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    Last night I put my trash out for collection. By this morning, someone had added a small sack full of dog poop.

    Open letter to dog owners who do this: your little sacks are not welcome. It says a lot about you that think this is ok. My yard, including my trash can, are not your public toilet.

    No, I’m in no way injured by this. But really…



    It doesn’t hurt you at all, nor inconvenience you. Your garbage can has been placed on public property, so they didn’t cross your property to dispose of the waste.

    You can either let someone use your garbage temporarily, or dog owners can have their dogs crap on your lawn and just leave it…since they can’t throw it away.

    Especially when today is garbage day, and the crap will be gone before the end of the day…is it really worth complaining about?

    Seriously. Come up with something better to bitch about.



    Must have been poopyhead day. This morning I found a little blue bag in the middle of my driveway,next to the garbage can.

    So let it begin. Sure, it’s great that they didn’t leave the poop in my yard. At least it’s in a bag near the can, blah, blah. Next time leave your address so I can return the favor with some really ripe diapers.



    It’s not an either/or proposition so please don’t position it as such. That’s like saying I’m going to toss my coffee cup on your lawn because you don’t have a garbage can there. Only glassbowls do that. I’m going to carry my coffee cup with me until I either get home or see a public waste container meant for public trash (which does not include a private person’s bin). I’m willing to give latitude if the poo is put in garbage that has not yet been collected, but I’ve had inconsiderate dog owners put their crap in my empty container where it gets to stew for a full week.

    I’m with JKB. If it’s your dog, it’s your poop. Take it home and put it in your garbage can.



    Off topic, but someone stuffed a mini shopping cart on top of my hedge a few days ago. I haven’t managed to get to the various grocery stores in the area to see who it belongs to(no store tag on it)…



    Sorry Dyn99 for those of us who bring their garbage cans inside either the house or garage it is a inconvenience. I really don’t like smelling the poop for the next week since these little ‘treats’ seem to get added after the garbage is picked up in my neighborhood. and just because the can is on public property does not give anyone the right to put trash in (or take it out).

    That said I’d rather have it in the bag than on the parking strip where I get to step in it at night!



    The OP was referring to a situation where the poop was placed in the garbage can either late last night or early this AM – before the trash pickup would have occurred.

    I agree in a situation where it was after the garbage pickup occurring, as many people do bring their garbage cans inside the garage.

    But in this situation, the OP is just making noise over nothing. The person who left the poop is merely “borrowing” space in the can for a few hours until the collection takes place.



    WTF?! That’s like saying my car is parked on the road in front of my house (public property) so anyone has the right to toss garbage in it….Dyn99, lets re-think your original post…



    Dude, it is a GARBAGE can. It is for throwing GARBAGE in. Including poop.

    It is also not your can – it belongs to Seattle Public Utilities, and is sitting on public property about ready to get picked up by WM.

    Seriously? Don’t you have anything better to bitch about?

    It’s nothing like throwing garbage in your car. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.



    As a dog owner I always tote my dog’s poo home with me or put it in a park receptacle if that is handy. However, I am fine with another dog walking citizen putting the occasional bag in my garbage can. I would rather have it in a garbage can than on my parking strip or in my flower beds. Not sure this is worth getting so fired up about, but maybe that’s just me.



    It may not be their cans but they pay for the service, so let’s not call it borrowing. Especially when permission hasn’t been expressly granted.

    It’s personally not a huge deal to me but it has happened before – this with the poop in the trash after it’s been emptied. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to encounter – smelling trash is one thing and smelling sh*t is another. I considered it an inconvenience.

    I might be making a big assumption but I doubt someone who would do this would bother to check if it was before or after trash collection.

    If it’s really not that huge a deal, then the dog owner shouldn’t have a problem holding on to their steaming sack until they get back to their residence to dispose of it – easy as that.

    Throwing it on someone’s lawn is not the only option other than ‘borrowing’ someone else’s trash space. Now, that is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard.



    Seriously? Don’t you have anything better to bitch about?

    Don’t you?



    I’m not bitching. If you’re going to make snide remarks, make sure that they make sense before you write them.



    It bothers me when people put garbage (poop or otherwise) in my garbage can either before or after my garbage is collected. I just see it as a violation of my space and property. Maybe the city actually owns the can but I’m the one who pays for it and cleans it and stores it in my garage.

    Dyn99- yes, it is a garbage can. But it is my garbage can, not yours. Please be respectful of that.



    It is the city’s garbage can, actually. They provide it as part of your garbage service.

    It’s a little like calling the telephone pole in front of your house “your telephone pole”.

    You just happen to store the city’s garbage can on your property 6 days per week.



    So I had to dig through MY refuse this AM looking for dear old great grandma’s favorite brooch that accidentally ended up there. Had to go through your dog’s poop unintentionally as I know what I throw out. Not the point. I don’t see how you demand to use services I pay for to accommodate your convenience and choices such as owning a dog in the city.



    We can all just settle this by having dyn99 post up his address and all dog owners can borrow his trash can space (well, not really his trash can but the city’s, etc.) – as long as it’s before trash collection, he’s cool with it. Now, stop you’re bitching people! This is a forum that only touches on serious topics, after all. ;)



    It’s your garbage, take it with you. Would it be okay for me to park, find a bag of trash in my car and use your garbage can to dump it in.

    No arguing that a bag of trash is different than a bag of poopy. It’s either okay for me to dump in your can or it’s not.

    And today in the wind, my full garbage can tipped over and spilled. Cleaning it up was not something I wanted to do. And cleaning it up covered in dog poop would have been worse.



    Noticed this thread while patroling for spam, which has thankfully lessened greatly under the guidance of some new technical help.

    To the topic here:




    Seattle Municipal Code is pretty clear that it is illegal to use other’s garbage cans:

    SMC 21.36.440 Unlawful use of solid waste container on private property.

    It is unlawful for anyone not authorized by the property owner or occupant to deposit any material in any solid waste container on private property or on a sidewalk or a planting strip abutting private property.



    If it was something like a coffee cup and you could either carry it with you for the rest of your walk or throw it in my yard waste bin (separating the lid of course, which is recyclable while the cup is compostable), I couldn’t care less.

    My garbage cans stay outside on city property in an alley all the time. If you’re walking around my neighborhood, are responsible enough to pick up your dog’s poop, and would rather use my trash can than carry it around for 30 minutes until you get home, feel free.

    I will say that I get sick of avoiding the minefields that are Genesee Hill, caused by much more irresponsible dog owners than I, who don’t pick up after their dogs crap all over the sidewalk.

    Being a pragmatist, I think the option of someone using my garbage can is preferable continuing to see more crap all over the sidewalk.

    WSB/Owen, driving over the speed limit is also a violation of SMC. So is jaywalking. I hope neither of you do those things. Ever…




    Actually I don’t care whether it’s precisely legal or not. It’s hardly something to call 911 over.

    I’m just looking at the poop-dropper, and anyone who agrees with that, with my You Are A Bad Person glare. And just because there are worse things in the world doesn’t make it okay.



    Totally agree with the OP. I have a dog, and would no more dream of dumping my poo bag in someone else’s trash can than I would of leaving the pile for someone else to clean up. I double Bio-bag mine for trash day, but even so, the plastic cans really retain the stink. Not only is it rude, it’s illegal (as someone else pointed out) to use someone else’s trash can. It’s YOUR crap, put it in YOUR garbage can. If you can’t handle the responsibilities of dog ownership, don’t have one.


    Amen anonyme.

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