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Were they ferrying to/from Fauntleroy?

Several articles are out tonight about two men the FBI hopes someone can identify. They apparently were spotted on several ferry runs. The FBI isn’t saying which ferry runs, but if you look at the second photo in this story about them (another site has a larger version here), the backdrop certainly resembles a segment of Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth.

Pizza plan

A little more information is now available about what’s proposed for the new Pegasus Pizza building. Linked from the city site announcing the project’s Design Review meeting this Thursday is assembled info including simple sketches for the plan (none of those fancy color renderings, though, nor could we find anything on the architect‘s site). Here’s the downloadable info; it includes three alternative sketches of what the new building might be like.

Bus beef

Remember the “SBF” story from August 3? Its central character might have gotten some sympathy from this Slogger who was forced — forced! — to ride to WS.

Shooting survivor’s amazing achievement

West Seattle resident Cheryl Stumbo, who survived the Jewish Federation attack downtown last year, completed the Danskin Triathlon over the weekend.

Freeway Fright ’07: Commute report

August 20, 2007 7:56 am
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17 minutes from the top of The Bridge at Fauntleroy, to the end of The Viaduct (just before the Battery Street Tunnel). The Admiral and Delridge onramps looked somewhat crunchier than usual, however. (Also, the city traffic cameras are back online.)

Freeway Fright ’07: Five mornings left

On the good side, we soon won’t have to worry any more about I-5 (and ripple effects); bad side, the added early Water Taxi run will end when the project does. The folks who unveiled the Pier 2 dock/terminal proposal last week sent along this photo of the WT’s biggest line on its biggest day (today’s commute info continues below) …


This week is still prime time because I-5 is down to two lanes north of the WS Bridge until the work is done; that made things crunchier last Friday morning and today’s rain won’t make it any better. (Also note the bridge ramp to NB 5 will be closed overnight for the next few nights.) Meantime, here are a few relevant “live” cameras (refresh this page for the newest picture, or click on the images to go to the cameras’ “home” pages); as of this writing, the Seattle city website has been out of commission since late last night, so we won’t link those cameras here; check our permanent cams page to see if they’re back. (Left to right below, three state cams: I-5 @ Spokane just before the construction zone, I-5 @ Holgate through the construction zone, Highway 99 on the southeast side of WS)

Don’t forget Tuesday’s election

If you don’t vote by mail, don’t forget to visit your polling place tomorrow, on our state’s earliest Primary Election Day ever. Two noncontroversial (as far as we can tell) county ballot measures (park-related levies) will be decided. Otherwise, ballot highlights include City Council and County Council races, and most notably for West Seattle, the open Seattle School Board seat for District 6 (incumbent Irene Stewart chose not to re-run). We covered the forum at Pathfinder K-8 two weeks ago including all 4 of the active  District 6 hopefuls; there wasn’t enough time at the forum for organizers to ask all the questions submitted by the audience, so they later sent the candidates the full list and invited them to reply. One of the candidates, Dan Dempsey, just sent us a detailed document with his responses to those questions; we uploaded it to our site so you can read for yourself (click here to download it as a Word doc). We haven’t received, and can’t find online, any other candidates’ responses to those same questions, but if you want to check out the District 6 candidates’ websites, besides Dempsey’s site (hotlinked to his name above), Maria Ramirez‘s site is here; Steve Sundquist‘s site is here; Edwin Fruit is siteless. ELECTION DAY VOTING HOURS: 7 am-8 pm tomorrow.