can’t forget the brown sugar & pecan brioche at Bakery Nouveau. Still haven’t tried Lee’s… Is Maharaja good overall? Never tried them either. Usually anything at Circa is great! It’s time the prepared food at Metropolitan Market got some props….spendy, but the variety and convenience is sometimes worth it.

  • Chet August 29, 2007 (12:49 pm)

    Pepperoni Pizza at Abbondanza
    Gin martini and a New York steak medium please at Jaks
    # 2 combo (ground beef enchiladas) at Guadalajara .. oh wait, damn it, not a choice anymore thanks to “development”. I can visit one of the guys that used to work there at Target though.. great thing that development thing there..

    Oh, and NOTHING! at Charlestown St Cafe except for the Mickey Mouse pancakes for my kids.

  • evan August 29, 2007 (12:49 pm)

    I like Maharaja quite a bit. And they deliver on orders over $20, which is awesome.

  • Chet August 29, 2007 (12:52 pm)

    Thanks evan, I have wanted to try that place but wondered about how the food was.

  • Sue August 29, 2007 (12:52 pm)

    Bill, I like Maharaja, but it seems to me as if most of their food tastes the same, no matter what you order. It’s good, but I prefer some variety in my indian food. My husband, on the other hand, disagrees with me on that and eats there weekly and loves it. You might try the lunch buffet which is inexpensive and try out various things.

  • Jen V. August 29, 2007 (12:59 pm)

    Spicy ramen soup with chicken, Yummy Teriyaki

    Grilled beef salad, Buddha Ruksa

    A tall Bogie-margarita at the Maharajah. Can be taken in place of a meal. :P

  • Delivery Dude August 29, 2007 (1:00 pm)

    the Target hot dogs. to DIE for!

  • Bill August 29, 2007 (1:00 pm)

    Thanks, we’ll definitely try Maharaja. AND Skylark! We’ve been making frequent trips to Georgetown for the unique places, food/drink…seems Skylark serves that up WS style. Looking forward to it.

  • huindekmi August 29, 2007 (1:09 pm)

    Fluffy Banana Pancakes at Circa
    Crispy Garlic Chicken at Buddha Ruksa
    Petite New York at Jaks
    Risotto (either one) at La Rustica
    Seven Flavor Beef at Lee’s
    Habanero Enchiladas at Matador
    Indian Tacos at Cactus
    Pupusas at The Salvadoran Bakery
    Corn Fritters at Ovio Bistro… CRAP!
    Phoenix Cake at Bakery Nouveau
    OK, pretty much anything from Bakery Nouveau
    Did I mention Bakery Nouveau?

  • Lou August 29, 2007 (1:09 pm)

    2 Gin Martinis at Jaks – the second one always kicks my butt :-)
    Pulled Pork sandwich at Elliot Bay Brewery
    Milk Shakes at Luna Park Cafe
    Beer at Elliot Bay (their belgian ales or anniversary ale)

    Definitely need to give Skylark a shot – is it a family place (ie, for kids)?

  • Dani August 29, 2007 (1:15 pm)

    -BLT at Blackbird – hands down the best BLT ever!! Also, Blackbird lunch and breakfast is in my opinion great, but dinner has been pretty so-so every time I’ve gone…
    -Anything at Lee’s.
    -The sausage and pepporcini pizza at Talrico’s.

  • Peter August 29, 2007 (1:16 pm)

    Elliot Bay Brewery deep fried chicken tenders sauteed in buffalo sauce with blue cheese on the side. Not on menu, was a special once, but still ask for it and they kindly oblige. Bring ’em back for good.

  • Elizabeth August 29, 2007 (1:19 pm)

    If you like Maharaja, you’ll LOVE Royal Indian Grille in North Admiral (across from the theater). It’s family owned, they make practically everything from scratch, and they are so nice. And it’s much cleaner than Maharaja. Give it a try.

  • Sue August 29, 2007 (1:23 pm)

    The roasted breakfast potatoes at Alki Beach Cafe
    Quiche and pot pie at Shoofly Pie
    Nine Flavor Beef at Lee’s Asian
    Gut Bomb Burger at Luna Park Cafe
    Fried Chicken/biscuits at Endolyne Joe’s
    Wonton soup at Jade West
    Salmon roll and tempura at Kamei

  • Mike August 29, 2007 (1:25 pm)

    Heres a couple no one else mentioned:
    Pork tacos at matador are delicious.
    Goat Cheese Primo from Paggliacci’s
    Grilled Chicken Pesto from Husky Deli
    Ice cream from husky deli.
    The new pizza place in Westwood village has NY pizza potential.

  • Kayleigh August 29, 2007 (1:26 pm)

    Asiago Bagels at Zatz

    Green enchiladas at Cactus

  • Chet August 29, 2007 (1:32 pm)

    Thanks Sue. Thanks Elizabeth, I didn’t even know about Royal Indian Grille and I live close by LOL.

  • TeaLady August 29, 2007 (1:39 pm)

    Royal Indian Grille is fantastic. Steak salad or salmon sandwich at Circa. Homemade fettuccine w/ oxtail ragu at Beato.

  • Bubba August 29, 2007 (1:40 pm)

    Corned Beef Hash at Endolyne Joes
    Pho at 88 Deli

  • Jan August 29, 2007 (1:48 pm)

    I second the mac and cheese at West 5…and the lunch buffet at Royal India Grill(who can eat that much?)….and then there’s the BBQ flank steak at Circa…I love their meatloaf, too. My comfort food…garlic mashed potatoes at Met Market…

  • Sue August 29, 2007 (1:57 pm)

    I recently discovered the website http://www.tbopusa.com/ which has a lot of coupons for local WS restaurants (and stores/services). They did a mailing with coupons to our house, and I noticed the URL on them. I’ve been going to the website and printing coupons so we could go back again and again to our favorite places.

  • NATINSTL August 29, 2007 (2:05 pm)

    Gyros from Kokoras, the creams puffs from Than Brothers, the pulled pork sandwich from Elliott Bay Brewery, and the Luna Eggs from Luna Park Cafe.

  • m August 29, 2007 (2:07 pm)

    I was surprised to find that the Rocksport has tasty food, so don’t be afraid to go in there and try it! Alki Bakery has excellent lasagna and sandwiches, and the pho at Than Brothers is hard to resist when it’s cold out. I’m definitely not a food snob :)

    Skylark allows kiddos at brunch because I’ve seen families there before. Not sure when the cut-off time is at night for 21 and under though.

