Go paddle yourself

Surprise — the sun’s out. Forecast still insists it won’t be for long, but I have faith I can at least get out and pull weeds for a while. If you’d rather do something else environmentally friendly that also happens to get you out on the water, Cami from ever-trusty AlkiNews.com tells us Alki Kayak Tours over at Seacrest Boathouse is offering demos on Eddyline Kayaks till 3 pm today. (I personally think West Seattle needs a few more businesses with “Tours” in their name — why not show off our beauty? — so I don’t mind the occasional plug!)

3 Replies to "Go paddle yourself"

  • The House June 3, 2006 (3:04 pm)

    At last a place to gab about West Seattle!! Doesn’t seem that anyone frequents westseattle.com. I’ve got you in my favs now and will check back frequently! The House!!

  • Administrator June 3, 2006 (3:21 pm)

    Welcome to WSB! I agree, it’s a shame about WestSeattle.com. Great URL but the site is way junked-up with ads, and its potential community utility is somewhat lost in the tangle. I have nothing against ads if you’re trying to turn a site into a business, but they can be deployed a lot more tastefully and usefully. JMHO.

  • Mr WestSeattle September 25, 2008 (1:43 pm)

    Wow, the view must be good from the high and mighty. In the beginning, the WSB was started on the pretence of a site to complain about everything that wasn’t right about WS. Now, in such a short time the experts are selling ads to offset the cost on WSB the same way every other site has come to realize that existance demands. Your humble opinion is worth what we paid for it. The traffic at WestSeattle.com is 20 times the traffic here. We just don’t allow anyone to stroll in and spout off on the pot holes in the street in front of their house. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and tearing down a site that has been around as a free community service for over 9 years to supplant your own agenda is just rediculous. One more thing. It is a great name. Thanks.

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