Don’t forget Tuesday’s election

If you don’t vote by mail, don’t forget to visit your polling place tomorrow, on our state’s earliest Primary Election Day ever. Two noncontroversial (as far as we can tell) county ballot measures (park-related levies) will be decided. Otherwise, ballot highlights include City Council and County Council races, and most notably for West Seattle, the open Seattle School Board seat for District 6 (incumbent Irene Stewart chose not to re-run). We covered the forum at Pathfinder K-8 two weeks ago including all 4 of the active  District 6 hopefuls; there wasn’t enough time at the forum for organizers to ask all the questions submitted by the audience, so they later sent the candidates the full list and invited them to reply. One of the candidates, Dan Dempsey, just sent us a detailed document with his responses to those questions; we uploaded it to our site so you can read for yourself (click here to download it as a Word doc). We haven’t received, and can’t find online, any other candidates’ responses to those same questions, but if you want to check out the District 6 candidates’ websites, besides Dempsey’s site (hotlinked to his name above), Maria Ramirez‘s site is here; Steve Sundquist‘s site is here; Edwin Fruit is siteless. ELECTION DAY VOTING HOURS: 7 am-8 pm tomorrow.

2 Replies to "Don't forget Tuesday's election"

  • Joe August 20, 2007 (10:18 pm)

    The expected voter turnout for this election is disturbing. However, I have not received a voters’ guide to let me know who’s who and such. Thanks to WSB for providing such great information!

  • Dis August 21, 2007 (1:19 am)

    I wish the candidates had a feature on their web sites where they would answer questions from the public. I would like to know where the school board candidates stood on special education, for example. Also, APP and Spectrum. Knowing something about their platforms would be a lot more interesting to me than hearing about how great they are, or who endorses them, or how much they love West Seattle/their mothers/chldren, etc etc….

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