    I’m going to have to try the fried chicken at Endolyne and the indian food at Royal Indian Grille now. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

  • kg August 29, 2007 (2:14 pm)

    So many good things…my alltime faves:

    Mac n Jacs Steamers @ Dukes
    Cinnamon Rolls @ Alki Bakery
    Horton Heat Hash @ Easy Street
    7 Flavor Beef @ Lee’s
    Tom’s Special @ Pegasus
    Buttermilk Fried Chicken @ Endolyne

    Now I’m hungry. And am adding Royal India Grill & Skylark to my to-do list…

  • megan August 29, 2007 (2:14 pm)

    i have to agree with the Royal India. We go there at least once a week and get the Vegetarian Thali!
    Other to die fors:

    Circa: biscuits & gravy
    Beato: gelato trio
    Mashiko: Red Violin Roll
    Amante: Chicken pesto pizza

  • Patty August 29, 2007 (2:16 pm)

    Potato skins and a cold one at Rocksport and watching college football! My husband and I have never had a bad meal at Elliott Bay esp the IPA fish and chips! Bakery Nouveau for bread, Husky Deli on a cold night for their soups, and let’s not forget La Rustica for a romantic evening!

  • t August 29, 2007 (2:22 pm)

    Chicken picado plate at (either) Taqueria Guymas.
    Reuben sandwich at Eats Market Cafe
    Taking an evening picnic to Lincoln Park
    Everything at Buddha Ruksa

  • Bill August 29, 2007 (2:24 pm)

    We like just about everything at Eats Market but the prices! It’s tough to fork over that kind of scratch for fancy comfort food in a strip mall setting. We’d probably eat there more often if it was more reasonably priced…

  • EW August 29, 2007 (2:26 pm)

    I can’t belive no one has mentioned the garlic fried chicken at Buddha Ruska! Delicious.

  • IsleWrite August 29, 2007 (2:30 pm)

    A must at Lee’s: the black pepper crispy calamari with the peanut/soy sipping sauce. Just go ahead and order it as an appetizer when you first sit down. Yum.

  • K August 29, 2007 (2:33 pm)

    Elliott Bay – hot wings, cobb salad

    Herban Feast @ the farmer’s market – strawberry lavender lemonade

    Abbondanza – they have a pasta sauce (forget the name) that’s a blend of meat sauce, cream sauce and a touch of ricotta. TO DIE FOR!

    Husky Deli – turkey and artichoke sandwich and a coffee oreo cone on the way out (my husband and son prefer the blackberry cheesecake)

  • K August 29, 2007 (2:34 pm)

    How could I forget!? The espresso chip pound cake at Caffe Ladro!

  • deb August 29, 2007 (2:40 pm)

    What a fabulous topic! Here are my WS favorites:

    * Grilled cheese sandwich at Skylark (I like it spicy, so I ask them to add grilled jalapenos–major yummage there). While you’re at it, wash it down with that delicious pomegranate cocktail thing they make there. (I can’t think of the name, but they’ll know what you’re talking about. It’s served in a pint glass.)

    * Chocolate malt milkshake at Luna Park Cafe

    * Bananas dulce at Cactus (OMG, so unbelievably delicious; I’m glad I no longer need to drive to Madison Park to get this fix)

    * Fried squash appetizer at Buddha Ruksa

    * Pancakes at Easy Street Cafe

    * Spring asparagus soup and Admiral Salad (with added roquefort) at Metropolitan Market

    * And another shout-out for the twice-baked almond croissant at Bakery Nouveau

    * Popcorn and Diet Coke at the Admiral Theater

  • Amy August 29, 2007 (2:42 pm)

    Crispy garlic chicken at Buddha Ruksa and anything hobo style at the Luna Park Cafe! Yuuum!

  • T. De August 29, 2007 (2:50 pm)

    Honey glazed walnut prawns at Lee’s Asian Restaurant!

  • Lou's Wife August 29, 2007 (2:52 pm)

    And you wonder why Lou goes running past the death-trap every day . . .

  • Eric B August 29, 2007 (3:17 pm)

    Scones at Coffee To a Tea,
    A large scoop of Fudge Brownie at Husky Deli,
    Chocolate Croissant at Bakery Nouveau,
    Pho at Than Bros. (with cream puffs, of course)…
    Oh, man. I am getting hungry.

  • dq August 29, 2007 (3:55 pm)

    mac n’ cheese at w5
    burgers at Jak’s!

  • Bill B August 29, 2007 (3:58 pm)

    -Green eggs and ham Sunday mornings at Alki cafe.
    -Grilled tuna for lunch at Eats.
    -Mac and Cheese (with crab) at Blackbird.

  • Lou August 29, 2007 (4:08 pm)

    How could I forget Husky Ice Cream – love that after eating at Elliot Bay.
    And I second the Fried Chicken at Endolyne Joes…I couldn’t finish it – those chicken pieces are huge!

  • wundrgrrrl August 29, 2007 (4:30 pm)

    Cactus: Bacon Wrapped Jalepeno’s and Banana’s Dulce (though not in the same sitting!)
    Buddha Ruksa: Crispy Garlic Chicken
    West 5: Mac-n-Cheese
    Blackbird: Tofu Scramble for brunch

  • Kathy August 29, 2007 (4:44 pm)

    — Can’t believe no one has mentioned the Fry Bread at Cactus! A plate of Fry Bread with one of their Citrus cocktails…heavenly…
    — I give another vote for the Nine Flavor Beef at Lee’s
    — Blackbird’s French Dip sandwich (lunch menu only, I think) and any of their pork dishes
    — a Cosmopolitan made by Mike at West 5
    — the Dynamite Roll or Tempura Roll at Azuma Sushi (it is a great family-run place)
    — Key Lime Pie from PCC!

  • Erin August 29, 2007 (4:44 pm)

    Three Pigs Pile at Luna Park!!!

    And their shakes aren’t too bad either :)

  • jj August 29, 2007 (4:45 pm)

    Just off the top of my head:
    -Hot and Sour soup at Lee’s (though it was different when I had it on Monday)
    -Tuna Melt at Husky Deli (with dill pickles)
    -BLT at West 5
    -Seasoned fries at Rocksport

    (Also wish a place in WS had fried pickles)

  • beef August 29, 2007 (4:49 pm)

    you are insane. the 2 best dishes in west seattle are

    lee’s – either 7 or 9 flaverd beef – the 9 has fried coconut

    buhda ruska – the spicy crispy chicken – runner up the seasonal trout salad with a whole pan seared trout on a bed of greens.

  • flipjack August 29, 2007 (4:59 pm)

    I think we should get a census or at least an average of the weight of the average West Seattle Blog reader. Here’s the topic heading for you.
    How Much Do You Weigh?
    ehem….Jak’s Burger is THE best.

