Giving it another go

Nine months after the landmark Painted Lady of Beach Drive (aka the Satterlee House) went up for sale again, we just noticed a change in signage outside the house and its front lawn. SatterleeHouse2DON.jpgNow, with a change in listing companies, it’s offered as one “estate” again, though the blurb goes on to say, this property is actually two parcels … the one the house sits on and the front parcel which has been short platted for three homes. Buy one or both!” Hadn’t realized the short-plat had gotten final approval but it seems that happened right before Christmas, on a day most of us had something else (like this) on our minds. So then how come somebody hasn’t snapped up the land already? (P.S. Dear John L. Scott, the new blurb is kind of over the top. “Coyly awaits restoration”? And it’s not “near Alki Point.” 1.5 miles, to be precise. Plus “flair” is the word you’re looking for, not “flare.” /nitpick)

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  • WS Guy May 12, 2007 (11:28 pm)

    Short platted or not, the landmark status means that the Historic Seattle Authority has to sign off on any development on the front property that impacts the view of the house from Beach Dr. This is good.

    I looked into buying and restoring this house when it was separate. At the time it was only offered for sale on condition of some sort of pending advice from the sellers attorney’s about the front property. That implied to me that they would only sell it if their attorney advised them that they could develop on the front property, which was exactly what I would not have wanted.

    The house was priced too high when it was separate. Now it’s way too high for me. But for a beautiful front yard, it might be worth it to someone.

  • Keith May 13, 2007 (3:09 pm)

    I always get a giggle out of the realtorspeak euphemisms and exaggerations that you see in so many listings. The poor grammar and bad spelling is less amusing but just as frequent.

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