And on the seventh night

Guess we weren’t the only ones thinking a traffic cop would be a good idea at Fauntleroy/Cali … one is on the job there now. Otherwise, no progress in the re-outage that’s epicentered just east of the intersection (see midday photo below) … not only is M-Junction dark, so is a significant stretch of Fauntleroy heading southwest from there, plus the big stretch of Beach Drive before and after the original tree blockage. Maybe the re-outage is why City Light’s outage total went up between the early afternoon and late afternoon updates (was 5,300, now 5,900). Some are starting to ask, now that this crisis (and for those without power, it IS a crisis) is almost a week old, where’s the mayor? Especially considering so many of those still without power are right here in his back yard?


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  • add December 20, 2006 (9:35 pm)

    Just drove through 35th & Morgan – a bad car accident being cleared (9:30pm Wed). It is the only traffic light on this stretch of 35th that’s out, which makes for a very dangerous situation. Why don’t they at least have some blinking lights or cones or something alerting people to do a 4-way stop???

  • Administrator December 21, 2006 (7:55 am)

    Looks like the people involved in the crash have posted about it:

  • lightsplash December 21, 2006 (11:28 am)

    The mayor has reportedly been ill. The King County Executive, Ron Sims, has had highly personal surgery. These may be legitimate absences.
    However, what about our governor? Has anyone seen her at any of the disaster scenes? Has she issued any statement of concern or sympathy? Has she taken any helpful action?
    Wouldn’t the National Guard have been useful in support of the power crews, for things like providing helicopter observation, clearing downed limbs, opening roads, directing traffic and door-to-door checking on darkened, heatless households?
    Isn’t this a disaster, with 16 dead, hundreds hospitalized, hundreds of thousands without power and tens of millions of dollars in economic loss?

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