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Award-winning wine, made in West Seattle

If you think the nearest winery is in, hmm, maybe, Woodinville — nope. The Puget Ridge Winery is in east West Seattle at SSCC, and it’s just won an award for student-made wine — click to read the college’s press release:Read More

What kind of heartless lowlife would steal a tricycle?

A WSB reader just e-mailed to say someone stole their 5-year-old’s tricycle from their yard in Westwood, his first and only bike, and they’d like you to be on the lookout, since it has sentimental as well as monetary value. Full text of their e-mail below the photo:


Stolen from our Westwood Village yard, probably by some joker who got tired of riding it a block away. So just in case it shows up let us know, we don’t have the funds right now to buy a bike for our 5 year old and it was a special 2nd birthday present. It was red, rusty, monster front tire, ladybug bell on front. Attaches to a red wagon but they were too busy to steal that, too, hence why we think it was a lark.

If you see it, their contact info is in this post on Craigslist.

Everybody’s a critic: Our first (sort of) arts review

June 9, 2007 9:52 am
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 |   WS culture/arts

When the folks from The Community Theatre e-mailed to ask if we’d be interested in seeing “Carver’s Pieces” and possibly writing about it, we wrote back, funny you suggest that, we’d been thinking about doing a little arts reviewing here at WSB now and then, since one of us actually used to do that for a living (not in Seattle). So if you want to read the results of our journey into Youngstown Arts Center to shake the rust off that particular branch of the skillset, click ahead!Read More

A wing, a prayer, and an application

June 9, 2007 1:51 am
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 |   West Seattle religion

Church-expansion projects are getting to be almost as common in WS as teardowns-to-townhomes. Hope Lutheran’s hopes of expanding the church & school (plans, FAQ, even a video on the church website) are advancing; the city has officially accepted their land-use application.

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