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Thanks & good night

Much more WS news to tell you about, but it’s going to have to wait till morning. For now, we close the night with words of thanks for polite WS drivers, from a WSB reader who hopes to see more of them:

I know that it’s been tough for commuters using Admiral Way lately.

From those of us living just off Admiral between 37th and 39th, I’d like to send out a thank you to the few drivers who have been kind enough to let us into and out of our neighborhood.

Some days (like Monday when I had to take my cat to the vet) I waited 10 minutes to turn right onto Admiral from 39th. Finally, one driver, a man in a black sedan, let me in. Special thanks to that driver!

Parade Countdown ’07: Reason #3 to see it Saturday

July 18, 2007 10:21 pm
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smallerspud.jpgHey, leg lovers! Remember the virtual catcalls over the Spud mascot in our pic (photo back for an encore performance at right) from the Seafair Pirates Landing festivities weekend before last? The West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival American Legion Grand Parade lineup for Saturday morning promises the Spud mascot … you better be there just in case it’s The One With The Calves! (Reminders: #1, parade route here. #2, the 11 am parade is preceded by the Rotary Club Kiddies’ Parade, in which just about any junior WS-ite is welcome to participate — meet at Cali/Genesee by 10 am.)

Your tree, your plaque

We didn’t get pix during the Concert in the Park last night … so here now for your viewing pleasure now, belatedly, are the tree and plaque on the south side of Hiawatha Community Center, officially dedicated last night by Hizzoner in honor of West Seattle’s annexation centennial (so now can we secede? j/k): 





Toddler-friendly WS coffee shop?

A WSB reader stuck on this side of the bridge because of the Commute From Hell (see below) wonders if any WS coffee shop is toddler-friendly (play area, perhaps?). We have been to most if not all WS coffee shops in recent months and can’t recall any — but perhaps something has changed — anyone?

Life on Easy Street

This week’s Seattle Weekly has a mini-profile of the man who runs Easy Street, including his five fave records albums (what do we call them these days, anyway?) of all time.

Commute from hell

Was it a preview of Life Without The Viaduct? The Battery Street Tunnel closed for a while at peak commute time this morning because of an accident, and that meant an hour-plus from WS to downtown. Another reason to check traffic reports BEFORE you hit the road (oops).


Aliens over Alki?

A local internet-service pioneer (we remember hearing about his company way back when we got online in the early ’90s) keeps a blog about UFO sightings and ET encounters, after experiencing one himself. Today he has posted a photo he took at Alki on Monday, saying he thinks it shows a “teardrop-shaped UFO.” (Hmm, taken the same day it was reported a new “X-Files” movie might finally come to pass. The truth is out there … somewhere.)

Delay for Fauntleroy ferry wi-fi

July 18, 2007 6:49 am
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In June, the state said wi-fi service would be on the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth ferry run by July 16th. Didn’t happen. Now there’s a new date: August 13th.