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Miscellaneous mentions

Haven’t mentioned these in a while; slow day so far, so here goes.

-When you hear sirens and want to know what’s up, the fire department’s live 911 page is the place to go.

-We’ve added several more blogs in the past week to our Other Blogs in WS page. (58 total and counting.) We’ll reorganize it alphabetically someday soon, but in any format, it’s a fun list to check if you’ve got web-wandering time on your hands.

-If you would like to subscribe to WSB — notification by e-mail every time we add a new post — send us your address.

Freebies tomorrow

Metro is marking Earth Day with free bus rides all day tomorrow. Worth checking out even if you don’t regularly use buses and don’t plan to; we use Metro for weekend trips downtown on occasion simply because it’s a relief not to have to hassle with parking.

Full speed ahead

April 20, 2007 5:42 pm
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Update from the city says the Cali repaving is a week ahead of schedule. Remember to show some extra love to the businesses behind the lines, when you can, to help them get by!

So long, eyesore

At the suddenly megabusy Cali/Charlestown crossroads, the burned-out ex-Schuck’s store eyesore is one step closer to demolition: The city has issued its land-use decision for the project proposed at that site. We’ll leave it to our professional land-user readers to comb the fine print for surprises; as for us, we’ll just be watching for the demolition permit, as this is one building we will NOT mourn.


Also closing up shop

The day we reported Bikes & Brew’s impending demise, we got a note saying Backstage Thrift also is closing. Couldn’t verify it ourselves at the time but now we’ve received another report and photographic proof. Reader “Luckie,” who sent these photos, says the shopkeeper told her they’re closing their Capitol Hill location too and will continue the 50% off “going out of business” sale through month’s end:


After tracking the march of megachurch Mars Hill into WS for almost a year, we find ourselves on their press-release e-mail list. For the benefit of its local neighbors as much as current/future attendees, we note that the newly arrived press release declares “… the congregation has already outgrown the building,” going on to note:

There was standing-room only on Easter Sunday. The sanctuary seats 850 people, including the balcony. The total attendance on Easter was 1,215 people. Over 300 people were seated on children’s chairs in a multi-purpose room and in the hallways. Over 150 people came and left as there was no room remaining, even to stand.

… Sunday (April 15), attendance remained 100 people above seating capacity. Staff members and volunteers are working frantically to equip overflow rooms with audio and video so more people can participate in the Sunday service. These overflow rooms will allow just under 1,100 people to fit in the building.

A second Sunday morning service will be opened as soon as possible. 

Hang on — it’s going to be a wild weekend

As we hinted a few times already, SO MUCH happening in West Seattle this weekend, you might as well not bother going anywhere else. World-class shows (like the members of COTR appearing at Cafe Rozella), free swimming, Earth Day celebrations galore, and … how can you pass up the first-ever Pet Rodeo and Snooty Walk? Full list with links, a click away:

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Longshoreman killed at Terminal 5

Not a lot of details as of this posting, but an accident at Terminal 5 (on the WS side of the container port) last night killed a longshoreman. We don’t know much about rules/tradition/protocol in these cases, but a trustworthy source tells us a fatal accident like this would lead to the docks being closed for a day.

WS school-board member won’t run again

April 19, 2007 6:30 pm
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Crosscut says West Seattle’s rep on the Seattle School Board, Irene Stewart, has decided not to run for re-election. UPDATE: Since our original mention, we have been forwarded the press release she sent out. Click ahead if you would like to see it:
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Picture perfect

We like to include pictures with our posts now and then but would never consider ourselves true photographers. Here are three noteworthy examples of new work from people who do merit that label:

-When we posted about the doomed “Mission Revival”-style building at 6053 California, we hoped aloud that someone with photographic talent would get pictures that truly do it justice before it’s gone. That’s what Christopher Boffoli just did.

-A routine blogsearch turned up this item with a beautiful little slide show about a bus stop in The Junction.

-There’s a nice image from this past weekend’s YMCA Healthy Kids Day on this new site launched by former Herald photojournalist Matt Durham. 

You might know this driver

April 19, 2007 1:47 pm
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 |   Transportation | West Seattle news

The Metro bus driver under investigation in the deadly Enumclaw accident the other night usually handles a Sound Transit bus route from WS, according to the Times.

More water-taxi tidbits

In addition to all the new info on the Water Taxi page, Councilmember Constantine’s staff e-mailed us with more on the April 29 (one week from Sunday) kickoff: Since the noon-2 pm WT celebration overlaps with the 10 am-2 pm season opener for the West Seattle Farmers’ Market, there will be an added shuttle running directly between the two events; also, joining Dow C on the dignitary roster will be County Exec Ron Sims and even the CEO of Argosy Cruises, plus music by Bronwyn Edwards Cryer and Friends. (Check your mail – our delivery today included this year’s version of the cheery annual Water Taxi postcard, with a coupon for a free ride plus a jaunty picture of Dow C looking into the distance from the WT’s bow.)

