Something else to do on Monday

OK, we are completely aware this is a gimmick cooked up by Metroblogging Seattle to try to get more readers, by conning other blogs into a link, though we wouldn’t have known they were running a “Best Blog in Seattle” contest except for the fact one lone person followed a link from there to here. NONETHELESS — we don’t suppose it would do any harm if you drop by MS to vote for us on Monday. Seems the preliminary round is one day only (like those olden-days sales at Bon Marche Bon Macy’s). Even more important on Monday, don’t forget about this (we’ll be there too).

6 Replies to "Something else to do on Monday"

  • Sue February 2, 2007 (9:25 am)

    Oh, tough decision, guys – you’re up against the Bus Chick!

  • Lacy February 2, 2007 (7:37 pm)


    While Bus Chick may be an interesting occasional read, it is a totally different type of blog which does not come close to the daily, informative, reliable, resourceful and accurate blog site that is West Seattle Blog. I’ve checked out many other blogs, but NONE COME CLOSE to the quality of this one. My congratulations to the (mystery) blogger here who has excelled in the world of blogging and holds the attention of many intelligent West Seattlites. West Seattle Blog will certainly get my vote!

  • Administrator February 2, 2007 (7:47 pm)

    Bless you, Lacy … We will appreciate all support here, though if we make it out of the “first round,” we are almost certainly doomed, as the meanies at Metblogs plan to pit the winner against the fabled humorist who writes Defective Yeti!

  • Sue February 3, 2007 (8:36 am)

    I agree, Lacy! That’s why it’s a difficult decision since they are entirely different blogs for different purposes, and the two of them are the only blogs I ever read. I just love the things I’ve learned about West Seattle here, and really appreciate the hard work the blogger(s) do. I’ve lived in West Seattle just about a year now, and don’t ever want to leave!

  • Jo February 3, 2007 (6:17 pm)

    West Seattle Blog has my vote. I love this blog.

  • Katherine February 4, 2007 (12:34 am)

    I agree. Most blogs are blah. Boring, too self-referencing. West Seattle Blog is the only one I follow. I thank the writer for all the great info, presented with a lot of style and verve.

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