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Looking ahead to next weekend (yes, already!)

May 6, 2007 10:03 pm
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Just starting to get into the yard-sale groove now that it’s May? Get ready to maneuver between 120 WS sales next Saturday during Megawatt‘s 3nd annual Community Garage Sale Day. You’ll have a couple days to plot your course, since the maps will be available starting Thursday at 9 WS locations as well as at the Megawatt site.

About those classic buildings …

3811cali.thumbnail.jpgThis Thursday night, the city’s Southwest Design Review Board meets to consider the plans for those two Cali Ave teardowns we butcherblock.thumbnail.jpglamented in extended posts a couple weeks back: 3811 Cali (left) and 6053 Cali (right). It’s at the SW Precinct (near Home Depot) — 3811 is first on the agenda at 6:30; 6053 follows at 8.

HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: Buy plants for pets

May 6, 2007 12:59 pm
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Sorry we didn’t hear about this any sooner. Through 5 pm today, the Furry Faces Foundation animal-rescue group is selling hanging plant baskets – or the components to make your own – in the courtyard next to Hotwire.

Shaping the future of another old WS school

As mentioned in the city’s latest neighborhoods newsletter (page 4), the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association is hoping to eventually buy the former Boren Junior High — now used as interim home to schools under renovation, Cleveland HS at the moment. It’s doing an architectural study to look at the 14-acre site‘s potential, with the thought that it could hold more than 400 housing units and tens of thousands of square foot of commercial space. (The Boren building doesn’t seem to have much preservation value, unlike the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, but you can read about its history here.)