  • RS August 29, 2007 (6:27 pm)


  • add August 29, 2007 (6:40 pm)

    Steak salad at Circa.
    Margherita pizza at Abbondonza.
    Butternut Squash Enchilada and the Mojito at Cactus.
    Veggie sandwich at Elliott Bay.
    Berry Fulfilling smoothie (sub the raspberries with mango .. yum) at Jamba Juice.
    Mini coconut cupcake at Coffee to a Tea.
    Egg salad wrap at Coffee to a Tea (but I think it’s from Herban Feast, or maybe Blue Willow Catering?).
    And, yes, I have to 2nd (or 3rd?) the twice-baked almond croissant at Bakery Nouveau.

  • Charlie August 29, 2007 (6:44 pm)

    A Hendrick’s gin martini, the salmon, the skewers, and the top sirloin at JaK’s. And, yes, the burger. And the steak sandwich.

    Husky Deli ice cream
    Cherry Pie at Shoofly
    Omakase at Mashiko

  • StellaBlue August 29, 2007 (7:28 pm)

    Buddha Ruksa’s Garlic Rice baby…there is nothing like it anywhere!

    Alki Cafe Ginger Bread pancakes.

    Easy Street Horton Hash

    Oy…what a great community for food lovers!

  • K (the other one) August 29, 2007 (7:28 pm)

    The Hawaii Five O burger at Elliott Bay
    The biscuits and gravy at Eats Market, and that sandwich they used to make with turkey and hot cranberry and pecans! KILLER!!
    The Bleu Cheese salad at Talarico’s
    Anything at Bakery Nouveau
    Lee’s Asian General Tso’s
    Buddha Ruska in general

  • Jan August 29, 2007 (7:48 pm)

    OMG….I feel parts of my body (use your imagination) growing bigger as I read this – LOL

  • Jen August 29, 2007 (7:55 pm)

    Seconding a lot of items here…

    At La Rustica: the bread, Gnocchi con Zafferano (no longer on the menu, but they still make it on request)
    Cactus: Butternut Squash Enchiladas, Navajo Torta, Fry Bread, Prickly Pear Mojito
    Alki Fish Market: fish ‘n’ chips
    Luna Park Cafe: pretty much any milkshake
    Mission: Spicy Plantain Chips (the guacamole is extraneous), Pulled Pork Enchiladas, Chile Rellano
    Herban Feast: Sweet Potato Crab Cakes
    Zatz: Asiago bagel
    Pagliacci: Autumn Pear Primo
    West 5: mac ‘n’ cheese
    JaK’s: Petit Filet, potato pancakes any cocktail
    Matador: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Habanero Enchiladas
    Easy Street: fresh squeezed OJ, Li’l Kim, side of bacon (awesome, awesome bacon)
    Husky Deli: whatever sandwich I’m in the mood for, oreo ice cream
    Bakery Nouveau: oh, lord. Anything, but especially the dark chocolate rochers, baguettes, and chocolate cake
    Kokoros: Gyros
    Endolyne Joe’s: great for variety in general, since they rotate every three months
    Buddha Ruksa: Crispy Garlic Chicken
    Salvadorean Bakery: pupusas, the breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs & chorizo

    Not WS but I’m mentioning it anyway:
    Calamity Jane’s in Georgetown: ribs on Tuesdays, johnny cakes w/pomegranate molasses, Duwamish Tonic
    Smarty Pants in Georgetown: the Gringa

  • A August 29, 2007 (8:00 pm)

    Everyone keeps talking about Lee’s… where is that?? I have a 17 month old baby so I guess I’ve been a little out of the food loop. :)

  • BR August 29, 2007 (8:55 pm)

    Metro Market Prime Rib Sandwich makes my heart melt

  • Kathy August 29, 2007 (9:00 pm)

    Lee’s Asian is on California, near the intersection at Oregon, on the east side of the street. Amazing Chinese food, big portions for reasonable prices, very friendly service. The Nine Flavor Beef is one of my favorite dishes in all of Seattle…

  • Native August 29, 2007 (9:05 pm)

    No mention of Yasukos?

  • BP August 29, 2007 (9:27 pm)


    Buddha Ruksa: Fresh Salad Rolls, Tom Kha, Kao Soy (NEVER had it anywhere else & its AMAZING!)

    Elliott Bay: Fish Tacos, Fish & chips

    Cactus: Banana Dulche

    Dukes: Cerviche, Steamers and garlic prawns

    Circa: No one dish, but always really solid

    Tacos Guyamas: Cerviche and all their fresh salsas

    Saltys: Mimosas and crab legs

    Endoylene Joes: Husband loves their fried chicken and I love their variety

  • 2ndC August 29, 2007 (9:38 pm)

    Our obsession is hash browns and the best two places out of all our travels are in WS:
    the crispy potato home fries at Bee’s in the Junction, and classic shredded hash browns at the Chelan Cafe.

  • G. Williams August 29, 2007 (9:44 pm)

    Everything at Ephesus is outstanding but I must give a particular shoutout to the ezme appetizer; it’s not on the menu but they’ve had it on special every time I’ve gone there. OMG so good.

    The kebabs and the angel hair pasta are also mighty tasty, and the Turkish coffee is DELICIOUS.

  • westseattledood August 29, 2007 (9:45 pm)

    Husky Deli Ice cream: 1) spumoni 2)maple walnut 3) orange chocolate

    El Salvador: Chicken soup…can’t believe nobody’s mentioned that…it’s all about the broth.

    Lees: anything, but esp. the honey walnut prawns

    Bakery by Endolyne Joe’s (blanking on the name): their honey bran muffins are positively perfect.

    I think I’m going to have to print these comments out.

  • Lina Rose August 29, 2007 (9:49 pm)

    tamales at cafe rozella in white center!

    also a big fan of lee’s asian chow fun dish. then- the sweet tooth kicks in for husky deli’s kona coffee rum ice cream.
    thanks for all the great ideas!

  • chas redmond August 29, 2007 (9:50 pm)

    Okay, a few which haven’t been mentioned:
    – Donuts and other breakfast treats as well as brioche on the weekend at Original Bakery – plus their cappuccino is amazingly decent considering it’s competition. Oh, and the raisin bread comes with icing.
    – As already mentioned, but worth mentioning again, the sandwiches, deli meats and cheeses and ice creams (cone, milkshake, float) at Husky Deli and pretty much anything at Nouveau Bakery
    – Great Harvest’s plain white bread and their cheese sticks and cinnamon rolls and coffee are worth the competition.
    – The homemade treats at Cafe Rozella as well as the double shots over ice.
    – Breakfast treats and exotic deserts and plain but incomparable cookies plus great coffee and cappuccino put Alki Bakery on my map – especially in the Winter when everyone else is inside and I’m having a breakfast watching the water.
    – The bowl of miniature chocolate chips and the original chalk art makes Uptown (both WS locations) worth a visit. I always grab a handful of the chips and eat them like they candy they are – freebie food of a very subtle nature.
    -We still don’t have an all night diner where I can get a grilled sticky bun with butter and coffee, though.

