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All good things take time

June 6, 2006 5:02 pm
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 |   West Seattle restaurants

Well, I hope the new restaurant in the ex-Alki Market will be good. Somehow we’ve never managed to patronize either of the other Cacti. Anyway, tomorrow’s P-I will feature this article about the in-the-works Cactus on Alki, including the note that its expected opening is still quite some weeks off.

Up close and personal with The Viaduct

June 6, 2006 4:27 am
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 |   Alaskan Way Viaduct | Transportation | WS miscellaneous

You’ve laughed your way through the video we now know WE actually paid for!

You’ve bitten your nails while driving its scenic topside and muttering under your breath “just let me get to the other side before the Big One hits!”.

Now … just a week and a half to register for your annual chance to actually WALK on the viaduct. Hope to see you there.