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    Does anyone have any experience with West Seattle Doghouse Daycare or any other doggy daycare in or very near West Seattle? I’m not talking about dog walkers or individual care. In my continuing quest to have a well-mannered dog, I want to occasionally put him in with a “pack” for a longer span of time than a romp at an off-leash park so he can get more socialized than we are getting with him on our walks and one-on-one doggy playdates. Thanks again to those in this forum who provided feedback on the training providers!



    Yes, Stella Ruffington’s! We love them and so does our dog (Hana the labradoodle)! She has even been boarded there for a week. She literally pulls us through the door when we take her, she loves it so much. She has also learned to play with other dogs very well. She was a little too aggressive before, now she has learned manners like sniffing and slowly approaching rather than immediately pouncing on other dogs. :)

    Shane, who I think is the owner, is so nice and accommodating. Overall, our experience there has been excellent. And, a huge bonus is when she comes home she is worn out for a good 36 hours and is a very mellow dog!



    I second Stella Ruffington’s! My three dogs of all sizes absolutely love it there. My chihuahua was very unsocialized when we got him from the shelter, but he has really come out of his little shell while at Stella’s. He loves all the attention and playtime he gets from the other dogs and from the caretakers (yes Shane is the owner!). My big dogs love that they can run around outside and play, as well as relax and take it easy indoors too. They have made some really great play buddies at Stella’s. I highly recommend them as a doggie daycare!



    We use Metro Dog in Interbay, just past the QFC. We like it because the “yard” is indoor/outdoor and about the size of a full size basketball court. Dogs run free for 12 hours each day (7am to 7pm). Our pooch is toast when she comes back. We also attended Jeff Tinsley’s puppy classes there and they were great. We also did the 1-1 at home. Highly recommended as our puppy was a little nervous when meeting new people (she is so spaztic, wagging and hackles up). The classes are a good place for dog socializtion.



    Take a look at Super Fun Happy Dog: they got their start in West Seattle and live not too far away with 7/8 acres of land. They’re great with dogs of all breeds. They offer door to door service (will pick up and drop off your dog). The owners, Tiffany and Robert are amazing with dogs. Several forum members use them (they were recently discussed in the OLA thread) and love them.

    My dog (a chocolate lab) has been going since he was six months and is excellent when dealing with others dogs (although he wants to play with every dog he meets on walks).

    It might also be a good idea to perhaps start a thread about possible doggie play dates with other forum members. We met up with another forum member at westcrest last sunday and had a blast (our dogs go to SFHD).



    I defin. recommend Stella Ruffington’s. Both of our dogs just love it there! Stella’s also does a great job grooming too. :)



    We only have cats so no personal experience but the person who watched them when we used to go on vacations, Lady Di Pet Chaperone, is now a WSB sponsor and she offers dog daycare:



    Super Fun Happy Dog is the BEST BEST in the world!



    The website for Super Fun Happy Dog doesn’t have anything (that I can find) about their location. I understand their desire for privacy, but roughly where are they?



    I believe the SFHD acreage is in the Covington area.



    We’re Super Fun Happy Dog satisfied customers also.

    They are in Ravensdale, but with pick-up and delivery to W. Seattle it’s all quite convienent.



    Don’t let the lack of location put you off, they’re very easy to get to and they only time you’ll need to go out there (unless you prefer picking up/dropping off for boarding yourself) is for the interview/assessment.

    They’re very thorough with their assessment, and will have you go out to their barn/land, walk you around, answer any questions you may have, ask you questions and then evaluate your dog(s), then slowly introduce him/her to other dogs.



    Another satisfied SFHD customer. We have taken our dog to multiple doggie daycare places, in state and out and can;t imagine her going anywhere else. Besides the convenience of her being picked up and dropped off form our home, Robert and Tiffany know their stuff when it comes to dogs.

    Our dog has regular friends she plays with (Shankly!) =) and even got to have a Westcrest play date last Sunday!