The floodwater’s gone, the trouble isn’t

When you hear “last December’s storm,” you probably think wind (and powerlessness). But some think first of the fast, furious rainstorm that preceded the wind, created the Upper Fauntleroy sinkhole (bridged but still not filled), and swept floodwater through some WS homes. The homeowners with flood damage are still trying to get things set right; one homeowner has e-mailed us to say they’re organizing a West Seattle flood victims’ group, plus warning us all to watch for what is alleged to be the real culprit in the spot flooding — filters left in storm drains by contractors and construction crews. Regarding the damage already done, they’re thinking about suing, and inviting anybody and everybody who had flood trouble to e-mail them at

Cal-Mor murder suspect charged

April 18, 2007 11:30 pm
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 |   Crime | West Seattle news

Latest information from the P-I. Given the particularly grisly details of the deadly attack, it seems hard to believe the suspect could only get 25 years in prison.

Still more revelations in the 47th/Admiral death

The Seattle Weekly has just posted an article with a few points we hadn’t heard before, including documents suggesting Tatsuo Nakata’s family considered suing the city, and a quote from the driver charged with a misdemeanor in the crash (who also has hired a lawyer), saying he “will probably release a statement soon.”

Delridge development update

From the “triangle” where Delridge cuts between 16th/17th before Roxbury, a former auto shop is transforming into what city records describe as “West Seattle Bible Church”:


Further north on Delridge, the neon sign for the sister shop to Bubbles is up and running (our camera disc decided not to capture it, sorry); not far away, in the 5600 block of Delridge, a former roofing business also appears to be morphing into a “coffee shop”:


Coming up before the weekend’s in full swing

Tomorrow night, ArtsWest presents Ladies Night Out, featuring not only that night’s performance of “On the Verge,” but also drinks, snacks, door prizes, and trendy clothing/shoe displays from local boutiques. Call ArtsWest for ticket info.

-Also tomorrow night, maybe not quite that much fun but potentially life-saving, a Disaster Preparedness Workshop @ High Point Community Center. Did you feel unprepared when the windstorm hit? This is a great way to figure out how to be ready NEXT time.

-And a sneak weekend preview — Friday night‘s bound to be incredible at Cafe Rozella as it celebrates its second anniversary — with a free 7:30 pm flamenco performance by Eric and Encarnacion from the spectacular local group Children of the Revolution.

Caffe, passe?

Tonight, a rare sighting of squadcarfuls of West Seattle’s Finest taking a break someplace besides Caffe Ladro: at the Westwood Village Barnes ‘n’ Noble.

More water-taxi details finally roll in

April 17, 2007 7:29 pm
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 |   Elliott Bay Water Taxi | Transportation

Thanks to this week’s edition of the WS Herald for (indirectly) reminding us we hadn’t checked the Elliott Bay Water Taxi page in a few days (we’d been watching for more info since Councilmember Constantine’s staff updated us all last month) — now the page is updated, with schedules, fares, the shuttle-route maps, and the traditional kickoff-day party plan (noon-2 pm April 29, free rides all day).

Burglar alert

A WSB reader who lives just east of The Junction wants to alert us all to a potential stepped-up burglary threat in the area. He returned from an out-of-town trip to find out from his alarm company that someone had tried to break in. Here’s the rest of his story; if you’re away during the day, it’s worth touching base with neighbors to see who’s home and who can keep an eye out for anything/anyone suspicious:

… since I’ve been back I have learned from a local real-estate agent (subsequently backed up by the Seattle Police) that there has been a local burglary ring that has been specifically targeting West Seattle as of late. Most of these attempts seem to be happening between 11 am and 6 pm while people are away at work. Sometimes these guys will even come to the door (asking for directions or seeking some random person) to verify that no one is home.

Cal-Mor murder suspect bail: $1,000,000

April 17, 2007 1:47 am
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 |   Crime

There’s some new information about the Sunday morning Cal-Mor Circle murder in today’s Times update, such as the suspect’s name and what allegedly set him off.

Educational espresso

April 17, 2007 12:32 am
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 |   West Seattle schools | WS beverages

Local public school athletic programs get 15% of whatever you spend at Tully’s today.

Scary search in WS

April 16, 2007 5:16 pm
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 |   Crime | Delridge | West Seattle schools

Times says police were looking for a possible armed student near Cleveland HS (which is housed at Boren on Delridge) earlier this afternoon.