  • Jeanne August 29, 2007 (9:56 pm)

    Cupcakes – full-size or mini – at Coffee to a Tea. All flavors are wonderful. Friendly service, too.

  • Admiral Janeway August 29, 2007 (10:07 pm)

    It’s tough to come up with a recommendation that hasn’t been mentioned.
    My recommendation would be the Vietmanese baguette at Bubbles on Alki with watermelon bubble tea.

  • foodie August 29, 2007 (10:40 pm)

    Salvadorean Bakery for chicken soup, with real broth and large chunks of chicken and vegetables, served with a piping hot pupusa-style tortilla (hecho a mano). It’s early January. Your throat is scratchy. Close your eyes and imagine your grandmother made soup for you, from scratch. Feel the warmth flow down to your toes. Who needs one of those horrid OTC concoctions that make one feel both alarmingly awake and semi-comatose at the same time?

    Pho Ga at Pho Mai 15th Ave SW in White Center.

    (A trend here. Chicken soup for the soul indeed).

    Easy Street for breakfast, either the Los Lobos with 3 eggs & black bean and corn salsa, substituting veggie sausage for chorizo or the Woody Guthrie farmer’s omelet with 3 eggs, mushrooms, onions, sweet peppers, spinach & cheddar. Yum!

    Panini and/or soup at Husky Deli.

    Kokoras for gyros.

    Taqueria Guaymas for soft tacos and the best salsa bar

    Hot and sour soup at Young’s Restaurant, 9413 16th Ave SW (or any of their breakfasts).

    Taqueria La Fondita truck in White Center for burritos

  • ali August 29, 2007 (10:43 pm)

    Don’t forget these;

    Mashiko: The Fifth Element roll
    Husky Deli: ice cream
    Jaks: kabob special, UFO potatos
    Guaymas in White Center: chili verde
    Market St. Deli: red velvet cupcakes (wow)
    Guadalajara: Tacos Al Carbon
    West 5: any drink from Mike
    Phoenecia: whatever Hussein says is “very very special”

  • Jen V. August 29, 2007 (10:50 pm)

    this has GOT to be the topic that has garnered the most responses! I forgot to add one, and I may be pooh-poohed for this, but if you just want a “burger burger” believe it or not, Roxy’s casino on Roxbury hands down. not greasy, just a good burger. Not that I want to see their kitchen- ignorance is bliss. :)

  • westwood August 29, 2007 (11:02 pm)

    I don’t get out as much as some of you to the finer places, but here are a few of the dishes that push my buttons.

    –Oysters and chips at Sunfish(has anyone mentioned them yet?)
    –BBQ Pork Wet Burrito at Guaymas–enough for two meals and delicious. I also love their tostada ceviche.
    –Pho at White Center Pho on 16th or around the block in the place with the new name across from DSHS and next door to the carneceria. Than Bros is fine too but we prefer the more authentic places in White Center.
    –Almost anything at Lee’s Asian
    –Spicy chicken teriyaki at New Teriyaki–hot!!!
    –Greek salad at Pegasus followed by a Tom’s Special.
    –Llama Pile at Luna Park

    I also am fond of Endolyne Joe’s, Vatsana at Westwood for takeout Thai, ANYTHING from Bakery Nouveau, Easy Street, and many more.

  • The House August 29, 2007 (11:11 pm)

    I can’t believe I’m almost post #80 on this, but my favs:

    Charleston Cafe – Seafood Omelete or Hawaiian French Toast
    Easy Street – Woody Guthrie Omelete
    Endolyne Joes – Pulled Pork Sandwich
    Elliot Bay Brew – Hot Wings…best in Seattle so far
    Eatz Cafe – Reuben
    Luna Park – Shakes, Shakes, Shakes!!
    Guadalajara – Carne Asada

    and of course Sushi from the Sushi Whore (Metropolitan Sushi isnt bad for supermarket sush).

  • The Incredible Delridge Machine August 30, 2007 (2:10 am)

    Anything from the Delridge Deli Mart.

  • Jan August 30, 2007 (2:23 am)

    and…not one word from Jiggers about the size of our a**es – lol

  • eric August 30, 2007 (7:31 am)

    Here’s my perfect day in West Seattle:

    breakfast: House Omelet – Jade West Cafe
    lunch: Beef with Oyster Sauce – Jade West Cafe
    drinks: Anything on tap at Beveridge Place Pub
    apps: Bluefin Toro – Mashiko
    dinner: Any lamb dish – Phonecia
    desert: Mixed Berry Pie – Cafe Ladro

  • RobertSeattle August 30, 2007 (8:01 am)

    I gained a pound reading these comments.

  • TD August 30, 2007 (8:02 am)

    How about — where NOT to eat in West Seattle and then where to EAT with kids in West Seattle – I’d like to see both of those discussed a bit

  • evan August 30, 2007 (8:10 am)

    Well the top of my list on where NOT to eat is Ho-Win. They screw up rice of all things there! Its close to my house to always consider when I want some Chinese food, but I have been conditioning myself to stay away from it, but I will order, it will be gross and i will say “ok, dont order from there anymore.” The better part of a year or so will go by, and I will think “hey, chinese take out sounds good. Oh I’ll try Ho-Win again since they are just down the street. They must have just had a bad night, its kinda hard to screw up beef and broccoli isn’t it?” and again, i’ll regret getting it. After five years of living here I think I have finally learned my lesson.

    As far as kid friendly places go, Charlestown St. Cafe is great. They have a good kids menu, and crayons for the kids to color with. My daughter loves it. And thats about it. We used to go to Guadalahara Hacienda, but sadly that closed down. And yeah, there is the one down by the Fauntleroy Ferry, but that’s not walking distance! There’s another good mexican place down in the Junction by Husky’s that we go to occasionally, Puerto Vallerta. Easy Street for breakfast is kid friendly too, but crowded.

  • WSB August 30, 2007 (8:18 am)

    jan, we’re a little worried about jiggers. either he’s on vacation, he moved, or else he decided this site isn’t worth his time any more. whatever the case, we hope he’s ok … we certainly would have heard from him by now!

  • CMT August 30, 2007 (8:28 am)

    Ephesus – Their Hummus and Lamb Kebabs are amazing!

  • sassy August 30, 2007 (9:09 am)

    Skirt Steak at Circa

    Tortilla Soup from Guadalajara

    Shrimp Louie Salad at Metropolitan Market

    La Rustica – pretty much anything!

  • Bill August 30, 2007 (9:19 am)

    The responses sent us to Skylark for the first time last night. Excellent! Had the turkey melt with tots….crispy golden seasoned-just-right tots with ketchup. I ordered a Manny’s but got something – not Manny’s…maybe it was a Blue Moon…it was good anyway so I drank it! Skylark will be a regular stop from here on.