    The only time we have ever had to drive out there was for the initial evaluation, which really impressed us by how thorough they were, and when picking up from boarding. They don’t pick up or drop off on weekends, but after being gone a week and flying home Sunday we missed our girl and wanted her home right away so just picked her up ourselves.

    Definitely worth checking out!



    Couldn’t agree more with Semele. We love sending our dog to SFHD. Going out to see their facilities gave us the confidence that our girl would enjoy every minute of her time out there.

    It’s also a great place to board your dog. We’ve had some horrible experiences with boarding facilities around the area. Robert and Tiffany treat your dog like their own. They are the best!



    We use West Seattle Dog House Daycare:

    It’s located b/twn Admiral & Fauntleroy, on the hill (ie. in the heart of West Seattle), is home based, and the owner always sends lots of photos of our dog’s day. We’re happy, and the owner has room for more dogs.


    Lucile 2

    Muttley Crew will be moving into their new location soon, and providing a larger space for a doggy day care. They are still at their location on California (and Hanford?) for a few more weeks, but then are moving by the Metropolitan Market. I love the staff there, the the owner, Kelly, is great!



    My dog has gone to West Seattle Doghouse Daycare for a couple years now and he loves it there. The owner clearly loves dogs and will email you pictures of your dog playing with the other dogs from time to time. She’s also one of the best deals around – especially if you buy 20 visits at a time. Highly recommended.



    Love West Seattle Doghouse Daycare! Carol and Javier are great. Our Lab has been going for 2 1/2 years now. We recently referred 2 friends to WS Doghouse Daycare who had bad experiences with other providers. Love it when Carol sends pictures of our pup having fun so we know what he is doing while we are at work.



    Definitely West Seattle Doghouse Daycare! My mini-schnauzer has been going there for 2 years plus and loves it!! Carol and Javier are wonderful and love the dogs!

    My dog is an only dog and the fun, socialization that he gets at the daycare is really great for him. Also, they offer overnight and vacation as well which is really great and you know your dog is being loved and well cared for.

    Give them a call today! :)



    I highly recommend West Seattle Dog House Daycare: I started taking my boy, Romeo, there 2 years ago, when he was just a 3 month old pup. Carol and her crew were so helpful with training and socializing. Every morning when I drop him off, he practically pulls my arm out of the socket running up the driveway – he’s so excited to go play! It makes me feel good to know he’s in such good hands. I recommend West Seattle Dog House Daycare without hesitation!!!



    Our lab-mix Winston has been going to West Seattle Doghouse Daycare since he was a puppy and he’s now almost seven years-old. I’ve always said it’s money well spent to have a happy, tired pup at the end of a long work day and Carol and Javier adore the dogs they care for and take such great care of them. Here’s the website if you’re interested and I believe they have a few slots left:



    My springer spaniel, Dillon, has been going to West Seattle Dog House for 2 years now. He loves it! I feel so happy that he is so well taken care of. I would highly recommend this daycare as the best in West Seattle. Your dog will make lots of new friends and sleep very well at night!



    I use West Seattle Dog House for my Choc Lab and he loves it! He is almost 8 years old, and acts like a 2 year old. The yard is perfect for the dogs and the owners are very nice. They work on training habits with the dogs too, which is an extra bonus. My dog is always nice and tired when he gets home from a day there! I would totally suggest the WS Dog House to people.



    West Seattle DogHouse Daycare is excellent– my dog always has a great time there. I know he’s well cared for, safe, and happy! It’s very clean, organized, and well-maintained. The DogHouse is great for small dogs & large dogs… they all feel at home at Carol & Javier’s!!



    Our two chocolate labs are distinguished Charter Members and we highly recommend WS DogHouse Daycare to all those who want their dogs to be happy, socialized, exercised canines. Carol’s credentials include certification as a Vet Tech and it quickly becomes obvious how much Carol & Javier love all the dogs in their care. Try it out and see for yourself. Your canine companions will thank you!

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