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  1. Betty T
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    Anybody know if Meanders new place is open yet or when?

    I heard it was open then heard from another party that it was dark when they drove by at 9:00 am. recently.

    Saw something on here once regarding T-shirts. Can one buy one at the old Meanders?

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  2. Betty -- it is open b/c I ate there this morning -- GREAT food but will wait to go back for several weeks as they seem to be overwhelmed by the response. We were there for 2hrs, 24 minutes from the time we walked in the door (greeted by the lovely Matthew Darling!) to when we paid the check. Matthew said there was a line down the block when they opened this morning and he was not seating the hightop bar tables like he did yesterday b/c it took over an hour to get the food out yesterday -- unfortunately it was well over an hour today, too. Small children were melting down despite the crayons and activity books.

    I only went 1 time to the old place but was overwhelmed by the smoke and smell (from the crappy exhaust system discussed here by many) so was so looking forward to a new place -- truly hope they can get more help in the kitchen as they seemed to have plenty of waitstaff, coffee staff and hostesses etc.... it was just took FOREVER to get the food out.

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  3. Also to Betty's final question: The WS location closed earlier this week, permanently. We reported on Tuesday that it was about to happen:

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  4. I was there with a friend Saturday morning at around 10:30. The new space is great (and nearer my house)!

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  5. >>there was a line down the block when they opened this morning

    And when was the last time we saw a line to get into any other kind of business on that block?

    Owners of WC bars, reefer outlets and sex shops, please take note:

                  There's gold in them thar waffles!

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  6. DBP...have you been on that block lately?

    With the notable exception of Stan's and that bar next door to Meander's, it's pretty much "none of the above" for the categories you list.

    Ice cream, pizza, BBQ, and tax prep, though...they got those. (And now soul that place open yet? I need a fix.)

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  7. Just a datapoint, there ARE two marijuana outlets (Herban Legends and NW Cannabis Market) on the block. That was considered to be among the factors in the landslide defeat of the Burien annexation measure (35 percent yes, 65 percent no) - Burien doesn't allow dispensaries, and some say the businesses are fine neighbors. - TR

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  8. Three cheers for businesses in White Center, and congratulations Meander's on your new location.....Last weekend I went for breakfast, yes, I waited and waited, but they are working the kinks out and the food was well worth the wait...I went there NOT being in a hurry, and left there very satisfied.

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  9. and the sheriff's office is down the street...right?

    Change can be slow, but it's a good thing :)

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  10. Betty T
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    What are their business hours?

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  11. Betty, right now they're open 7-3 Monday-Friday, 8-3 on Saturday and 9-3 on Sunday. The door says last seating at 2:30, but from personal experience, if they've got a significant wait for tables, you may get turned away earlier than 2:30 and probably shouldn't wait until the last minute to get there.

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