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Thank you to the WS Herald

… for a very pleasant story in the new edition about blogs. Reporter Rebekah Schilperoort graciously allowed us to answer questions via e-mail, and we are thrilled to see she spotlighted West Seattle’s funniest blogger, the irrepressible Mona, one of many WS-based bloggers linked from this page. However, for anyone who cares, we did not actually disclose our gender to Rebekah; guess she chose to use the time-honored style of defaulting to “he” when gender info’s not available. (And note we are ASSUMING Rebekah’s a she.)

Never mind the outage, what about the flooding?

December 26, 2006 9:44 pm
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Just back from one last drive to confirm that everyone (at least, ALMOST everyone) seems to be powered up again — though as of just before 9, Highland Park Way was still blocked off, not far from where we snapped this poignant sign during the Big Outage. However, more trouble may yet be afoot if it doesn’t stop raining … still pouring out there, huge puddles everywhere, and of course the ground didn’t have much time to recover from the Christmas Eve deluge.

Westwood is back

December 26, 2006 8:16 pm
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Still out checking the rest of the outage.

7:30 update on Outage, The Sequel

WS Blogger Spouse kindly provides the latest eyewitness report as a side trip while shopping at Roxbury Safeway, which WSBS reports is jam-packed, perhaps with those shying away from QFC while it’s on low power. The outage stretches through the central White Center bizdist too, all the way to 107th and Ambaum. City Light is still not predicting how long this will last, nor did the latest radio-news update. As frustrating as this latest outage is, you’ve gotta feel for the SCL crews out in this latest wave of pouring rain.

Deja vu all over again

Radio report says this new power outage — about 5,000 “customers” from South Park on into southeastern West Seattle — is the work of trees and lines down on Highland Park Way, which is apparently closed right now so crews can take care of it. There’s no hint of it on Delridge till just past the turnoff to Trenton as you head toward Westwood Village; then, heading west on Trenton, you can see where the power’s gone. Including apartments east of the shopping center, some homes to the south, and odd chunks of WV itself — the QFC and everything directly north of it (the whole strip of stores including the Sub Shop, Toshi’s, Starbucks, etc.), all out, along with Marshall’s, and the businesses inbetween those two buildings — Big 5, 24 Hour — but on the west side of WV, all looks well. Oh yeah, McDonald’s is out too. We’ll check back to see how long this lasts. The Seattle City Light page has a short update as well.

New outage

Off to check a possible new power outage. One tipster says it involves part of Westwood Village.

Two more holidays to go

December 26, 2006 7:09 am
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At WSB HQ, the holiday season isn’t considered over till the Super Bowl party. So there’s more than a month of fun left. In the short run, New Year’s Eve is just days away. We’ve got some of the local festivities listed on our Holiday Stuff page (which otherwise was emptying out now that all the pre-Christmas excitement is gone) — including a few that sound 100% family-friendly. And of course, non-official festivities will be numerous, especially the gatherings at Alki, Seacrest, Don Armeni, and other prime spots to watch the Space Needle fireworks. The forecast so far is a little vague, so here’s hoping for a beautiful night.