  • JE August 30, 2007 (9:26 am)

    #1 Full Sub with everything from the Sub Shop on California, taken to Lincoln Park.

  • Kayleigh August 30, 2007 (9:38 am)

    I second the dismay at Ho-Win. Chinese food in Seattle is often marginal at best (for me, anyway) and this falls off the margin.

    We used to love Guaymas at the Junction but felt their quality has slipped.

    Oh, and the Thai restaurant by Salty’s on Alki…can’t remember the name. But not good.

  • roddy August 30, 2007 (9:53 am)

    Chicken Fried Steak or Chowder at Charlestown Cafe
    Chicken Fried Steak at Skylark
    Hummus, Crab Cake, or Chicken Satay apps at West 5
    Shroomer Burger at Elliott Bay
    House Fried Rice (and lots of other items) at Jade West
    Hot Teriyaki Chicken at Short Stop (no longer available)
    Beef Panang at Thai Thai in White Center
    I still like Spud!
    Chef’s Choice at Mashiko (Red Violin is a fave)
    Pretty much anything from Buddha Ruska

  • Mike August 30, 2007 (9:54 am)

    Spiros pizza is pretty good for family’s. Its got good food too.

  • deb August 30, 2007 (10:08 am)

    I can’t believe I omitted this one from my original post: the Elvis waffle at Luna Park Cafe. Peanut butter + bananas + maple syrup. Oh yeah: and a waffle that serves as the perfect delivery mechanism for the first three ingredients. It’s quite possibly the perfect hangover cure.

    I am loving this topic. I’d never even heard of Ephesus before, and now it’s #1 on my “must try” list. Thanks for the great recommendations, everyone. And thanks to WSB for getting this party started!

  • Velvet Bulldog August 30, 2007 (10:10 am)

    I don’t actually get out much, but can add a couple of items:
    -My friends take their kids to Duke’s on Alki, who seem to love it. The Alki Bakery and Cafe seem to be pretty kid-friendly as well, as is Pegasus
    -Mochas at Sleepless in Seattle on Alki Ave (can you tell where I live???)–best freakin’ mocha I’ve had in a long time
    -Sunfish over Spuds any day
    -Plate-sized blueberry pancakes at Chelan Cafe
    -Veggie Pho at Than Bros.–not every Pho place has veggie
    -Lavender-frosted chocolate cupcakes at Cupcake Royale. Also pick up a pin reading “I’m pro-cupcake, and I vote.”
    -Buddha Ruksa–never had a disappointing moment
    -Blue Willow Catering–nice people, fab food

    I may not get out much, but it sure seems like I eat a lot!

  • SchoonerExact August 30, 2007 (10:18 am)

    West5 – mac n cheese with a nice layer of bacon on top, so bad for you and so worth it

    Of course, with a pint of West Seattle’s own Schooner Exact 3-Grid IPA :)

  • evan August 30, 2007 (10:31 am)

    Kayleigh – Thank you for agreeing with me about Ho-Win. Its probably the worst Chinese place I have ever been to anywhere. I agree with you about Chinese food in WS to be marginal at best. Sadly, the best chinese food I’ve found in WS seems to be Safeway of all places.

  • Keith August 30, 2007 (10:51 am)

    Twice-baked croissant at Bakery Nouveau
    Seven Flavor Beef at Lee’s
    Bacon cheeseburger at Jak’s
    Tuna on Snowshoes at Mashiko
    Clam chowder at Charlestown
    Grilled Salmon Sandwich at Rocksport (hard to believe but it’s really good!)
    Fish & chips at…. hmm, this is tough. I’m gonna have to give it to Elliot Bay brewery.

  • s August 30, 2007 (11:02 am)

    i’m number 100!


    sesame chicken at lee’s
    bbq pork tacos at guaymas
    chowder at charlestown
    pho at than brothers (cheap!)
    sandwiches at husky
    pizza and house salad at pagliacci’s

  • s August 30, 2007 (11:03 am)

    can anyone give a review of the mexican place down by endolyne joe’s? any good?

  • Bill August 30, 2007 (11:08 am)

    Mex place by Endolyne: went there a few weeks ago. Decent, not amazing. Kind of typical gringo “mexican food”. Big hot platters with refried beans/cheese/sour cream on the side. Similar to the Mexican place on California near Husky. Ho-hum.

  • Sue August 30, 2007 (11:20 am)

    s, I went to the mexican restaurant near Joe’s once – it was okay, but nothing special. Probably not too different than Puerto Vallarta up near Alaska/California, although I think Puerto Vallarta was better.

  • JumboJim August 30, 2007 (11:21 am)

    Don’t worry about Jiggers y’all. He’s in the hospital doing fine. Seems he choked on a sarcasm sandwich last week (speaking of food). I’m sure he’ll be back before we know it…

  • Jan August 30, 2007 (11:45 am)

    and remember…the Guadalajara near E. Joe’s is not a sister restaurant to the now defunct Guadalajara that was on Calif. Ave. They were entirely 2 different entities…

  • David August 30, 2007 (12:21 pm)

    My perfect food day –

    Breakfast: Tall Coffee – 7-11
    Breakfast: Donut – Chevron
    Lunch: Chinese Food – Thriftway
    Afternoon Drinks: 40oz King Cobra “Paper Bag please” – 7-11
    Dinner: Free Food at Metro Mart – This is high class so bring a date on this one. ~
    Desert: Apple Pie – McDonalds

  • Chet August 30, 2007 (12:46 pm)

    I liked the Guadalajara that was on California better than the one near Endolyne.. it was also better than Puerto Villarta which is what my fam now has to settle for. I love Matadors but it’s just not a family restaurant which is fine.

  • Teresa Prescott August 30, 2007 (1:08 pm)

    The fish and chips restaurant by the West Seattle water Taxi dock (can’t remember the exact name) is hands down the best!

    Rocksport has great burgers and not a bad BLT. They make awesome cocktails as well!

  • Bill August 30, 2007 (1:17 pm)

    David, king cobra is a bit dry (in most readily available vintages). I’d recomend trying High Life with the Chinese fare. It IS the champagne of beers.

  • P August 30, 2007 (1:28 pm)

    In no particular order:
    Mac n cheese with andouille sausage at West 5;
    chicken soup with matzo at Eats;
    Toshi’s terriyaki (beef)– near QFC in Westwood Village, great quality beef, best in WS;
    Crispy Garlic Chicken at Buddha Ruksa;
    white spaghetti at Pegasus (mmm);
    cinnamon roll french toast at Alki Cafe;
    ice cream at Husky Deli

  • Melissa August 30, 2007 (1:33 pm)

    As for family places, Lee’s not only has amazing food (except when the main chef isn’t there which may be Wednesdays; I can never remember!), but is welcoming to kids. And my two LOVE the food there. One of my son’s first multi-word combinations was “mu shu duck”.

