Big Band, big fun

This morning’s rain was just a memory by the time the West Seattle Big Band opened its annual Hi-Yu Festival Concert in the Park tonight at Hiawatha. Excellent, eclectic program … preceded by West Seattle’s Most Famous Politician, who said a few things about his home ‘hood’s annexation centennial and noted a new commemorative tree and plaque on the south side of the community center. We caught a more interesting scene on the sidelines pre-concert, which we would have liked to have dubbed the dog ‘n’ pony show if only a canine had been present:


Then, the tunes. This was the first time we’ve ever seen/heard the WS Big Band, a volunteer group which donates its time and money to promote music in public schools.


More pix and notes from the concert, plus your next chance to catch the WSBB, after the click:

A nice-sized crowd dotted the huge lawn on the east side of Hiawatha Community Center to enjoy the evening; most fun to watch were the toddlers and preschoolers who danced, applauded, and generally reveled in it all.


The WSBB’s program included unusual arrangements of some fabled tunes – a swing version of JP Sousa’s “Stars & Stripes Forever,” we kid you not – and the “Tonight Show” arrangement of Glenn Miller’s big band classic “In the Mood.” Our other favorites from the performance included Chick Corea’s “La Fiesta,” Chuck Mangione’s “Children of Sanchez,” and just about everything sung by their guest vocalist, Elizabeth Hott from The Kings of Swing (shown here with WSBB keyboardist Brooke Yool):


You can catch the WS Big Band on July 29 at the Ballard Locks. They were also joined tonight by Hi-Yu leaders and court members, who want you to know that besides the American Legion Grand Parade this Saturday morning (preceded by the Kids’ Parade), Hi-Yu fun continues with the Kids’ Fun Festival on Friday at Hiawatha, noon-3 pm, during which time the Junior Court will be coronated (1 pm); a Community Brunch 9 am-noon Sunday at American Legion Post #160; and the Miss West Seattle Hi-Yu coronation next Monday night @ Fauntleroy Community Church.

10 Replies to "Big Band, big fun"

  • Mike July 18, 2007 (5:47 am)

    The Admiral area pony is one of my most favorite recent discovery’s in West Seattle. When I first came upon it grazing in the owners backyard I had to do a double-take:)

  • huindekmi July 18, 2007 (7:54 am)

    My dog is both fascinated and fearful of the pony (mostly fearful), otherwise he could have been part of the show.

    Last I heard, the city was trying to make the owners get rid of the pony. They had a petition on their fence last year asking the city to let him stay. Any word on whether that issue is resolved? I’d hate to lose the neighborhood horse.

  • Gina July 18, 2007 (8:08 am)

    Lots of West Seattle High band members from a certain time period. Dow should have put in a guest band appearance.

  • JIM July 18, 2007 (9:37 am)

    Dow was one of the original members when the band was put together 11 years ago.

  • Gina July 18, 2007 (2:11 pm)

    Is that Keith on the right?

  • Jim July 18, 2007 (4:04 pm)

    Not Keith. If we are talking about the same Keith, he is in Portland raising a family down there. That’s Karl, the youngest of the Johnston clan.

  • Gina July 18, 2007 (7:56 pm)

    Thanks-he looks vaguely Keith-like at that resolution of photo to these class of ’79 vintage eyes. Good to see Mr. W is still waving his baton!

  • Cathy G July 18, 2007 (9:48 pm)

    I walked past the concert. It sounded great!

  • Jim July 18, 2007 (10:03 pm)

    No kidding about the eyes… Keithers has a little more forehead now a days… Me a little more waistline…

  • Mike July 19, 2007 (6:44 am)


    Hadn’t heard that forces were gathering to try and send the pony out-to-pasture elsewhere. Perhaps the girls in the photo were making a personal plea to the Mayor to allow the animal to remain with them…? They look rather sad and glum in the picture. I know they LOVE the pony like just about every other young girl would.

    Sad to think that there are dogs that are bigger than the pony in the city and gawd knows there seems to be hundreds of thousands of canine wandering around (Take no offense dog lovers:)

    I’ll swing by the families house as time permits and try and get the latest news and see if there is anything others can do to help the youngsters keep their animal.

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