Thursday night tidbits

-One more upcoming event to add to the by-no-means-all-inclusive listlet I featured below: an e-mail tipster suggests I mention the 34th District Dems’ annual Garden Party/Auction, tomorrow (Friday) night at West Seattle Nursery.

-Tomorrow’s P-I features columnist Susan Paynter investigating the Battle of the Gas Stations in the Admiral District. Brings back memories of the hue and cry when Barnecut’s finally swapped out its charming antique brick building for the current mega-station look. I agree with the person quoted in the Paynter column as suggesting Barnecut’s put up a visual reminder of its status as a longstanding family-run, “full-service” business — otherwise, if you haven’t been in WS a looooong time, you may not realize it’s something much more than “just another gas station.”

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  • MsBette August 25, 2006 (12:55 pm)

    Along the lines of community importance in WS, I am a little disturbed about the unfavorable comments about Coyotes on Alki and those that are looking forward to iCactus opening. Coyotes is locally owned and managed – Javier Morales, raised in WS, went to Holy Rosay School, is working hard to make Coyotes a success. We owe it to him and to WS to help him, rather than just complain. iCactus is a franchise of sorts, and not a local one. It may have the most heavenly food this side of the Columbia River, but when it first started out, the food and service just might have been less than mediocre…I’m sure the owners have learned a lot since then.

  • EarthMama August 26, 2006 (12:49 pm)

    I have aways searched out the lowest price of gasoline for my dollar, and avoided the Shells and Texacos because of NPR horror stories about failures to clean up their footprints around the world. Yet I have never thought about the “family gas station, and your blog and the article you linked to really hit home for me.

    In this day of “pay at the pump” no contact with a human-unless-you-pay-with-cash I did just that when I walked in to pay 40.00 for the 13 gallons it took to top off my 19 gallon 2005 Toyota Camry at Barnecut’s yesterday at $2.99 a gallon. Across the street it was $2.93 and I was eligible for my .10 cent discount… $2.08 of my support for family owned business in West Seattle.

    Was it worth it? I made sure that Rudy knew that was why I was there. “I read *the* article in newspaper the and you know, when I am out, I keep my eye open for the best price per gallon and go go there (like Costco and Safeway) not thinking about all of the other stuff that goes along with what a car needs… but today I came here.” Rudy just smiled, a really, really big smile that totally made it worth it.

    Would I go again? Yeah- you will catch me at Barencut’s filling my salsa red Camry again and again. It is definately worth it. No, I am not rich. In fact quite the opposite is true, but you see, we are all in this together and it takes a village to make it all work.! Yeah for the little guy!

  • Dave Gould August 26, 2006 (9:43 pm)

    My son in law told me about the West Seattle Blog. We moved to West Seattle a year ago and have been learning our away around the city. The Blog is a great way to keep up with what’s going on! Thanks for all the info that one can find in one space like this. An RSS feed at that.

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