    Circa is also a great place to bring kids, and I second the recommendation of the steak salad. So fantastic.

  • Bayou August 30, 2007 (1:42 pm)

    I just had lunch yet I’m starved again after reading the comments! A few of my favs…

    Elliot Bay: Ahi Tacos
    Jaks: Petite Filet with UFO
    Buddha Ruksa: Pineapple Prawn Curry
    Ephesus: Mixed Kabob (Lamb, Chicken, Shrimp) w/ house salad
    Endolyne’s: S’uthern Fried Chicken or Prawn tacos
    Mashiko: Cajun Seared Ahi
    Met Market: Prime Rib Dinner (for $10!)
    Matador: Steak Fajitas (in cast iron skillet)
    Beveridge Place Pub: Pass the Belgian brews!

  • p August 30, 2007 (1:50 pm)

    as for where not to eat, Bee’s in the Alaska Junction, breakfast.. let’s just say I had to *trot* quickly within an hour…. and while every restaurant has its bad days, I’ve found breakfast service at Circa has consistently been hideously slow. Breakfast at Angelina’s may even beat them for slowness….. 35 minutes for an order of french toast (2 slices, no garnish, no sides). Charlestown Cafe is also unacceptably slow and the food isn’t anything great.

  • The House August 30, 2007 (2:57 pm)

    I can’t believe some of you are dissing Ho-Win. It reminds me of the old Chinese food that I grew up with back East. I’ve ordered from there dozens of times and never had any issues.
    I’m also a huge fan of Gualajara down my Endolyne Joe’s….MUCH, MUCH better than the one that went under. Nice folks run it, but they unfortunately live out in Snohomish not WS.

  • capriquarious August 30, 2007 (3:17 pm)

    Great food times in West Seattle:
    Walk to La Rustica on a nice evening, drink lots of Amarone with dinner, make friends with the nice folks sitting at your elbows, and stumble home full and happy.
    Get caught up with the hubby while waiting for the Louisiana Eggs Bemedict at Circa on Saturday and Sunday morning.
    Try to make the boys at Sunfish smile while you wait for the Sunfish Special.
    Eating your way through the Farmer’s Market.
    Generous pours at the wine tastings at West Seattle Cellars.

  • JumboJim August 30, 2007 (3:39 pm)

    Since Thai places aren’t getting a lot of mention I thought I’d mention Pailin (spelling?) Thai, a bit north of the Admiral Move House. I am still in my “trying something new” phase of getting to know their food – but haven’t been let down yet in my 3-4 times there. They have a lot more noodle dishes than your average Thai place (and a killer aquarium to boot).

    The Thai place a few doors south of Elliot bay Brewery was pretty good the first time I tried it.

    Anyone else for Thai??

  • westseattledood August 30, 2007 (4:03 pm)

    I just had to come back for seconds :) and mention The Sunfish clam chowder, esp. after a winter beach walk.

    Definitely will be amping up my walking mileage after these posts. Yikes.

  • mrsB August 30, 2007 (5:25 pm)

    SUNFISH on Alki Ave is the BEST and ONLY place to eat fish and chips in West Seattle!! (except never on Mondays not the month of December)

  • roddy August 30, 2007 (5:56 pm)

    wow, surprised about the comment about the Charlestown Cafe’s slow service. Have been there countless times, and the service and speed of food delivery has never been less than great.

    And yah, Sunfish is great too, but I grew up with Spud, and even tho Ivar took it over, I think the F&C is still my favorite.

    Question: Has anyone ever tried Terrace West, the Chinese place that is part of the bowling alley? I used to go there many years ago and loved it, but I hear it’s awful now. True? And what about Yen Wor?

  • Dis August 30, 2007 (6:01 pm)

    About the restaurants to avoid, seems to be those that aren’t on this list. Interesting that most of the Alki restaurants are missing, including the big expensive one on Harbor. It’s a shame that such a beautiful area, that seems to be evolving into West Seattle’s restaurant row, has to have so many inferior restaurants!
    LOL David……..another high-class dining out experience = Costco samples.

  • Sue August 30, 2007 (6:11 pm)

    roddy, I like Yen Wor and we either go or get delivery once a month, but I’ll admit I’ve read horrid reviews about it at http://www.alkibeach.com/eatsdetail.asp?eatsID=44 about people getting sick on it, or safety problems with the patrons in the bar and police being called. I’ve never experienced any of that, but apparently many have.

  • Renatta August 30, 2007 (6:21 pm)

    Where not to eat: I second the nomination for Be’s (not Bee’s!). It’s one heck of a greasy spoon complete with gunky fish aquarium, cobwebs, and dirty silverware. Blech!

  • evan August 30, 2007 (6:27 pm)

    I haven’t tried Terrace West yet, but it is next on my list. I have ordered from Yen Wor a few times, forgetting that Terrace West is there and instead making the pilgramige to the Admiral just to avoid the travesty of Ho-Win. Its so-so. Better than Ho-Win, but still not very good at all.

    I’m also surprised about the slow service at Charlestown, they have always been spot on for me, never left waiting at all. One of the reasons its my favorite place in WS.

  • Jan August 30, 2007 (8:19 pm)

    I watch a friend bowl in a league on Thursday evenings, and I’ve seen some of the food that’s come out of the kitchen…not exactly gourmet…but…the french fries are killer with a sort of chinesey taste – lol..I’m sure they use the same oil that they deep fry the egg rolls in. Also…in the Adm. District…the Young Whor…ooops…Yen Wor…has some of the best Hot and Sour soup around…fantastic on a chilly rainy evening in November…

  • jessiesk August 30, 2007 (9:00 pm)

    Thanks for all the nice comments about Skylark…I’m reading this because we got slammed for dinner tonight and I’m pretty sure this blog is why! (Skylark is only 21+ after 9pm, so yes we’re kid-friendly, we open at 11:30am Tues-Fri for lunch and 9am both Saturday and Sunday for brunch.)

    I’ll add my WS favorites:
    – Mashiko (Dancing Queen roll, everything)
    – Lee’s Asian (Eggplant&Tofu or 7-flavor Beef)
    – Pailin Thai (Pad Kee Mao)
    – Sunfish (Halibut Kabobs)
    – West 5 (Halibut Sandwich w/ tater salad)
    – Matador (mixed veggie enchiladas)
    – La Rustica (gnocchi)
    – Kokora’s (everything)
    …and of course my brother-in-law Tony does a great job in the kitchen at Skylark. (Hi Tone!) Lately, I am doing my best not to eat a Philly Cheese Steak every day…

  • Jen August 30, 2007 (9:04 pm)

    Fish ‘n’ chips @ Alki Fish Market right by the Water Taxi Landing at Seacrest Park – better than Sunfish or Spud in my book.

