Who’s out now

As “The House” mentioned in a comment on our last post, we now have an outage in West Seattle — only one in the city at the moment, according to the City Light hotline; 3,000 customers. Seems like the boundaries they mentioned on the phone recording are a bit wide — “17th SW to 46th SW, Findlay SW to 112th SW” would seem to cover about two-thirds of WS, including our area, and things are OK here (KNOCK WOOD) — but they did say a crew was on the way. Hang in there.

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  • westwood January 6, 2007 (12:15 am)

    Power just went back on at about 11:50 at least at my home at 32nd and Cloverdale. I drove to WV to go to the store. The outage looked like we were near the north end and that it was mostly on the east side of 35th. Westwood Village had power and so did most of the streets going back up the hill. The outage looked a bit wider to the south, but nothing like City Light described.

  • MargL January 6, 2007 (12:20 pm)

    We were right in the middle of it at 104th Ave and 34th. I think the power came back at around 12:30 – so 2-hours-ish was survivable. The most frustrating bit was our neighbors across the backyard fence on 35th had power the whole time. We considered dragging an extra long extension cord over and asking sweetly “Could we borrow some power, pretty please?”

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