7:30 update on Outage, The Sequel

WS Blogger Spouse kindly provides the latest eyewitness report as a side trip while shopping at Roxbury Safeway, which WSBS reports is jam-packed, perhaps with those shying away from QFC while it’s on low power. The outage stretches through the central White Center bizdist too, all the way to 107th and Ambaum. City Light is still not predicting how long this will last, nor did the latest radio-news update. As frustrating as this latest outage is, you’ve gotta feel for the SCL crews out in this latest wave of pouring rain.

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  • Jen December 26, 2006 (8:09 pm)

    Our power came back on at about 7:30ish. We’re north of Holden and east of 16th, up near the Riverview playfield.

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