    Where I won’t eat –
    Yen Wor: greasy, greasy, greasy. Will gladly take Ho-Win over them any time.
    Eats Market Cafe: good food, awful service/ foodhandling experience, followed by a complete denial by one of the owners that anything happened. Will never go back.

  • Sue August 30, 2007 (9:15 pm)

    I went to Skylark tonight for the first time, and OMG you guys were right about the tatertots. I could eat them every day. :)
    I thought it was funny though – the manager was out talking to someone and said that ever since the West Seattle Blog started mentioning them for the past 2 days, the place is hopping!

  • Sue August 30, 2007 (9:37 pm)

    We love Eats Market Cafe, but I do agree about the prices. They used to have this waitress Nicole on Saturday mornings who was absolutely awesome and a lot of fun, and we ate there just about every weekend, partly for the food and partly to hang out with her. Once she stopped working there, it just wasn’t as much fun anymore. She really made it an experience, not just a good breakfast.
    We ate there only once for dinner, for which the prices were even more shocking. But the veggie “risotto” is just incredible.

  • s August 30, 2007 (9:46 pm)

    i order from yen wor about 3 times a month. they have a great selection of vegetarian entrees. my personal fave is vegetarian general tsao’s “chicken”.

    amante’s manicotti is also a favorite of mine. i have it about once a month.

    oh, and red velvet cupcakes from cupcake royale….yummmmm….

  • Melanie August 30, 2007 (10:21 pm)

    where I’ll never eat again – Angelina’s. truly bad food.

  • Aurora August 30, 2007 (10:55 pm)

    A slice and a caesar salad at Talarico’s.

    While the sushi at Mashiko’s is good, I had terrible service there one time and ended up walking out.

  • Jan August 30, 2007 (11:19 pm)

    Melanie…that’s interesting. I never eat there because I feel the food is “ordinary”, but just aoubt everyone I know argues with me about how good it is…oh, well…

  • Jan August 30, 2007 (11:20 pm)

    Melanie…that’s interesting. I never eat there because I feel the food is “ordinary”, but just about everyone I know argues with me about how good it is…oh, well…

  • Chet August 31, 2007 (8:32 am)

    Jumbo Jim – I like Piallin too. That place south of Elliot Bay is pretty good, just eaten there once or twice. I think Piallin is better but I haven’t been there in years.

  • Chet August 31, 2007 (8:42 am)

    I think Circa can be painfully slow.. they are probably consistently the slowest place I have been to. I do like their steak dish that comes with that almost BBQ/Teriyaki sauce.
    Eats seemed like it was over priced and slow as well. We had grilled cheese for the kids one day about a year ago and it took like 30 minutes. It’s a small place but even given the fact that a few others may have ordered before us, a grilled cheese takes 60 seconds to make. Where not to eat ever again for me is Taqueria Guaymas. Went to the one on California Ave (not Cali) about a year ago .. that place is a PIT! Don’t ever want to have a ground toungue taco anyway so it’s not my scene.

  • Meghan August 31, 2007 (10:56 am)

    I am not a huge fan of Eats. I think that a lot of their dishes are pretty bland.

    My husband and I both love fried clams. We’ve tried Spuds and weren’t thrilled… any thoughts?

  • Chet August 31, 2007 (11:50 am)

    I like Spud but I just get the fish and chips. I heard Spud is now owned by Ivars. It’s still Spud though and has been in that location for about 80 years. That place someone mentioned that is by the West Seattle Ferry might be a good place to try the fried clams, not sure though, never been. Just had fried clams at Safeco from Ivars.

  • Linda August 31, 2007 (1:27 pm)

    Chicken fettucini with hazelnuts from Angelina’s. A triumph!

  • Cheryl August 31, 2007 (3:55 pm)

    Circa burger w/ cheddar at Circa–eaten at the bar, watching a game on the TV
    Pepperoni pizza from Amante, which beats Pagliacci hands-down, since they dare to deliver east of Delridge
    Hot prawns at Matador
    Mac ‘n Cheese with bacon crumbled on top (ask special) at West5
    Roast chicken from the MetMarket (also their blue-cheese burgers at the fresh meat counter)
    Two-bite brownies at the Met Market (bakery section)
    I haven’t tried Skylark, even tho only 2 blocks away because previous restaurants there were so bad..I’ll give it a try!

  • Jan August 31, 2007 (4:37 pm)

    House…I’ve never eaten in Ho-Win, probably because it’s at the other end of Calif. from me, and possibly because I ate there when it was whatever it was before it became Ho-Win. I’m sitting there looking at my daughter across from me, eating, when I see a cockroach walking along the back of her side of the booth…that did it for me…and the fact that I’m only about a block and a half from Yen Wor…they deliver :)

  • The House August 31, 2007 (8:08 pm)

    MMM….roaches. Protein! Jamba Juice charges you $4 for that protein!

  • Jan August 31, 2007 (9:52 pm)

    hahahaha…and I’ve only been to Jamba Juice once….they have those things there? I enjoyed what I had there…but…it’s a bit of coin to pay for juice that I can basically make at home for much less, except for the ginseng, or whatever…

  • honeybee September 1, 2007 (1:45 am)

    Bakery Nouveau: lemon-blueberry brioche
    Circa: Anything at all. And then the chocolate ganache cake to finish.
    Mashiko: Snowflake roll
    Royal India: Tikki masala
    Beveridge Place Pub: Awesome rotating beer selection
    Salvadorean Bakery: Sopa de Camarones with a papusa
    Herban Feast Catering: Coconut Pineapple Cake
    Coffee to a Tea: Mango La-tea

  • Steve E. September 1, 2007 (3:13 am)

    An Ode to Meat

    Matador- Their burger: EVERY burger place in Seattle reporting to have the best burger makes the bun an after thought, I swear even Red Mill orders their buns from Gais’! The Matador has the most crusty scrumptious bread ever to enrobe a patty of beef, and the toppings are no slouch either. It does what a good burger should do, send a river of juice running down your forearm.

    Taqueria Guaymas- Platos de Carnitas: The best carnitas I’ve tasted anyplace, and with a dose of lime wedge from their wonderful salsa bar it is quite a deal.

    Circa: The marinated beef salad is truly amazing.

  • A September 1, 2007 (11:29 am)

    I’m surprised Azuma hasn’t yet made the list. Their “mango fandango” roll is so good you’ll end up making little moaning noises as you eat, embarrassing yourself and your table mates.

    Or maybe that was just me.

  • NsSw September 1, 2007 (12:03 pm)

    “To Die For” is a rather strong hyperbole for anything I’ve had here in West Seattle. (Land of good,stick to your ribs, multi-ethnic, comfort food). But I can rustle up at least a couple of exceptions:

    Coconut Ice Cream (from you know where…AND that swiss choc. already mentioned.

