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WS school-board member won’t run again

April 19, 2007 6:30 pm
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Crosscut says West Seattle’s rep on the Seattle School Board, Irene Stewart, has decided not to run for re-election. UPDATE: Since our original mention, we have been forwarded the press release she sent out. Click ahead if you would like to see it:
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Picture perfect

We like to include pictures with our posts now and then but would never consider ourselves true photographers. Here are three noteworthy examples of new work from people who do merit that label:

-When we posted about the doomed “Mission Revival”-style building at 6053 California, we hoped aloud that someone with photographic talent would get pictures that truly do it justice before it’s gone. That’s what Christopher Boffoli just did.

-A routine blogsearch turned up this item with a beautiful little slide show about a bus stop in The Junction.

-There’s a nice image from this past weekend’s YMCA Healthy Kids Day on this new site launched by former Herald photojournalist Matt Durham. 

You might know this driver

April 19, 2007 1:47 pm
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The Metro bus driver under investigation in the deadly Enumclaw accident the other night usually handles a Sound Transit bus route from WS, according to the Times.

More water-taxi tidbits

In addition to all the new info on the Water Taxi page, Councilmember Constantine’s staff e-mailed us with more on the April 29 (one week from Sunday) kickoff: Since the noon-2 pm WT celebration overlaps with the 10 am-2 pm season opener for the West Seattle Farmers’ Market, there will be an added shuttle running directly between the two events; also, joining Dow C on the dignitary roster will be County Exec Ron Sims and even the CEO of Argosy Cruises, plus music by Bronwyn Edwards Cryer and Friends. (Check your mail – our delivery today included this year’s version of the cheery annual Water Taxi postcard, with a coupon for a free ride plus a jaunty picture of Dow C looking into the distance from the WT’s bow.)

The floodwater’s gone, the trouble isn’t

When you hear “last December’s storm,” you probably think wind (and powerlessness). But some think first of the fast, furious rainstorm that preceded the wind, created the Upper Fauntleroy sinkhole (bridged but still not filled), and swept floodwater through some WS homes. The homeowners with flood damage are still trying to get things set right; one homeowner has e-mailed us to say they’re organizing a West Seattle flood victims’ group, plus warning us all to watch for what is alleged to be the real culprit in the spot flooding — filters left in storm drains by contractors and construction crews. Regarding the damage already done, they’re thinking about suing, and inviting anybody and everybody who had flood trouble to e-mail them at