School Year Eve

The howls of protest are echoing across West Seattle (and other city neighborhoods) tonight … for tomorrow is the first day of school. (Yeah, yeah, I know, some kids are excited to be going back. Very long ago and very far away, I was one of those odd ducks.) If this does not affect you for parental (or school employment) reasons, it still will affect you on the road … remember the school buses and school zones, and please keep your feet heavier on the brake pedal and lighter on the gas pedal.

If you’re not entirely sure where the WS public schools are, check out the maps of the “north cluster” and the “south cluster.” And think tender thoughts for the folks at Fairmount Park Elementary, which shuts down after this year.

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  • WS parent September 6, 2006 (10:49 pm)

    Every year I worry about the children in West Seattle who are sitting ducks for speedy drivers in school zones. A few of the worst speeding areas I have noticed are:

    *Lafayette–folks in a big hurry heading down Cali from Admiral.
    *Gatewood–coming down the big hill on California towards Fauntleroy
    *Fairmount Park–perhaps the worst…the only bright lining in the closure of this school is that kids won’t be at risk on the Fauntleroy Speedway.

    Any others folks?

    I would love to see SDOT and the School District partner on putting up some of those “your speed is ___” indicators up at the beginning of the school year to remind people to slow down.

  • Administrator September 7, 2006 (5:11 am)

    One other comes to mind – the area on Thistle where Denny Middle Sch., Sealth HS, and SW Community Ctr. are all in relatively close proximity – since Thistle is a thoroughfare all the way from Delridge to Cali, some people just barrel thru. Yii.

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