    The aforementioned Brioche from the Original Bakery in Fauntleroy. (and their raised donuts when they’re hot!).

    But, I haven’t tried all of the places mentioned, so perhaps my list will grow.

  • WSB September 1, 2007 (1:43 pm)

    A — good point about Azuma; one of the “many runners-up” we alluded to would include Azuma’s avocado roll sushi. Very simple. Yet the avocado, minus the ingredients with which it’s usually teamed in the more common California Roll, is a perfect core for veggie sushi.

  • matthew September 1, 2007 (6:52 pm)

    i spend alot of time at jaks and talaricos, eating and drinking…i am suprised about the ho-win comments, i used to live above the chiropractor across thestreet and ate there all the time!since i’ve worked at so many area restaurants , i’d rather not discuss where not to go, and since i am the manager of skylark, you know i will give it raves.
    i love lee’s
    west 5
    ok, one place i will not give $ to is matador. hands down worst service in the area.

  • P September 1, 2007 (8:13 pm)

    ok we’re intriuged and must try Lee’s… can’t find a menu on any website. Does anyone know if their menu is posted online somewhere? Thanks!

  • MargL September 1, 2007 (9:22 pm)

    Had the Ghetto Platter at Skylark for an early dinner. Must have Tums now but it was good – tasty crunchy! I think there were only 3 other non-employees eating there ‘tho. Everyone must be out of town for the long weekend.

  • A September 1, 2007 (11:36 pm)

    WSB – if you guys are veg (or just enjoy veggie food) I recommend the roll at Azuma that has pickled radish, asparagus or green bean, sprouts, and other assorted green things with egg. I am sorry I can’t remember the name, but it’s something along the lines of veggie power roll.

    And since nobody has mentioned it yet, the stout ice cream made by Husky for Elliot Bay. Homygawd I shared a sundae with the girls today and that ice cream only gets tastier each time i have it. I’m not a big ice cream fan, but I’d consider a life of crime to get ahold of that recipe.

  • Jan September 2, 2007 (12:56 am)

    gotta agree…the stout ice cream is to die for…they used to have a dessert that had a brownie, some stout ice cream, and chocolate fudge syrup over it…might as well cut out the middle man and smear is all over one’s a$$ :D

  • thelmasue September 2, 2007 (1:32 am)

    not a west seattle product, strictly speaking, but you can get ’em in west seattle, at the farmer’s market, and nothing on this list is better than them:
    the single best bite of anything you will ever eat in your life, see if i’m wrong. get ’em while you can. stuff this good is in short supply.

  • k September 3, 2007 (8:18 am)

    P-no menu online for Lee’s. I was in last week to replace my take out menu and they were out of them as well, but due in soon. I say just wander in and place your order. Even if you want take out, it will be ready quickly! The General Tso’s is to die for!

  • T. Dart September 3, 2007 (1:23 pm)

    You must try the Chicken Quesadilla at Skylark!!! Holy YUM! Oh…and the Pancakes for Brunch…they KILL! In the Junction…pretty much anything on the West 5 menu…Love the Tuna Melt (which the grapevine tells me will be moving to the permanent menu – yahoo!) – and the crabcakes rock too – especially on Happy Hour for $4. Sunfish definitely is the best Fish & Chips in town! OH!!! And I almost forgot the Spice Cupcakes from Coffee to a Tea with Sugar! I’ve had to seek treatment for my addiction to those suckers! Happy Eating All!

  • Ray September 4, 2007 (11:23 pm)

    The Garlic fried chicken @ Buddha Ruksa. Combine it with a take-away red curry & you (like me may find yourself eating leftovers rather than having dessert) can not go wrong.

  • T September 5, 2007 (11:56 am)

    Thanks for all of the great recommendations. I can’t wait to try a bunch of these suggestions. I must add one new name to everyone’s list: Blue Willow Catering for lunch. The sandwiches, salads and quiches are made with fresh, delicious ingredients. Her beef barley soup is to die for on a chilly winter afternoon. The bread pudding for dessert was absolutely amazing. Who knew bread pudding could be so delectable. Plus, the prices are so cheap you will never feel compelled to race up to Eat’s for an overpriced but delicious rueben sandwich again. Blue Willow is only open for lunch Tuesday – Friday, so I do have to plan ahead when I have a hankering. I have yet to be disappointed, and I must admit that I am a VERY picky eater!

  • no meato burrito September 14, 2007 (10:51 pm)

    most everything at lee’s asian restaurant in the junction. tops on my list: honey glazed prawns with candied walnuts. droooooolllll……

  • ding dang y'all December 13, 2007 (2:13 pm)

    LA RUSTICA THE BEST F-ING LEG O LAMB I’VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE! the bread is nasty foccacia yuck, the pizza is AMAZING YUMMY, i was blown away by the food. the white sangiovese wine was out of this world good. we shared a plate of lamb which was super easy because they give you a lot. so you can save a lil by doing that.

    by the way, ewwww!
    the prawns at Lee’s are the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen.

  • LA in the Junction December 20, 2007 (11:32 pm)

    Charlie’s Angel roll – Mashiko
    Seven, Nine, and Every-flavor beef – Lee’s (I love the fact that “fried” is a flavor).
    Italian Club – Elliot Bay Brewery…and Jan, the dessert still exists, it’s called Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sunday and it’s my one true love.
    Fillet Mignon and a Manhattan at JaK’s
    Tacos de Camarones at Taqueria Guymas
    Pad Se Ew at Palin Thai
    Mac & Cheese w. sausage at West 5, but you could die a slow death before getting served some nights.
    Low Rider at Easy Street.

    Going to have to try Skylark and Ephesus, never been to either of them but they’re now on the list!

  • Melissa January 5, 2008 (7:56 pm)

    I am so glad this post/these comments exist! I definitely have to go out more now! A few of my faves:

    Kaui Pie – Talarico’s (my fiance is from New York and he swears this is the best pizza he’s had West of Brooklyn)

    Double Decker Grilled Cheese – Eats Market (expensive, but no better comfort food)

    Any gyro – Kokoras

    Crispy Garlic Chicken – Buddha Ruksa

    Chai – Bubbles

    Mojito – Mission

    Happy hour at Salty’s on a Friday afternoon in the summer on the outside deck will have to end my list – doesn’t get much better than that.

  • K January 28, 2008 (5:55 pm)

    Um, HELLO?!?!?! The “Chicken Fried Chicken” from Cactus is absolutely heavenly. The dish was even featured in “Bon Appetit” magazine! My second favorite in West Seattle…after the Temptation Island Roll from Mashiko!

  • Steven December 27, 2008 (11:44 am)

    Butternut Squash Enchiladas and Nachos at Cactus. Hands down one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten!

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